🤡 thoughts on Visa + $Ethereum

1) The ground trembleth under mine feet

How much bigger of a news event can we possibly get? This is the beginning of blockchains becoming the de facto settlement layer for EVERY transaction of any value whatsoever moving forward

More 🙃
2) Crypto is finally breaking up the logjam of middlemen that make the current financial system so f'ing inefficient

There will be blood
3) We're in a race between regulators (I need a code word for them... maybe "gators") trying to shut down crypto and crypto integrating itself so deeply into the financial system that it can never be "disintegrated"
4) Once Visa, Mastercard, Bank of NY Mellon & others are all using crypto, it becomes hard to say it's for "scammers" and "terrorists" and "money launderers," which is what regulators love to claim (never mind the fact that the vast majority of illicit transactions are done in $)
5) This is still the beginning of the beginning

rn we're rebuilding international payments, forex and digital art

tomorrow we will take down stock markets, real estate transactions, lending, accounting departments, predictions markets, payroll, bonds, etc
6) There will be booms and busts in the price of crypto assets, but the macrotrend is clear: crypto and blockchains are completely rearchitecting the financial system

& most toolbags still think it's a "speculative asset"
7) Ethereum is up 1,200% over the past year, but I think it could go much higher... especially after EIP-1559 turns it into a potentially deflationary asset
8) Crypto's first 12 years of existence was mostly speculation

Now we seeth true adoption

I expect to see some banks, payment processors, escrow services and other rent seekers go bankrupt in the coming years (and potentially in the coming months)
9) The disruption that crypto will bring used to be a promise, wish or fever dream

rn, it's a reality

& every day, we see more evidence of that new reality
tldr: if anyone tells you it's too late to invest in crypto, they're ill-informed, low IQ or employed by the opposition

Visa picked the freest L1 in the world for a reason

resist building walls, my frens

take them the f down

• • •

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13 Mar
A rambling dissection of of the $SYN failure

1. I was excited for this project for a lot of reasons... mainly bc I thought they'd incentivize liquidity on Uniswap/sushiswap for 3x tokens. In other words...

(more below)
I envisioned being able to go to Uniswap and buy 3xYFI bull/bear tokens for example. That would have made it the easiest way in the world to get leverage on just about any asset
2. The dev didn't seem to see Uniswap liquidity as desireable or possible on 3x tokens... I call bs since 3x tokens have been succesfully trading on thorchain's bepswap for months. Synlev had an opportunity to be doing the same on Ethereum instead of Binance Chain
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25 Feb
@beeple has done it

He's changed the art world forever

I thought we'd see a "major artist" embrace NFTs in 2021

someone whose name alone...

More 👇 Image
...could elevate the genre (in the eyes of the public) from curiosities to what great NFTs actually are:


expressions on the human condition...

profound reminders we're merely blood & guts
I wanted it to be an artist who deeply impacted me in the past... a Banksy or Damien Hirst

but perhaps that was a false desire

perhaps this new domain should belong to new artists -- the ones who... when we cut them bleed 1s and 0s
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20 Feb
Are you an $ETH lover who feels disgusted by growth outside of $ETH?

I say you’re focusing on the wrong thing

5 years from now... maybe less... most people won't give AF what chain anything is on

They’ll buy your $ETH on Polkadot

Or maybe even a $BTC sidechain

More 👇
All chains are gloming together like Lisa’s money-saving bar of soap

But there will be a network that transmits the vast majority of the world’s value

And one factor will matter above all others on that network:

It must be decentralized

It must be passably performant, yes

But there's no need for it to process trillions of tx every nanosecond because small or unusual transactions will migrate elsewhere

Another factor: the world's leading value-transfer network must be easy to build on
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10 Feb
I feel the deepest pangs for the ones who look at crypto charts, see parabolas & say we're in a bubble

they don't realize they're looking at charts that shouldn't exist


such charts weren't possible before the birth of #bitcoin

such charts display the financial progression of an idea from conception

to implementation

to adoption

sers, such charts cannot resemble the financial charts of the past

looking at such charts is to gaze into a black mirror where you could have bought and sold shares in Uber from the moment Uber was first conceived of as an Uberish idea
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7 Feb
Sers, what a strange, wicked, beautiful journey crypto can take us mortals on

It appears we'll soon have a tradeable $DEGEN token

It will = a basket of 10 of the fastest-growing, most promising small cap tokens in crypto

& it will run on indexed.finance $NDX

More 👇

$DEGEN will be a community-driven index of small cap tokens journeying from obscurity to blue chip-dom

It will make it easy for everyone to be a degen without having to put in degen hrs and have a degen history of f’ing around in this space for years

You'll simply have to buy $DEGEN to get exposure to 10 fire-breathing small cap tokens

When I first posted about $DEGEN 10 in December, I thought it'd be a fun way to track the market

It quickly morphed into a brain dump of knowledge from many of crypto's giga-brains
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20 Jan
One 🤡s reactions to the $YFI

1st thought: That's $220 million+... jfc

2nd thought: Well, maybe they'll get rid of the mint

3rd thought: They're not getting rid of the mint

More 👇
4th thought: They're adversarial AF to investors who are holding something w hardly any cashflow

5th thought: What's to stop them from coming back to mint another quarter billie?

6th thought: I'd rather own token x at this point
8th thought: Don't you do that, $YFI... don't you compare yourself to other projects. You can't. You're different. You play a different game than all the rest

9th thought: Wow. I think about crypto too much to be feeling this emotional
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