Listening to today's episode of The Daily and it's SO CLEAR how this unionization drive at Amazon could have been avoided if they'd treated their employees like people instead of cogs in a machine.…
If you track your people BY THE SECOND and you DO NOT COMMUNICATE THE RULES, it's going to make them CRAZY. This is so obvious it hurts.
It reminds me of a startup I worked at (name omitted) where I wound up in a middle management role (again) because the CEO was so bad at being a human, he built a software tracking system to monitor a specific employee because that was easier for him than having ONE CONVERSATION.
When people ask why we need unions in tech where salaries are good, this is why. It's because unions are about creating a respectful environment where employees can work with dignity in a sector that's full of sociopaths that just want robots.
Even in this episode of The Daily, the host asks the reporter why the Amazon worker wants a union, and the reporter babbles a list of things, but when they ask the worker, she immediately says: "DIGNITY and RESPECT."
You can't claim you're good to your workers when you track them by the second, make them walk 20 minutes to the bathroom and back, and then threaten to fire them for that "time off task." That's undignified. That's disrespectful.

That's why they need a union.
Honestly ask yourself how you'd feel if your employer monitored you by the second. THE SECOND. I've worked in companies where the boss asked for a weekly list of things accomplished and I saw engineers pitch a fit for how invasive and demeaning it was. A freeform list! Weekly!
Now imagine that you were monitored by the second but no one would tell you what that data was used for. But then it was brought up in reviews. So you ask, what are the rules here? But there's no one to ask. And when you find someone, they won't give you a straight answer.
Workplaces are community systems. Complicated community systems, sure, but humans are still humans. We need to know the rules BEFORE we break them. We need to have people to talk to. We need support and understanding. Yes, these are all obvious. So why wasn't Amazon doing them?
And when you can't trust the company to do the obvious shit, that's why you need collective representation so you can speak with a unified voice and demand it.

Amazon cannot be trusted to do the obvious shit. That's why their workers need a union.

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Twitter's complete abdication to protect us from trolling an bots is why Amazon is able to use it to bully and harass us and stock it with fake users to try and influence its workers' union vote.…
A properly managed community wouldn't have fake accounts cropping up like a toxic algae bloom. A properly designed community wouldn't allow a PR strategy based in generating anger and outrage.
Twitter is a toxic place because the c-suite of Twitter wants it to be.
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Today is #HolocaustRemembranceDay and I've been thinking about what to say all day.
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Honestly still coming to the realization that America's longstanding hatred of "communism" is really a hatred of all communal behavior, aka people coming together in solidarity, aka actual real politically-active community.

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All the words are meaningless. They just want power and will do anything to get it. Ignore the words. Watch the actions.
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None of their words matter. Look at what they DO.
This is the thing that took me the longest to learn because I like words, and I usually believe people when they talk.

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There are multiple overlapping problems, but you cannot separate the power of tech companies from our current mess. They’re accelerants.
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I’m hearing a lot of pundits talk about the Trump bans as if they’re some new policy. They’re not. Facebook and Twitter have long had rules against the incitement of violence. The only thing that changed is they started enforcing them.
If you want to play pundit and say that they should be focusing on all their other problems, fine. Yes they should. But don’t you dare overlook how important this is.
When the social media companies have policies that they do not enforce, it shows every troll in the world that they don’t have to follow the rules either. That ended yesterday for the biggest troll in history.
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