My ascent through the valley of death

"I met another partner from my past incarnation to replay a series of dramatic events of our neurotic love story, which led to a cascading reaction causing massive death and suffering."

In a past incarnation in Middle Age Germany, I was put at the pillory and later executed publicly, for betraying my partner, Maria, with another lady and for getting into worldly political struggles where I made too many enemies.

See in detail:…
I am currently living and working in this community in rural South America, where many Europeans are emigrating too to escape the perils and struggles at home.
Recently, I noticed one lady working in the office here who stood out from the average South American employees.
She is extraordinarily motivated, driven and determined, has very peculiar humor, is highly intelligent and has a professional attitude. I felt this super intense attraction between us. We have been teasing each other regularly and were holding intense a lot of eye contact.
It got so intense, I felt so much sexual tension that I sometimes needed to remove myself from the situation because I thought this might be inappropriate in a work setting. It also started to stir up a lot of strange emotions within myself, which I did not really understand.
During a nightly walk, it hit me: She is the lady, I've betrayed Maria with, in the Middle Age incarnation! Her name was Rosa. I must have messed up monumentally back then if she is here now incarnated again to clear things out with me!
An intense energy rush confirmed it.
I thought, why not invite Rosa on a date? Instantly, extreme fear overcame my entire body. My mind generated thoughts like "it is dangerous to date a work colleague, what if it does not work out?", "she might reject me and I will be humiliated by other people at work", etc.
Nevertheless, I received a clear intuition that I should try it, dating Rosa. For a while now, I dedicated my life to surrendering & following every intuition which is given to me from up above, regardless of how illogical, crazy or uncomfortable it might appear at first.
So I proceeded to plan the date. However, I had no idea of how dating works here. Interestingly, a friend who also knew Rosa moved back into town and told me I could come to his house and invite Rosa as well.
What a coincidence, it took this as confirmation from above.
I just needed to ask Rosa in person now, which is challenging as she is always busy and seldom alone. I encountered here leaving a meeting in a very agitated state. As I invited her, her facial expression suddenly positively shifted to surprise, as she agreed to come.
Before the date, I was very excited. Even though I knew that I had a very important higher mission in this project here, I thought to myself: "The divine mission can wait, why not have some fun?".
Crazy, how strong the allure of sexual relations is!
As the date approached, I was super excited and very nervous. Unfortunately, Rosa did not show up and then said that she had forgotten about it. She obviously blatantly lied about something and I felt extreme anger and disappointment.
What was going on?
I meditated and soon received an answer: She was feeling intense fear and got cold feet. Moreover, she is not really conscious of all of this and is not in tune very well with her emotions. She often distracts herself by doing a lot of things in the outer world.
Rosa actually is mirroring my behavior in the past incarnation, where I was dropping down in consciousness, as I was tasked with fulfilling a very critical mission in the political realm. I actually did have a really high and very influential position in that lifetime.
Maria and Rosa incarnated with me back then to support me in a very critical mission, in the roles of wife and coworker respectively. My mission was in the political realm, which was very low in consciousness (funny how some things haven't changed even until today?)
Unfortunately, things went south from there and we all utterly failed in fulfilling our mission in that Middle Age incarnation. It was an absolute disaster. Maria had a smaller part of it all but Rosa and I screwed up massively and have a lot of "blood on our hands".
One day after the failed date, I met Rosa in the office and instantly sensed her insecurity. She did not really know how to behave in front of me. I tried to diffuse the situation by using some quirky humor on her and she laughed hysterically.
Two days later, we met again but in a group with some other ladies from the office and Rosa behaved towards me in a very normal way, she kindly taunted me and I retaliated by gently embarrassing her in front of the others, it was a lighthearted atmosphere.
While it felt good at the moment, as I left the scene, my heart collapsed and I was overcome by intense negative feelings of grief, pain, sorrow as well as anger. Those emotions were like an intense rollercoaster and totally clouded my vision.
All of this was stirring up so much old trauma inside of me which was difficult to endure but necessary. A genius idea popped into my mind: Writing a short note to Rosa, apologizing to pressure her into anything and asking her if we could find some time to clarify things.
The next morning, I went to a bathroom and Rosa suddenly was standing there and startling me. The entire week, I did not encounter her alone but suddenly, as I was not prepared mentally to face her, we were standing there alone and talking!
We were talking in the usual light-hearted manner, teasing each other, laughing and holding strong eye contact. My emotions fluctuated between excitement and confusion. I decided to give her the note, which she glanced over, put into her pocket and left without saying a word.
I realized that this situation did not go as well as predicted. The remaining day, I sensed extreme fear and despair feeling like an old train standing on my chest. To make matters worse, I was totally confused, as if my internal compass was erratically spinning around!
It felt as if one day I was on top of a mountain and the next day, I fell into the deepest valley of death. Later, I was confirmed that I was walking through the "valley of death", i.e. the old karmic series of events that led to my gruesome public execution.
The next morning, I even woke up with a twisted neck causing a lot of pain - it was the position where the noose for my execution by hanging was put. It was intense as if my body was energetically experiencing those past life events again.
On the following day, I listened again to the song Highlands (Song of Ascent) which deeply resonated within me, as this song exactly explains what I am going through and also presents the solution for my dilemma:
Highlands (Song of Ascent)

"Whatever I walk through
Wherever I am
Your name can move mountains
Wherever I stand
And if ever I walk through
The valley of death
I'll sing through the shadows
My song of ascent"
The song relates to the story of Jesus on the mountain, mentioned in Matthew 17:…

Long story short, Jesus performs miracles his disciples cannot repeat, due to his unshakeable belief in God. "Faith the size of a mustard seed" can move mountains.
I realized that Rosa and I were falling into a neurotic love relationship, where we totally got entangled with each other, getting completely lost in lower physical pleasures and neglecting our divine mission. Instead of focusing on my connection to God, I got lost in her.
As I had a very high and influential political role in that lifetime, my and Rosa's irresponsible free will choices caused a cascading chain reaction of destruction, suffering and death, we literally have a lot of "blood on my hands".
During meditation, I suddenly saw a dark, scary "valley of death" scenery, covered with human bones and parts of medieval battle armor. My unconscious irresponsible actions had caused some kind of chain reaction leading to actual military battles.
While there were other parties' unconscious choices involved as well, I personally carry a significant burden of responsibility for kicking off some sort of gruesome downward spiral that led to war, death, suffering and despair. What an enormous karmic burden I had been carrying!
That explains why that particular incarnation has been at the forefront of the visions I've been receiving and why the main participants, Maria and Rosa, actually incarnated again with me here, triggering me so intensely to bring up this immense load to the surface for clearing.
Later I came across the song "Come Alive":

"Come alive come alive come alive dry bones
Awake arise
Inhale the light
Come alive come alive
I’m gonna sing to you dry bones
Until you’re covered in life
And the valley blooms
Like a rosebud in the light"
A vision of the "valley of death" surfaced but this time, I saw how intense bright sunlight flooding the scene, that has been in the shadows for so long. I witnessed how all those remnants of war were slowly being overgrown by beautiful flowers.
The entire scene shifted rapidly, from grey, dark and scary towards colorful, beautiful & serene. Once again, a massive purge occurred where the old stuck traumatic energy patterns were released and immediately transmuted into something beautiful and uplifting with divine help.
I proceeded to meditate and started praying to Jesus to help me clear all of the remaining trauma. I instantly felt how a heavy load was taken from my shoulders. Again, I saw myself in the Medieval scenery, standing at the pillory, along with Maria and Rosa at the sidelines.
I then glanced upwards and saw two doves of peace circling above my head. They had been there all along but I never registered them until now. I realized that I was not ready yet to face the full intent of the karmic burden and connected trauma from that incarnation - until now.
My focus shifted to the red lion on the emblem of the German state Hesse again and felt strong lion energy rising up within me. There was more: As I broke free from the shackles with my own strength and willpower, I suddenly realized that I had wings too!
My focus shifted to the red lion on the emblem of the German state Hesse again and felt strong lion energy rising up within me. There was more: As I broke free from the shackles with my own strength and willpower, I suddenly realized that I had wings too!
I did not even need to ask Archangel Michael for help to carry me out of this scene, I could actually transcend this realm on my own. It all clicked: We do have immense God-like powers within us if we are ready to face our traumas and willing to "wipe our karmic slate clean".
This also is the way to transcend from the Matrix system that keeps us confined in this realm. Naturally, important knowledge about healing our traumas, karmic debts and our intrinsic divine powers has been kept from us by those controlling and profiting from this Matrix.
Hence, it is of utmost importance to share this knowledge so that as many people as possible can apply those tools to free themselves. This is how we break free from the Matrix and ascend into the higher dimensions!

Thank you for reading 🙏💙
For a detailed version of the story, see the post in the Light Prism blog:…
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