1/ Deindustrialisation has led to the collapse of the working and middle classes as coherent political forces. A fragmented society leaves many people open to the bogus solidarity of dogmatic nationalism, and so to manipulation by a ruthless kleptocratic elite.
2/ But this manipulation of a fragmented and disorientated mass by a small kleptocratic elite creates an opening for left and centre parties. They must seek to drive a wedge between the manipulative elite and the people they are manipulating.
3/ The Brexit Right used the technique of othering the 'liberal metropolitan elite'. The opposition must do the same to the kleptocratic elite. They must be portrayed as not belonging to the people, as a kind of foreign body that has colonised the nation.
4/ What is extraordinary is that none of the opposition parties is seeking to expose and exploit the huge gap between the manipulators and the manipulated. Labour is pathetically reinforcing the nationalist propaganda of the kleptocratic elite.
5/ In some ways what is required is a reawakening of the rhetoric of class war, except that in this case the attack is against something much smaller, much more interconnected and much more organised, an elite, not a social class.
6/ To make such an attack work we need to define the elite we want to attack. It's not merely the Tory elite or the rich or the super-rich. It's a kleptocratic elite which systematically uses wealth to gain effective political control over a nation.

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5 Apr
EU Freedom of Movement must be restored in the UK as soon as possible. Please retweet if you agree.
EU Freedom of Movement is a basic right, a birthright for many. It was removed almost entirely without debate because most of our wretched cowed and cowardly opposition politicians dared not challenge the fascist hate politics of the Brexit right.
We have had five years when most of our wretched opposition politicians have sought to appease the fascist hate politics of the Brexit right. You cannot appease fascism and racism. You have to fight them unflinchingly with all your force. Always.
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4 Apr
We've spent a lot of time pointing out the Tory elite's Russian connections. But we should note that Corbyn and Milne as well as Johnson and Bruges Group members Redwood, Bone and Jenkin were recycling Kremlin propaganda blaming Putin's aggression against Ukraine on the West. ImageImageImageImage
And here is Milne shaking hands with Putin, the de facto leader of European fascism, just months after Putin's invasion of Ukraine. The so-called antiwar Left, in which Corbyn was involved, is almost always very quiet about Putin's wars. ImageImage
And some of Corbyn's hard-left supporters on Twitter, now supporting NIP, are eager disseminators of pro-Kremlin propaganda. Here's one with 31k followers. The Kremlin has its claws deep in both the Brexit right and left. ImageImageImageImage
Read 4 tweets
31 Mar
1/ Some 'Corbynists' are Kremlin tools.

This 'leftist accused #FBPE of being a cult. So I did a bit of checking. The account is a peddler of pro-Kremlin tweets. I do this kind of checking now and again. Very roughly about 10% of the Corbynist accounts I check are pro-Kremlin.
2/ Here's another 'Corbynist' who replied to me by attacking Starmer and Blairites. It is account that is an eager defender of Putin's Russia. I have no idea why these accounts are pro-Kremlin, but it is clear Russia has significant influence within the hard-left.
3/ Here's another 'Corbynist' account that is all too eager to leap to the defence of Russia and its allies. This account has a lot of followers, and is therefore a significant promoter of Kremlin influence.
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30 Mar
1/ I'm seeing a lot of Corbynists repeating the lie that Remainers sabotaged Labour. Yes we opposed Corbyn's collusion in Brexit, but most of us campaigned fanatically for tactical voting in 2017 and 2019 which hugely benefitted Labour. But they cynically forget that.
2/ And this same hard left faction claims that backing a people's vote harmed Labour, conveniently forgetting that Labour's vote was set to plunge below 20% before it switched stance, and equally forgetting that Corbyn was the main reason people didn't vote Labour
3/ Furthermore this same Corbynist faction ignores the fact that in spite of Corbyn and woefully bad Labour and LibDem campaigns, 2nd referendum parties gained a clear majority of the vote in 2019.
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26 Mar
Deindustrialisation has led to the crumbling of working class communities and the consequent massive weakening of the unions and Labour movement. Socially disorientated people in a fragmented society - ripe prey for populist propaganda offering the bogus solidarity of nationalism
And as working class communities and organisations have crumbled, working class individualism has been on the rise - working class people who are proud that they have made good through their own efforts, and feel that others should do the same.
Both the working and middle classes are now fragmented into groups with economic positions that push them into different political directions. Neither class forms a coherent basis for a political force. The working and middle class politics of the industrial epoch is dead
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25 Mar
This Flag Fights Fascists.

Take Back The Flag! It's time we took the Union Flag back from the fascists, racists, xenophobes, liars, cheats, spivs and charlatans. So here's a starter. (Apologies to Woody Guthrie)
Sensible factually minded people will tell me this isn't how things are now. And they are right, and that's why we have to launch a campaign to prise the flag from the clutches of the nationalist right by associating it with messages they hate.
And to all those who say we should ditch the Union flag, I'll say that's the route to being utterly crushed by the nationalist right. The same goes for any kind of frontal attack on the monarchy - who we should depict as being terrorised by unpatriotic right-wing tabloids.
Read 4 tweets

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