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I am sick & tired of Corbyn supporters whining that Labour can't oppose the government on #Brexit. If Labour can't oppose a bitterly divided minority government pursuing an utterly bankrupt policy then Labour should dissolve itself and let others do the opposing.
And of course these particular Corbynistas are wrong about the facts. Labour has shown that when it is willing and it is joined by Tory defectors it can force the government into desperately close Commons votes on #Brexit.
Some other Corbynistas say that Labour is letting the Tories self-destruct. That is an honest account of what Labour might be doing. However, that tactic runs one big risk.
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And once more, The #CorbynCult co-opt a #Remain issue: That being the apparent impartiality of certain @BBCNews programmes/platforms & presenters. The cult infested #FBPE, mutated it into #PCPEU, and then branded both branches pointless; sucking the life from #FBPE. #BBCSwitchOff
Alleged Labourite "Remainers" should instead focus on the apparent impartiality of their party's leader. If the alleged main opposition leader actually opposed the Tory govt., the narrative of @BBCNews and other news media outlets would change overnight.
Until the #Remain movement detaches itself from Labour & its supporters, there will be no chance to ever #StopBrexit. Remainers & Corbynites alike may currently have (differing) issues with @BBCNews. That's no reason for Remainers to hitch THEIR wagon to the Corbots' hysteria.
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If we vote for anything except for Corbyn's Labour we're Tories, apparently.

I think; No. In fact I think the reason we've got austerity, Brexit, and nearly ten years of political decay is, to some extent, the fault of the very idiots who say this. Let me explain.
Just over a decade ago the UK had a centrist pro-EU and popular leader in Tony Blair. Anyone remember the guy?

Here he is being "strong and stable" in the face of Farage.…
Of course he wasn't perfect. He was Labour leader, yet rich people hadn't been ground into dust. Of course welfare, social service, NHS, police, and other forms of public service spending were ramped up, but still, he didn't eradicate the capitalist pig-dogs. He did all this...
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I have a serious problem with what my function is on twitter these days. And I doubt I'm alone. When we started off this whole Remain thing two years ago, there weren't many of us. And we worked night and day to get the message out about the benefits of EU membership.
With no help at all from the mainstream media or political parties, we were often the first to articulate the massive problems which came from triggering A50. Our mission was to educate people, to fight Leave lies, and never to ease up on the pressure.
And to a large extent, I think we succeeded. We made sure Leavers couldn't get away with lying. We kept Remain on the agenda and refused to leave the stage. We fought Kippers, Tories, Gammon and Corbynistas - or at least, those of us did who didn't want a career in Labour!
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Right then, #FBPE funsters! I am putting together a new podcast introducing Bargaining Chips from around Europe. It'll be as fun and light-hearted as the subject matter and the news allows us. The current plan is for it to be something like fortnightly.

#StopBrexit #PeoplesVote
It'll be recorded remotely - so you will need a computer and a headset of some description. There may be occasional live recordings (including in Paris next month - possibly!)

But I need YOU! The format at the moment requires me to be joined by two guests each month...
...if not, it's just me moaning and, to be honest, nobody needs that in their lives! :)

So, if you would like to come and sit in the virtual studio, let me know. No experience is required and no training will be given! :) (The technical side will be super simple!)
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I have been thinking a lot about how constructing the ennemy is essential to politics — and to the failure of the Continuity Blair MPs to cut through.
One reason I think the Centrist Mads on UK politics Twitter have cut through successfully— unlike the unless MPs — is they have clearly identified the enemy: Assadists, Putinites and antisemites. Same for #FBPE: a clear enemy — the Brexiteers.
Continuity Blairism refuses to identify an enemy: it’s not the banks, it’s not EU, it’s not the immigrants, it’s not United States. The enemy is just a vague accusation others are unsound.
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#brexit is a belief, a religion. There's no evidence to support it. It is just a blinkered faith. They believe what they want to believe. Their leaders are preachers, not politicians, & their reaction to doubting them is that of nothing less than a religious fundamentalist #FBPE
2. As such many will quite literally do this for some kind of reward in the next life or for a "cause" for their fellow followers. And when you read the words of some of their protagonists that is exactly what one sees.
3. And we must ask how it is possible so many have been converted to this religious extremism. In general it will the same as elsewhere, hardship, poverty, hate, a conditioned mind that is made to believe a specific group is the cause of their troubles.
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2. A fundamental principle of the common law is that votes can be declared void for substantial irregularity. If irregularity affects the result of an election it is by itself enough to compel the tribunal to declare the election void.
3. The result doesn't need to be affected. Only a ‘substantial departure’ from the rules, or the election being ‘conducted so badly that it was not substantially in accordance with the law’ is needed to void the ballot.
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1/13 Want to know more about mutual recognition within the EU? If you like booze then this is the case for you! Cassis de Dijon

#StopBrexit #PeoplesVote #FBPE
2 The case is about free movement of goods which is one of the EU fundamental freedoms to promote the single market ie goods are able to move freely across the bloc.
3 A German booze business was refused permission to bring the drink Cassis de Dijon (a fruit liquor) into Germany from neighbouring France.
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@GiselaStuart #FBPE

[thread] apparently Change Britain like John Redwood and Daniel J Hannan having no response to reality opted for blocking me from following them

So here’s a few threads that one can only presume upset them so much they were unable to rebut
I believe Gisela was a member of Core Group like @michaelgove

If only I could BeLeave what pathetic squirrels will Gisela use in her own head and publicly to follow Michael

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As a #leavernow I accept the will of the people which is set in stone and soon on headstones of leave voters and embrace the future everyone knew they were voting for
No one ever said #Brexit would be easy except Nigel farage Boris Johnson David Davis liam fox Jacob Rees Mogg Ian Duncan Smith Chris gargling Michael Gove and numerous other prominent brexists however I've not encountered one leave voter who ever listened to anything they said
The people who voted leave all knew that we would face the destruction of just in time manufacturing the loss of financial service jobs not to mention food and medical shortages and I will of course stoically bear it for #Brexit
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At a time of widespread concern over one slogan on a bus, Leave campaigns were pumping out whatever messages they wanted on Facebook with no scrutiny. Readers may not even have realised where they came from. #fbpe #peoplesvote…
Robert Mercer was investing huge amounts in Cambridge Analytica and its sister companies in order to influence politics - in the UK, US and other countries. Widespread potential for data misuse, but also links to black ops hackers and intelligence companies.
Russia was using harvested data to target misinformation on SM, aiming to destabilise Western countries and influence elections. It was also building business links with key players that may have gone beyond the exchange of information.
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I want to make something clear.
The Remain campaign comes in for a lot of criticism from amongst others, Remainers.
Whilst there is some justification maybe, there is something worth remembering.

The official 2016 Remain campaign disappeared after the referendum. 1/
Those people, were headed up by,
Conservative Leaders/Mps who either resigned,
Or are now frantically trying to be hypocritical to themselves and push for hard Brexit.
Others were opposition MPs. Who are also pushing for Brexit. 2/
What has come about since, in my view anyway, is a mish mash of brave people from all walks of life, some “more official than others”
Some more organised than others,
But none more “worthy than others” 3/
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I've have recently checked out trolls in Poland and Italy. They are the same people behind the trolls in the UK. Sometime ago I noticed the same language and tactics behind trolls in Kenya. There is a machine behind the global rise of fascism. We must fight to shut it down.#FBPE
Essentially what this proves is there is a Far Right machine run by Steve Bannon, Robert Mercer that is behind the corruption of the #brexit ref. The country can either be a victim of their activity & their brexiter puppets like @Jacob_Rees_Mogg and @BorisJohnson or we fight
More troll visits today as if to promote this post
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1. Ok bit of a revelation last night after rereading the posts against #FBPE .
Why do parts of the left and right hate us so much.
I think it's become really clear to me is the attacks don't make sense.
2. #FBPE Both sides should actually be trying to win over the centre. Instead we are criticised for concerns about both the pillars of the political system, the system itself where proven electoral fraud is ignored by both.
Why does @OwenJones84
Work with @Jacob_Rees_Mogg
3.And both sides blame immigrants. Why did the two edges of our political universe target immigrants and #FBPE what possible connection do the targets have? Is it a love of foccacia or is it something much darker that the left and the right agree on.
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@patel4witham Lying arrogant Patel, either thinks we are all gullible or this waffling right winger is also on Ambien

What democracy?#Leave lied, cheated, committed electoral fraud, had dodgy Russian money...You lot are a bunch of shameless scamming opportunists

Who the flock buys your crap?
@patel4witham "Leading Brexiteer Gisela Stuart has described the #EU referendum an "ABUSE OF DEMOCRATIC PROCESS" .... #brexit #stopbrexit #FBPE #LeaveLies #VoteLeaveBrokeTheLaw #PeoplesVote
@patel4witham "The #Leave Campaign for what it was - at the heart of the vote to leave the European Union is an entanglement of lies and propagandist sensationalism".

This is NOT Democracy.

#brexit #leavelies #stopbrexit #FBPE #VoteLeaveBrokeTheLaw #PeoplesVote
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I’ve dropped #FBPE off my name. We need to build new community now.…
Here’s the first video I did on #FBPE (in Nov 2017 I think)... for those of you who are curious:…
Right, I’m seeing a lot of people disagreeing here.

I’m open to all suggestions.

Maybe I’ve got it wrong. Maybe the best way is to keep growing #FBPE strongly, regardless of attacks from any quarter.

And it’s definitely good that the Brexite commentators regularly attack.
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1/ @DExEUgov has published the White Paper in 24 EU languages. I've just pained myself through the German document. For those who want to understand the true intentions of the UK the choice of words could be quite an eye opener - unintentionally I guess.…
2/ Don't bother going through the whole document yourself - the flaws throughout the document are all visible in these introductory paragraphs
3/ Those in the EU who accuse the UK of cherry picking will see their views vindicated. 'praktischen Brexit' might sound like practical Brexit but actually means 'handy Brexit'. Handy for who?
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1/ The Chequers Accord was dead before it was written. There are important factors that verify that statement and it is important for both Remainers and Leavers to come to terms with that reality. This thread explains what I mean.

#FBPE #WATON @theresa_may @jeremycorbyn
2/ The 4 pillars of the EU are indivisible. The EU and other States can't cherry pick those pillars (people, goods, services and capital). IF the EU decided to allow the UK to split the freedoms it would also have to make the same allowances for 50 plus other countries.
3/ In order for the EU to accept the Chequers Accord they'd be in breach of their own international Treaties. This is extremly impropable. Not just that, WTO RULES state that you cannot provide a better deal for one nation over others.
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Something is happening out there in #Brexit Britain [thread] 1/
Following all the ballyhoo from the #chequers cabinet & resultant white paper, something has changed. Finally the penny is beginning to drop. What is my evidence? Well of course its anecdotal but here are a few bits 2/
Watching #bbcqt last night from Brexity Dartford, there seemed to be a clear change of mood. There were the usual calls of "just leave" but the audience response was muted. @claireperrymp gave an admission - a 1st for Govt Minister of how difficult the process of leaving is. 3/
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I get why Corbyn went solely on buses last week at #pmqs now - to leave @EmilyThornberry the space this week to set out Labour's CU/SM bilateral position very clearly for pre-election record. She's better at this detail than him. This is the key bit from Hansard today
In an ideal world, this would be going viral on the #fbpe hashtag as, short of full Remain, it's what they've been demanding - full compliance with CU/SM conditions as set by EU to secure a deal, including on FoM controls as currently set in EU law.
But as with the @JPonpolitics example, any such wave of #fbpe virality is hampered by the commentariat's refusal/inability to understand/portray Labour's position on a a bilateral deal.
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Blocking accounts (trolls & bots) thread
A lot of #remain ers don't really understand the situation they are facing on Twitter, they see an online debate where #Leave and #Remain put their points forward and whoever has the best logic wins.


#stopbrexit #FBPE #PeoplesVote
That isn't what's happening. At this point #Leave (left or right) don't need to convince people of anything, they don't need to win debates.

All they need to do to win is to stop #Remain from reaching people and the tactics they are using are designed to do that.

Those tactics are to distract, discredit & disrupt Remain attempts to convince people.

They use name calling & insults. This is to discredit #Remain.

Also they hope to goad Remainers into an emotional response so they appear overly motivated and therefore less convincing.
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Your daily reminder that if we leave the EU, we wouldn't be able to rejoin until the end of the next EU legislative period in 2024, at the earliest. But more likely at the end of the following period in 2029.
That means at least 10 years of economic isolation and decay.

For clarity:
Members can officially join the EU any time. But practically, witth 27/28 members, the preparation period takes several years, and is timed now to coincide with the start or ends of the 5 year budget periods.
Juncker has said, for instance, that Serbia and Montenegro would join "by" 2024, meaning in election year 2024. This policy makes sense for the following two reasons
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1/ Why is Brexit so complicated? A trade thread. (Warning: Long)

The trade details of Brexit are critical, but there's confusion about what's going on.

Since I'm followed by both @LeaveHQ folks and thanks to @mrjamesob, half of #FBPE, a maximally neutral explanation thread 👇🏻
2/ Post-Brexit, trade relations between the UK and the EU will fall on a spectrum which runs from complete separation (Hard Brexit: trading under only @WTO rules) on one end and remaining in the EU for trade purposes (Soft Brexit) on the other.
3/ What is that spectrum all about?

The closer the UK is to the 'only @WTO side', the more barriers it'll face in trading with the EU, both in goods like cars and services like accounting and finance, but the more trade policy and regulatory independence the UK will have.
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