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GE 2022/3 scenario. No PR (most likely). Poor take-up of tactical voting (unfair to put burden on voters). High risk of frame-breaking right wing Tory govt. Parties must build #ProgressiveAlliance platform mobilising entire progressive ecosystem. Demand one now
#ProgressiveAlliance is necessary for winning. Parties must be responsible. But if we here on Twitter and in our communities don't show them there is a fierce hunger for #DemocraticAlliance, parties think they have done enough by supporting PR and tactical voting.
We here really do have an incredibly important role to play. By uniting on Twitter around a #ProgressiveAlliance in the 2022/3 GE, we unite also in the real world. Come together. Be the change.
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Giving this more thought. Since the opposing parties lack a parliamentary majority, how will they secure PR? Whilst debates on PR go back & forth, we get closer to a 2022/3 General Election
In the next GE, we must remove from power the people who have stolen the #conservative party. We will likely not have PR to help us. So we need to start building now a #ProgressiveAlliance. Goes beyond tactical voting. Makes choice easier for the voter
So, parties must resist temptation to channel demand for #ProgressiveAlliance into debates about PR & tactical voting. We need something more inventive. A platform for #DemocraticAlliance . A natural home for our votes
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What is a #ProgressiveAlliance ? It is the strategic answer to the meta-threat the people who have stolen the #Conservative party present to our democracy. To the freedom, power and solidarity we need to pursue all other progressive policy objectives.
There may be other strategies - such as tactical voting. But these put too great a burden on the voter. And gets the parties off the hook - they don't need to do anything. The parties must take back responsibility. They must serve their core public purpose of giving us voice.
It is not fair to keep asking the voter to shoulder the risks of perpetually losing parties. The task of the voter (especially under #FPTP) needs to be made easier with a binary choice - and it is the job of the opposing parties to provide one.
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Hello Twitter Friends,

As we absorb and reflect on the Cummings evidence. A thread asking - How can we, together, create #ProgressiveAlliance #DemocraticAlliance?

If you can, do please enrich the discussion with your experiences and ideas. Send Tweets & Messages

Here goes:
(1) The political parties need our support to come to the table, to start their talks. Let's identify and dismantle their barriers to doing so.
(2) Operationally, PA might consist of:
1. Shared values - inc. conservatives who feel politically homeless
2. Committed party leaders
3. Mobilised network of local groups
4. Climate of goodwill & joint purpose
5. Orchestrating entity to hold whole lot together

Please refine
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In the future I will limit my #FollowFriday tweets to those accounts that identify as #FollowBack. If you haven't already fill the form

#FF #FollowBackFriday #FBFriday #FBFriday #FBPE #FBPEParty #FBPA #FBPAParty #FBPPR #FBNHS #FBR #FBRParty #FBIW #FBSI
Please Like and Retweet.
I will start this next week.
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The Queen's Speech contains laws that will remove your rights

Boris Johnson & the Conservatives are set to limit your freedom & control you. You must take this very seriously

We need to get together right now. Left or Right

Please Read & RT This Thread For Democracy🙏 👇

The new powers of arrest in the Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts Bill mean you cannot protest whatever Boris Johnson does next

It will be illegal with up to 10 years in Prison for being "serious annoyance", which all protests are by definition🤦‍♂️…

Tax Evasion will be legalised for the Super Rich #ToryDonors in the National Insurance Contributions Bill.

They will avoid contributing to Tax, damaging the #NHS and increasing your income taxes.

Remember, you will not be able to protest this👆…

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"Hitler won mass support between 1928 and 1930 because a major economic crisis had driven Germany into a deep depression: Banks crashed, businesses folded, and millions lost their jobs. Hitler offered voters a vision of a better future, one he contrasted with the policies of

the parties that had plunged the country into crisis in the first place.

In May of 1928, he’d been a political nobody, with the Nazis gaining less than 3 percent of the vote in national elections. But in the elections held in July 1932, they won 37 percent of the vote - and

six months later, Hitler was in power"

You need

a) Economic Crisis
b) Alternative

If there isn't a problem, create one

At that point, they can take over full control of what was a democracy

So if the Conservatives are the ones destroying the economy.. who are the 3%ers?

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1/23 #FBPE Is it time to #BoycottAviva Arron Banks and Andy Wigmore, two of the key figures in Nigel Farage’s Leave.EU campaign during the 2016 EU Referendum, may have a vested interest in seeing the NHS replaced by insurance-based healthcare.
2/23 Banks and Wigmore have been highly critical of the NHS for a number of years, as have senior members of the official Vote Leave campaign, with the MEP Daniel Hannan describing it as a “mistake” on Fox News in 2009.
3/23 Last year, Hannan edited a report by the right-wing think tank, the Institute of Free Trade, which envisaged US health companies running British healthcare. The report’s co-authors included representatives from other think tanks, including the Institute of Economic Affairs
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#Brexit Lorry Parks Fiasco part 3 - a detour to look at WSP #FBPE #FollowBackFriday

On 11 May 2017 Mark Naysmith WSP boss spoke in favour of a conservative victory arguing that it would boost the sector's confidence.
He didn't mention that his firm stood to benefit from the additional infrastructure required by Brexit . WSP was already working on the M 20 commercial assurance contract which it had won through a competitive tender.
The additional infrastructure of lorry parks and potential port development required by Brexit obviously offered huge opportunities to the firm.
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It's time.

Trend this hashtag...
The UK Taxpayer has had enough of Government corruption, incompetence, excess deaths, negligence, smirking politicians, backhanders and discrimination,

We call on all MPs - we elected you... Dissolve Parliament now and stand for re-election.

Write a Tweet now.

Write why you want to Dissolve Parliament.

Add the hashtag #DissolveParliament

Send it and then check the trending hashtag to see why others want to Dissolve Parliament.

People of all ethnicities, all over society have had enough of the #ToryLies & #Brexit
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1/ Some 'Corbynists' are Kremlin tools.

This 'leftist accused #FBPE of being a cult. So I did a bit of checking. The account is a peddler of pro-Kremlin tweets. I do this kind of checking now and again. Very roughly about 10% of the Corbynist accounts I check are pro-Kremlin.
2/ Here's another 'Corbynist' who replied to me by attacking Starmer and Blairites. It is account that is an eager defender of Putin's Russia. I have no idea why these accounts are pro-Kremlin, but it is clear Russia has significant influence within the hard-left.
3/ Here's another 'Corbynist' account that is all too eager to leap to the defence of Russia and its allies. This account has a lot of followers, and is therefore a significant promoter of Kremlin influence.
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The festival includes ‘grow your own’ contest as UK suffers from self imposed #BrexitDisaster to #food supply. Instead of hosting the EU 2023 European Capital of Culture, scientists, technologists, engineers, artists & mathematicians from across the UK
are working together on ten large-scale projects designed to “bring people together and showcase the UK’s creativity globally”. #BrexitShambles disguised as fun competition?
This government will never bring people together. We’re #NotMoving on till they are gone! #GTTO #FBPE
@threadreaderapp please unroll. Tx
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[Manifesto. #1 One]
#CivicWave is an #informalgroup of the #progressist area, on Twitter, but attentive to movements on other #social and off-network that, aware of the importance of active #participation, intends to take...

We call it #gentlerevolution.
[Manifesto. #2 Two]
Joining #CivicWave #OndaCivica is compatible with all progressive Italian and international hashtags, including:
#FR, #6000sardine, #Forumalcentro,
#FBPE, #FBPEGlobal, #FBR.

The symbols in bio are:
#OndaCivica🌊🌊🌊 #CivicWave🌊🌊🌊,
or for short #OC🌊
[Manifesto. #3 Three]
#CivicWave promotes the #civil and prolific confrontation of ideas and experiences, in #respect of the diversity of views, to reduce #conversions and protagonism, in the conviction that #dialogue is stimulus and richness and allows to highlight # common...
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1/32 #FBPE a refresher on the links between Firtash, the GOP and #Brexit and what they mean. #FollowBackFriday On 23 March 2011, Dmytro Firtash, wearing the ornate robe of a Cambridge University beneficiary, shook hands with Prince Philip. That moment marked the peak of his #FBPE
2/32 ascent in British society. The village boy who once loved pasturing cows had come a long way. Thanks to his PR team, he enjoyed the image of a businessman and patron of the arts in the UK. #FBPE
3/32 As bagman for mobster Semion Mogilevich, Firtash directly links the Russian mafiya to the British Establishment. He was once described by a Chicago attorney general as “upper-echelon associat[e] of Russian organised crime”. Eight years after his royal handshake, #FBPE
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1/26 A thread on the Westminster Russia Forum and its infiltration of the Tories #FollowBack Friday #Brexit is ultimately a Russian project #FBPE
2/26 The Britain of July 2012 now seems as remote as the moon. #FBPE
3/26 I had watched the Olympic Flame carried through Barnsley and sensed a mood of national optimism, bubbly as freshly opened Champagne. But, what was also clear was that Britain had no vision for its future. Winston Churchill popped out of Big Ben during the Olympic Games #FBPE
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1/9 #FBPE The Paul-Ehrlich-In­sti­tut (Germany) has published an account of why it recommended the suspension of the AstraZeneca Covid 19 vaccine and advice to people who experience certain side effects after being vaccinated with it. Please circulate this thread
2/9 which contains their press release: #FBPE #Covid -:Tem­po­rary Sus­pen­sion of Vac­ci­na­tion with COVID-19 Vac­cine As­traZeneca - Following intensive consultations on the serious thrombotic events that have occurred in Germany and Europe, the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut
3/9 recommends the temporary suspension of vaccinations with the COVID-19 vaccine AstraZeneca.
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1/37 How Freeports/Charter Cities work- The Latvian example- a worrying precedent for the UK's introduction of this model. #FBPE #FBPA On 9 December 2019, under its Magnitsky Act, the US announced sanctions against several entities and individuals globally, including Latvian
2/37 oligarch Aivars Lembergs.
3/37 Lembergs is also the mayor of the freeport city of Ventspils in north-eastern Latvia and is suspected of several crimes including fraud and money laundering. He was investigated by Latvia's Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (Korupcijas novēršanas un apkarošanas
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1/27 Thread on Russian links to the Tories, using the example of #Temerko and how they work #FBPA #FBPE . In 2005, Mikhail Khodorkovsky – who until 2003 had been one of the richest men in Russia – sat staring through the bars of a cage in a Russian court like a circus tiger.
2/27 His Yukos oil firm had been seized by the Russian Government and broken up, and he was accused, implausibly, of ordering several murders. Alexander Temerko, the vice president of Yukos, fled to the UK that year to avoid the loss of his liberty and perhaps his life.
3/27 Fourteen years later, Temerko has risen through the ranks of British society. He was a regular confidante of Boris Johnson when, as Foreign Secretary, he was plotting to overthrow the then Prime Minister Theresa May. As a British citizen and a member of the Leaders’ Group of
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Skylark #FBPE #FollowBackFriday #PoetInBrexile Why Europe matters

For Isaac Rosenberg

The rat who nuzzled your hand one day,
beneath the Flanders sky the poppy
Tucked behind your ear
White with dust...

A shy lad your narrow ascetic face,
Peers from the cloudscapes,
Above wheat,
The hiss of traffic

Where the motorways snake into Germany
The horse hair whisper
Of the sea...
I sense you here,

The touch of the rat's damp muzzle
Still tingling on your hand,
And over the wire and mud
The sound

Of German voices,
Your face,
Powdering out at the edges of dusk
What will remain of us

Are only the echoes,
The stale liberty we lose
As we forget.
Let me stand with you and listen to the skylark.
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1/19 How the Bots won the #Brexit referendum #FBPE #FollowBackFriday Pleaseread and share On 11 April 1992 the headline on the British tabloid newspaper “The Sun” read “It was the Sun wot won it”. The paper, which is owned by media oligarch Rupert Murdoch, was boasting that it
2/19 had swayed the vote in the UK general election two days earlier and brought the Tories to power. The next leader of the defeated Labour party, Tony Blair, courted Murdoch assiduously. He was rewarded with the support of the Sun and stormed to an election victory in 1998.
3/19 Murdoch and his press empire still remain an influential force but they are being displaced. Public opinion is now being moulded by bots on social media platforms such as twitter. In both the US and the UK there was a sense of shock after the results of the 2016 referendum
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