I realised several years ago that my loyalty wasn't to flawed/fallible politicians or political parties, but to independence & the concept of Scottish sovereignty.

I find it liberating; I can (and have) criticised the SNP & Alba where I think they've made mistakes.
A person's political beliefs are of secondary importance at best. I might not share a lot of the political/cultural beliefs of other independence supporters, but their rights and views are as valid as mine. I want to enfranchise people, even where I disagree with them.
I have confidence in the collective wisdom of the Scottish people. When we make mistakes, and we will, they will be recognised and corrected in due course.

We're going to disagree, and that's perfectly OK. If the 'winner' of an argument is proven wrong, we can fix it.
Why am I happy to enfranchise people that I might profoundly disagree with?

It's a price that's more than worth paying when considering the alternative; increasing interference from a corrupt, cruel & colonial Westminster.
Have confidence in yourselves & those in your community

• • •

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6 Apr
So tonight I've noticed an interesting pattern relating to #BothVotesSNP that's worth flagging.

I've spotted several, apparently fake pro-SNP accounts, all based outside of Scotland, all using weird language. Buckle up...

Thread 👇
Here's 'Noah' in London. 'Noah' advocating a 'savior [sic] leader'? Really? Doesn't that language seem odd to any reasonable person? ImageImage
But wait, there's more: here's Monica, a London based socialist advocating for #BothVotesSNP

"make your destiny" - Really? ImageImage
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6 Apr
The higher the SNP/Alba vote, the greater the pro-independence representation at Holyrood. This is a fact, backed by the data. I'll happily break down any region in Scotland to prove it.

SNP/SNP is ineffective for pro-independence supporters because of the AMS handicap. A fact.
I haven't seen a substantiated argument for there being more pro-independence representation with SNP/SNP, because the data rejects it.

SNP's list vote is divided by anything from 5 (South) to 10 (Central, Glasgow) times.

Alba's list vote can't be divided. It's worth more.
This is how the Additional Member System operates.

This is a unionist designed electoral system, built to prevent an independence majority with one party. It wasn't built to handle two pro-independence parties.

Don't split the vote; share it & increase pro-indy representation.
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6 Apr
There's a sizeable number of independence supporters who seem aghast at the idea that other independence supporters have different political values and priorities.


Do they realise that independence is for everyone, it's not a tree house or hivemind? Creeping authoritarians
Are these people so lacking in confidence in their own politics and ability to argue is that they want 'heretics' to be shut down, demonised and cast aside?

It's adolescent, immature and anti-democratic. These people seem intent on thinning independence support. It's suspect.
I've been blocked by followers I had for years for expressing support for SNP/Alba. And why? Because I explained our electoral system in as clear a way as possible? Because I can refute voting SNP/SNP in 6/8 regions?
Some are determined to imagine difference as 'the enemy'.
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4 Apr
When you disagree with other independence supporters over your personal political issues, but remember that it's perfectly OK to disagree because you're both just trying to put Scotland's interests first. Spiderman pointing meme
If you support independence, then you're trying to make Scotland a better place to live. You might have different priorities, values and ideas, but we both want to get to the same destination.
The only thing that I want is for us to have the ability to reach it.
You have an idea, and I have an idea.
We put those ideas to the Scottish electorate.
They decide which idea they prefer.
That idea succeeds or fails.
We move forward and embrace it or fix it.

We don't have the power to do this in Scotland until we return to independence.
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4 Apr
There appear to be a number of confused independence supporters who think that self-determination means that there will be one party and one leader for life, leading Scotland.

Others aren't allowed to have different political values or priorities. It's all highly authoritarian.
Yes, there are social conservatives who support an independent Scotland.

What do you propose? Disenfranchising them? How about jailing them for thought crimes?

Or maybe evolve your understanding of independence as enfranchisement & accountability for ALL, not just your vision.
'I won't vote for independence if it means people I disagree with getting political representation!'

Grow up or leave the movement. Enjoy the future: US owned mega farms and hormone riddled meat. Savour the never ending countercultural wars of drivel like 'bodily autonomy'.
Read 4 tweets
4 Sep 20
The private polling on Scottish independence must be through the roof.
Editors everywhere are handing sacks of cash to London journalists to rehash the same 'You're too poor, Jocks, shut up.' articles from 2014. There's a flood of them out today. This is not a coincidence.
Not one of these articles concedes that the british state has failed to uphold its end of the bargain from 2014.
They're desperate to turn this into a Sturgeon v Johnson debate, which shows they're detached from making any meaningful insights.
This is good news for us.
I've seen articles from Spiked, CityAM, the Independent & CapX for starters, all essentially saying the same thing.

That Scotland is too poor to be independent & that our desire for independence is illegitimate. They do not see us as equals, let alone partners.
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