This genuinely made me laugh. ImageImage
And to think of how many hours I spent listening to that guy in my youth.
Anyway, hey moron, you already need vaccines to travel.
The beauty of Twitter is how it shows how many of the loudest talkers know the least.…
In case you forgot, Dr. Drew spent MONTHS dismissing Covid-19 ... until he got it. He called it a "press induced panic."
Then he apologized (while still insisting that he was "part of a chorus" so I guess its not bad, huh).…
Now he's talking trash about vaccine passports, so I guess he hasn't really learned that much after all.
This is literally an anti-vax talking point. From a doctor with 2.7 million followers. Image
Personally, I would love to get a vaccine to protect me from Skrillex.
"I'm just raising questions" is the antivax playbook. The idea is to just keep injecting doubt, even when you claim you're for vaccines in general. It's bullshit.

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7 Apr
Can't get over what an amazing accomplishment the vaccine is, the speed of its creation and rollout, and how we should all be celebrating this amazing American moment ... but we're not because the GOP and Fox News made it partisan from the jump just to protect their chief idiot.
I got my first vaccine dose in a convention center staffed by volunteers and members of different uniformed branches of the military, all working together, surrounded by my neighbors rolling up their sleeves to protect themselves and each other. It was beautiful.
This should be a national moment of pride, representing the best America can do when we all put our backs to the wheel together.

Instead, the morons in my neighborhood are still running around maskless and screaming about tyranny because they're brainwashed by outrage peddlers.
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7 Apr
Easier to pick the three I'd keep: MCU, Star Wars, and Star Trek. And honestly the last two are iffy, based on the most recent offerings. Maybe, I dunno, we should come up with new things.
DC: I will always love the animated series' from my youth. That's my Justice League. But let's be real, there's only been one decent DC movie (WW) and the rest have ranged from amusingly bad (Aquaman) to unamusingly bad (everything else).
Jurassic Park: One good movie and an endless series of soulless cash grabs. Next.
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6 Apr
The mistake is ever taking Republicans seriously.
Everything Republicans say should be seen as a toddler making up stories and responded to with that same energy.

"Okay, Mitchie. What a great story. You're so creative! Why don't you go play in the yard. The adults are governing."
"Well, Mitchie, in a democracy, we want everyone to vote. Yes, even them! See, that's what makes democracy work. You'll understand the consent of the people when you're older."
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6 Apr
Wow. So many lives cut short for so long. I never thought I'd see it.
All us Gen Xers looked at the Covid guidelines and went, "yup, okay, happy to help" because we're old enough to remember watching young people die horribly from a virus.
I remember the candlelight vigils. I remember the anger at a government that did nothing. I remember crying at the quilt.
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6 Apr
I have to say, Falcon and The Winter Soldier has left me cold so far, but the Loki show looks like so much fucking fun.
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is pretty much what you'd expect from a Marvel TV show. Characters you know, dealing with the continuing universe, some action and some (painful) quips. It's all really unsurprising so far.
WandaVision was so weird and so surprising that it set my expectations to maximum. So something so formulaic after that is a letdown, even if it's not bad.
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1 Apr
Listening to today's episode of The Daily and it's SO CLEAR how this unionization drive at Amazon could have been avoided if they'd treated their employees like people instead of cogs in a machine.…
If you track your people BY THE SECOND and you DO NOT COMMUNICATE THE RULES, it's going to make them CRAZY. This is so obvious it hurts.
It reminds me of a startup I worked at (name omitted) where I wound up in a middle management role (again) because the CEO was so bad at being a human, he built a software tracking system to monitor a specific employee because that was easier for him than having ONE CONVERSATION.
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