There’s someone out there that thinks they’re lazy when they just have undiagnosed ADHD.
I think about this person a lot, because I was this person.

The abuse you tolerate from others because there are things that are difficult for you, leads you to a life where you think there’s something wrong with you.

Your brain works differently. And that’s okay.
People with ADHD have a deficit in activation (which is the opposite of procrastination). It’s *extremely* difficult to get tasks started.

To someone who doesn’t have ADHD it seems like laziness or being unproductive. But what is productivity anyway?
Why is it hard to get tasks started? Because the mind of someone with ADHD is running low on dopamine.

Anything that’s lengthy or boring doesn’t stand a chance against our brains that’s constantly craving stimulation.
Which is why racing against deadlines gives us sudden motivation we didn’t have before, starting something that’s new to us, or anything we personally love or interested in.
Executive Dysfunction is the basis of ADHD

It’s the dysfunction in areas like:

• Activation (starting new tasks)
• Focus
• Effort
• Emotion (those with ADHD have trouble regulating their emotional responses)
• Memory
• Action
Those with ADHD also struggle with Rejection Sensitivity. Being overly sensitive to anything they perceive as rejection or criticism, because we are more criticized than our peers.

This leads to a lot of shame and guilt for not functioning like other people.
ADHD is a spectrum and shows up in so many different ways. You can check my other thread where I talk about the 3 types of ADHD
Being mindful of my ADHD sweeties, this is my last tweet so the thread isn’t super lengthy:

There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re trying to assimilate into a world that doesn’t create space for you. Shaming yourself will not help you, but learning about your brain will.
Do these threads on ADHD help and would you like more of them?

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6 Apr
Friends don’t put each other on pedestals.
Ask yourself if you really want to be someone’s friend or do you want to be in proximity to them because of status, resources, knowledge etc.

When you idealize a person, you can put yourself in a vulnerable position to be used by them.
Over-glorification of someone in a “friendship” destroys the dynamic of mutual trust & acceptance.

They may fall from the height you put them on, but you’ll also be crushed by the debris.
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This is something that I really want to drive into people’s heads.

The Ifa philosophy, lifestyle, and religion is one that relies on the hierarchy of eldership.

If you cannot handle someone telling you what to do, this practice is not for you.
You can find your *connection* to the Orisa in nature, but the *wisdom* is within their priests.

Ifa & Orisa is not a solitude practice but one that depends on community and apprenticeship.
When you further your studies and finally step into an ile which is a temple or spiritual house—the Oluwo and/or the Iyalode are your main elders.

They will have the right to not disclose certain information of the tradition with you until you’re ready for it.
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5 Apr
Hi! Awesome question and it’s Ifa’s day!

I’ll be taking the moment to answer how Ifa sees menstruation in this little thread ⤵️
In Ifa, menstruation is not considered dirty or unclean. It’s actually seen as something very energetically potent.

There are many Odus (Odus refer to the cosmic algorithm of the universe) like Iwori Ogbe, Iwori Osa, etc that speak about menstruation being a sign of blessings.
Particularly ire omo (blessing of child).

That being said, those who menstruate are running energetically hot against hot spirits. The menstruation cycle (and the blood itself) can be powerful enough to render medicines and Ifa shrines impotent and unworkable.
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4 Apr
The Ifa & Orisa tradition is a journey of loving yourself first. Depending on yourself first. Learning to hold yourself accountable first.
If you’re in the tradition and you are the same person that you were going into it, investigate that.

Before all the orisa, akose (spiritual medicine), and ebo (sacrifice)—all you have is yourself (your ori) and your character (iwa pele).

It’s self-action before devotion.
When it comes to devotion, it’s devoting your life to what resonates to what works with your ori (higher self). It’s doing things that align with your elevated self, that align with the destiny that you chose to live.

Codependency on the Ifa Divination System or Orisa is not it.
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4 Apr
Mercury is in Aries.

Watch what you say. Because I promise it sounds way better in your head.
People will not be as receptive to your thoughts as you think they would be and will challenge you.

Don’t ruin a connection, opportunity, career, by being fast in the mouth. Slow down and think.
This is an amazing time for stacking up ideas that will come to you rapidly and feeling more stimulated than the past weeks with Mercury in Pisces.

You’ll be feeling a little bit spicy.

As someone with an Aries Mercury: You don’t need to say everything that you think. Please.
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25 Mar
The amount of people in the quotes saying ADHD is not real or an excuse to dope up children.

It is 2021. Please stop listening to Joe Rogan.
You’re not gonna be able to pray away cognitive disorders or choose to not believe them.

A loved one could be silently suffering without the access to get help & the support. It will benefit the entire community to advocate for everybody in it.
Here in this thread, I have time again to talk about the 3 types of ADHD. And how emotional regulation and rejection sensitivity are one of many defining components you could probably recognize in an ADHD person
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