A couple has no problems.
Everybody sees them as PERFECT.
Every woman wishes to have a man like him.
Every man wishes to have a woman like her.

They are the envy of their peers.
The woman is happy with him.
The man is happy with her.
They're good together.
Everything is ok...
One day, Satan asks the woman:
"What do you think of your relationship?"
"It's PERFECT! I love him! He's such a great guy!"

Satan smiles.
"You're looking at things from a wrong perspective, ma'am! I'll be honest with you: your relationship is BORING!"

"Boring? How so...?"
Satan sees the door is open:
He jumps in!
"When was the last time you guys had a fight? Which couple doesn't fight? Fighting is NORMAL for couples! Any couple that doesn't fight is ABNORMAL!"

She things about it:
That's TRUE, she submits.
All my friends fight with their guys!
I MUST be the odd one!
She asks Satan, "What do WE (she is in league with Satan now!) do?"

Satan smiles.
He smells blood!
Go discuss with the Board of Directors!

Every woman has a Board of Directors they run everything by: THEIR FRIENDS.

They meet up that evening to talk...
She tables her problem (peace at home is now a PROBLEM!😏) before them.
They advice her what to do:
"Stir up some drama! You need to spice up your relationship! Don't you know make up sex is the best sex? You can't have make up sex if you don't have a fight!"

Satan smiles...
They tell her what to do.
She executes it perfectly.

Man is confused: where is all this coming from? Why these accusations? What is wrong with her?
He has no idea the Board of Directors had hatched the plan.
He had no idea the Chairman (Satan) is behind it all...
To her, she's "spicing up" her relationship.
It's too boring.
I've not had make up sex in like, forever- and the Board of Directors say it's the best sex ever! I'm missing out on that!

She just listened to Satan.
And she brought a needless storm into her relationship...
And her beautiful, wonderful relationship crashes because she listened to wrong counsel.


Your men have just ONE problem with your relationships:
Your Board of Directors.
Those BITCHES will always lead you astray.



β€’ β€’ β€’

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More from @harrydaniyan

26 Mar
I carried out a social experiment today.
I was walking along the pedestrian sidewalk in Utako Abuja when some cars (in a bid to avoid traffic) turned on the site walk, driving towards me.
Everybody gave way to the vehicles.
I didn't.
The driver almost hit me.
I stood my ground...
He honked.
"Oga, commot for road!"
No, sir.
This is the pedestrian walk way.
You should go back to the road.
"Are you blind? You no see traffic?"
I see it sir, but that doesn't give you the right to drive on the pedestrian sidewalk, sir.
A man & a woman came down...
The woman said, "Respect yourself ooo! If not for the white hair I see, I for deal with you!"
But ma'am, your driver is in the wrong.
Your anger should be directed at him, ma'am.
After a while, about 30 people gathered.
They all saw me as an irritant old man causing trouble...
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28 Jan

Dimitar Berbatov & Christiano Ronaldo played for Manchester United in the 2008/2009 football session.
That was the only season both players were on the books of Manchester United at the same time...
Berbatov said of Ronaldo; β€œI was lucky to play alongside Ronaldo for a season. He was 100% professional, on the training pitch & off it.
I don't remember him ever being late for training...
He was always preparing in the gym, after training he would stay & do extra work like working on his shooting, then he would go swimming & go to the gym again…”
The club had strict training sessions. The players had to fit into the training schedules to stay fit & competitive...
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4 Jan
(Hebrews 11:1)
A few days ago, I was having a chat with a friend.
We discussed generally & the discussion got to the topic of FAITH.

She said, "my faith is not very strong".
I told her, "that's not really a problem- nobody really needs "strong" faith for anything...!
Jesus said, "if you have faith as small as a mustard seed..."
-Matthew 17:20.
It's not the size of faith: it is what the faith is based on.

I've heard people say too often, "I have small faith", or "I don't have faith".
I have realised people don't really know what FAITH is...
In Hebrews 11:1, the Bible defines FAITH as "being sure of the things we hope for, to be certain of the things we cannot see."
What does that mean?
I'll give a few examples:
You board a plane in Lagos to fly to Abuja.
You don't SEE the pilot. You have no idea if he's qualified...
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4 Jan
(ham ham ham)

Oh Lord, my God, Jesus

I’ll speak of You Glory,
I will show forth Your beauty
If I dance it won't be enough,
If I shout it won't be enough

I’ll speak of You Glory,
I will show forth Your beauty
If I dance it won't be enough,
If I shout it won't be enough
For You are the great and mighty King
You rule in every nation
O praise this holy God,
You are worthy to be praised
You are Alpha and Omega, I worship You today
In You I put my trust, You name I will extol
Heaven speaks of Your glory
And the earth of Your beauty
Your love is new every morning
And Your faithfulness is ever sure

Heaven speaks of Your glory
And the earth of Your beauty
Your love is new every morning
And Your faithfulness is ever sure
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19 Dec 20
(1st Peter 5:10)

My work colleague & I were invited to a wedding last Saturday: the son of our Chairman (a retired military officer & a Senator of the Federal Republic) was getting married.

Something interesting caught my attention at the reception...
The MC invited some folks to the High Table, one of which was the Chairman of the reception, an ex-governor.
He was absent!
But he sent a representative.

I started wondering:
Why didn’t the ex-governor come?
Why send a representative...?
I concluded he either had another engagement that was more important to him than attending the reception.
Or the reception wasn't that important to him.

Whatever his reason for not coming was, he delegated someone else to represent him at the reception...
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18 Dec 20
America experiences school shootings every year.
Presidents have come & gone, school shootings continue.
Has any president been accused of incompetence because of these shootings?

Truth be told, no matter your good intentions, there are some crimes you can't guard against...
I support Buhari πŸ’―%, but I find it a tad silly when pro PMB folks accuse GEJ of incompetence because of Chibok Girls & pro GEJ folks throw same accusation at PMB because of Kankara Boys.

Can a President deploy soldiers to all schools in the country to avoid these abductions...?
Even the US with it's sophisticated security architecture can't do that!

9/11 still happened in the US despite their top notch security.
The whole thing was planned & executed on US soil, nobody knew about it until the plan was hatched.

President Bush couldn't stop it...
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