Opinion: Independent of specific policies, how Netanyahu has handled party and national leadership is disqualifying. An honorable leader would care more about the mission than himself and step aside for the greater good. 1/
Even w/in his own Likud party, rather than grooming successors to take over, he hobbled any possible challenger and actively impeded the development of potential future leaders. It's hard not to conclude these are the actions of a leader more concerned w/himself than the cause 2/
For comparison, company boards and CEOs who care about the longevity of the corp set up succession plans in advance. And for all the talk about, "King Bibi," even monarchs concern themselves with succession and the future of the nation after they're gone 3/
I am not suggesting that Netanyahu doesn't care deeply about Israel. However, my impression of his recent leadership is that he believes he is above the state and his party, or worse, that he *is* the state and/or his party.

IMO this attitude is dangerous and disqualifying. /fin

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11 Feb
Honest Debate: Discussing contentious issues with the intent of increasing knowledge/understanding on finer points and accept the possibility of being wrong on at least some points

Dishonest Debate: Means to end of raising personal profile. Thus, only useful when "punching up"
There are of course other forms of dishonest debate, much of which can be self-evident from the forums or rules behind the debate.
Not to mention there are plenty of dishonest *people* - self-proclaimed authorities who resent the indignity of having to justify their positions and ignorant/illiterate gadflies who aren't worth people's time.
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20 Dec 20
1. Since it came up recently, here are my current opinions on anonymous criticisms and doxxing. I say "current" because like all my opinions they're subject to change.

These are general opinions independent of any specific person, situation, person, or position taken.
2. First, I'm generally not a fan of anonymous criticisms due to the lack of accountability. I say this having seen anonymous accounts unfairly criticize and even slander people without meaningful consequence.
3. At the same time, I acknowledge why people at times feel the need to criticize anonymously due to the subject and/or temperament of those targeted. An asymmetry of power can also result in an asymmetry of accountability as well.
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17 Dec 20
1. I don't know if this came up in the fight over calling people "Dr", but please read this from 2017 discussing Seb Gorka and Jill Biden
2. Notable excerpt Image
3. And here's a piece from @TheNewRepublic of all places from 2014, linked in the above-mentioned article:
web.archive.org/web/2020121708… Image
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5 Oct 20
1. Time for a Twitter shiur!

Today's topic: Rejoicing over and Praying for the Downfall of the Wicked
2. When this issue comes up (e.g. Osama bin Ladin or Trump's Covid-19), I find people tend to emphasize certain canonical sources in order to prove a particular point. Unsurprisingly, the range of perspectives attested in Biblical and Rabbinic literature complicates matters.
3. Disclaimer: I compare the reactions to bin Ladin and Trump not to equate their relative evils, but to assert that for those who believe Trump is evil, the same ethical and religious principles that would apply to the death of one ought to apply to the death of the other.
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25 Sep 20
1. I want to share a bit of personal news, which may hopefully help brighten your day a little.
2. One month ago, a friend of mine from Nachlaot woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of two kittens crying. Someone had left them in a cardboard box by the dumpster next to her apartment.
3. My friend sends me a message and the above and attached videos and asks if my wife and I could take them in. (Friend already has two cats, one of them being a rescue and couldn't handle more).
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18 Sep 20
1. A very quick message before I sign off for #RoshHashanah

According to rabbinic tradition, the High Holidays are an auspicious time for introspection and repentance. One of the major themes of Rosh Hashana is the recognition of God as King and the ultimate judge.
2. I think a reason why this is emphasized at the beginning of the High Holidays is that it instills a sense of moral humility
3. If we think of ourselves as the arbiters of morality, we can justify virtually any action and frame any sin as being righteous such that we don't even feel we *need* to repent for any action.
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