I still cannot believe the stupid adoration that Tamilians and Telugu people have for their film stars.

Like them, love them, it's ok.

But what currently exists is Madness. For a supposedly well educated and an intelligent state, this kind of behavior is a travesty.
What I also can't believe is that people spend their own hard earned money in promoting their star. Be it trending their star on twitter, abusing the rival, printing giant flexes, everything.

I mean stars earn 20 cr for a movie. And you earn 0.001% of that. Why indulge in this?
And most of the stars probably don't even give 2 Rs for these activities. I am sure they don't even care about one flex in Thisayanvilai.

And if some superfan tries to come near, I am sure the star's security will have no compunction in throwing them out

But they still do it
This could be a very good psychological study, about why they do it and what is their motivation.

If it's done, it will Probably help cure this madness.

• • •

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7 Apr
When we all joined Social Media ten years ago, we just wanted to have some fun, share info, expand our world view, maybe get into an occasional disagreement and laugh about it and move on.

I don't know where it all went wrong...
And I don't agree with the Politics part of it.

We are and will always be political. In the olden days though, difference in Political opinion was a given. But we used to overlook all of that, while interacting with others.

And there never was so much hatred.
Look At E Sreedharan. That man is a national hero. What that man has done will serve India for the next 200 years, if not more

He literally moved mountains and Delhi, to being people together and make India a better place

But because he joined the BJP, he was suddenly, wrong
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28 Feb
Sometimes, our car manufacturers are a true mirror of how gullible we really are

For example, Hyundai has plonked the same diesel Engine, in a 10 Lakh i20, a 13 Lakh Venue, a 19 Lakh Creta & a 23 Lakh Elantra

Add to this the 14 lakh Sonet & 20 Lakh Seltos

The same effin engine
And they are selling by the Ship Loads.

Basically we Indians have told hyundai, boss you don't even have to try anymore.

Just keep adding a 25 inch Touchscreen, an Air purifier and a Wireless charger, and we will buy your cars anyway.
So remember, next time when you are driving a Creta or a Seltos diesel, you are essentially driving a Hatchback, on stilts.
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1 Feb
How to sound intellectual on a budget day?

First, start off with a sentence containing phrases like, proactive tax Rationalization, infrastructure financing, economic intervention

"This budget should focus on proactive economic intervention with infrastructure rationalization"
As soon as the budget is over, immediately say,

"Between our aspirations of becoming an economic superpower and actual ground relalitiez, This budget plays safe and caters to both aspects"
Throw in words like currency management, Manufacturing subsidy, Agricultural enhancement and Fiscal Deficit.

Manufacturing is very important. Say things like, "Though I am happy with what the govt did, I expected more for manufacturing this budget"
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31 Jan
Watched "They shall not grow old" a Peter Jackson Documentary on WW1.

I still can't believe how Serbian killing an Austrian started a series of events, which led to an entire Generation of New Foundlanders dying in France, fighting the Germans
There are tonnes of books, movies, videos, documentaries, TV shows about WW2.

But there is actually very little about WW1. A war which had similar human causalities as WW2.

This documentary goes a long way in addressing that.

It's truly an epic watch.
Particularly amazing is the part concerning the Battle of Somme. What I consider the worst battle in modern era.

A battle in which Soldiers were ordered to carry a 70 kg bag and walk towards the enemy, while they fired on you with Machine Guns and Artillery.
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13 Jan
How the Future of India and USA, was determined by the inability of the Austrian Kings Joseph I and Charles VI, to produce male heirs..

When Joseph 1, died of smallpox in 1711, he had two daughters but no son. As a result, his brother Charles VI, succeeded him on the throne
Given that it was 1700s and the presence of a Son was considered paramount for succession, and the Salic law, in effect at that time barred women from inheritance, Charles VI was the last male heir to the throne, unless Charles VI had a son.

Which he didn't.
But he had 2 daughters, Maria Theresa & Maria Anna. Realizing that his kingdom would be divided on his death, he decided to change the law, and allowed his daughters to inherit the kingdom

Which was pretty sad for thhe daughters of his elder brother, Joseph, who he disinherited
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2 Jan
It's good that Indian government wants to become self sufficient in production and manufacturing. But merely reiterating it at every juncture won't suffice. I sincerely hope that the govt takes some lessons from WW2, on manufacturing transformation.
When US went to war in 1941, the defence situation was ultra bad. The army didn't have enough guns & they were manufacturing only 3000 planes. On the other side was Nazi Germany who were already in the war for 2 years by then and were technology pioneers
However, in the next three years, US took such a leap, that they built more tanks, ships, aircraft in One year, than what their enemies built in six years.

In fact US built more shipping in the first half of 1944, than what Japan managed in seven years.

What was the secret?
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