The replies and QTs to this comment are just 🙄. Trust the usual gang of muppets on Twitter to take great offense at a perfectly fair statement.
“Niggardly drip drip approach.” Vaccines grow on trees onlee.
“Everybody needs the vaccine.” Great work, Sherlock. Now tell us whether some people need it more than others too.
Over the past few weeks, not a day has passed without some friend or relative over 60 catching the virus. In most cases, the symptoms have been muted, because those people took the first dose, at the very least.
But yeah, let’s open vaccination to everyone. Old people can go die as long as I️ get mine.
Vidya on odd days: TeH gOrMiNt iS RuShiNg tEh vAcCiNe!

Vidya on even days: We 👏 are 👏 not 👏 rushing 👏 enough 👏
Captain of the Titanic: “Women and children first!”

Indian chatterati: “BuT EvErYoNe NeEdS EvACuATiOn.”

• • •

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12 Jan
The. Girl. Was. A. Minor.

This isn’t about religion or freedom, it’s about child grooming. Is this really the hill Rana Ayyub wants to die on? 🤯
You know what’s *really* anti-Muslim? Low-key defending this guy because of his religion or deliberately concealing the girl’s age to peddle a certain narrative. Because in doing so, you’re essentially suggesting that Muslims should be granted a “right” to commit certain crimes.
Had this grub been Hindu, he’d have received just as sound a thrashing. And no “liberal” journalist would have passionately pleaded his case. And rightly so.
Read 4 tweets
22 Dec 20
Saw a video of Thermocline Mitra wondering why the army needs "three" different types of artillery (towed, truck-mounted, ultra-light, and tracked—clearly three) in one caliber (155 mm).

Next, he'll ask why we need trucks, jeeps, and ATVs, when they are all "4-wheeled vehicles".
Oh lordy, it doesn't end there. Here's some more pearls of wisdom.

"Why not buy towed, truck-mounted, and tracked howitzers from the same OEM? Do you even commonality bro?"

Wonder what commonality, aside from the barrel, there is to be had between three unique platforms🤷🏻‍♂️
"ZOMG did you know that German submarines in WW-II used 8,000 different types of screws? As opposed to four or five?"

Bruh, my *bicycle* uses more than five different types of fasteners. You want a submarine to have fewer?🤦🏻‍♂️
Read 5 tweets
16 Dec 20
Random thread on sea power, aircraft carriers, submarines, etc. Sorry if this comes across as a little jumbled—I’m trying to put some disjointed thoughts on paper.
1. Yes, I wrote an article arguing that a third aircraft carrier might be unnecessary. That does not mean that (a) carriers are useless, (b) submarines and shore-based missiles can make up for the absence of a carrier fleet.…
But before we get into that, let’s bust a common myth: That “sea denial” and “sea control” are two independent and mutually exclusive ends, and carried out by separate naval platforms. Sea control by carrier task forces, and sea denial by submarines.
Read 29 tweets
24 Oct 20
I’ll throw a thought out there: ISPR didn’t “run circles around the Indian machinery”. It’s “info war” was incompetently run even by its own poor standards.
The narratives themselves were a mess of contradictions. “India missed. Only a tree and crow were felled, but we’re condoning off the site for 45 days anyway.” “We have three pilots in custody. No wait, two pilots, and one is undergoing treatment at CMH.” And so on...
Theirs was a level of incompetence not seen even during the Kargil War. And the Indian PR strategy was not too different from the one in 1999—with official to-the-point press briefings and steady releases of photos/footage. And at that time, it was lauded as quite effective.
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22 Sep 20
India sticking to her guns. Interesting bit about the commitment not to bring more troops to the front. Is it possible that the Chinese got spooked by how quickly the IA brought in multiple divisions of infantry, and are looking for a face-saving exit?
Of course, "stop sending more troops" is just the kind of commitment that is easy to make but very difficult for the other side to verify. Note that at this point, no one really knows how many soldiers India has deployed in the theatre.😈
So what did China gain from this "adventure". Let's try to make a list shall we?
Read 9 tweets
11 Sep 20
Very good thread. To me, the coddling of the Pakistani establishment and the abrupt pivot towards Iraq were the most baffling parts of the American response to 9/11.
Also, while everyone around me was gobsmacked by the loss of thousands of civilian lives, there was a noticeable undercurrent of "so-they-finally-realize-what-it-feels-like" to the effusive (and genuine) sympathy.
Because India had been bearing the brunt of terrorist/jihadist attacks for more than two decades before 9/11 happened. Thousands of innocent civilian lives were lost to these attacks. And every time, the reaction of 'the West' was, for want of a better expression, muted.
Read 6 tweets

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