Get this.

Last night I, along with a coalition of Black physicians, met with the President and Senior Leadership of the AMA.

Here’s what went down:

A thread.
2/ They held their cards close. They started on the defense.

I expected that.

Most white folks clam up when Black folks enter the room meaning business.

They tend to assume the worst of us.

An MD doesn’t stop that.
3/ The theme of the conversation was straight talk, no chaser.

We told them, to start, that it wasn’t acceptable to distance themself from what happened at @JAMA_current.

JAMA is their house. If JAMA missteps, they are accountable.

The need for accountability was a big theme.
3/ We reminded them, as @rcg1812 put it, @AmerMedicalAssn has a legacy of “brutal racism”.

We told them, in so many words, that that “legacy” continues unchecked today.

And it’s killing Black and Brown folks in droves.
4/ When Martin Luther King Jr, famously said: “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in Heath is the most shocking and the most inhuman because it often results in physical death.”

...he was responding to the “conspiracy of inaction” at the AMA.

Let that sink in.
5/ Just as the AMA barred Black physicians from their ranks well into the 60s, and vocally opposed the integration of hospitals...
6/ the AMA continues to ACTIVELY block the progress of racial justice in medical scholarship and practice — just as it continues to exclude people of color from its internal ranks.

Enough is enough.
7/ Together, we call upon the AMA to work toward a new legacy. A legacy befitting of its great name and powerful reach across the world.
8/ We call upon the AMA and the broader medical community to fight for the physical and mental health of Black and brown people as vehemently as they fight for that of white people.
9/ We call upon them to fight for the physical and mental health of transgender people as vehemently as they fight for that of cis people.

We call upon them to fight for the physical and mental health of the poor & working class as vehemently as they fight for that of the rich.
10/ We call on them to stop being ableist.

We call on them to stop being misogynist.

We call upon them to first protect the most vulnerable among us.

We call upon them to honor their most solemn oath:

First, do no harm.
11/ But beyond that, we call for healing.

Healing of the individual body, but also of the social body too.
12/ But here’s the thing:

As Black physicians, we know this truth: Black and brown bodies cannot be healed if their minds and bodies are being crushed by racism.

We can only be healed through justice.

It is the only way.
13/ That, above all else, is what we need the AMA and the white medical community to understand.
14/ We agreed to meet in a month’s time to check in on the AMA’s progress. We are beyond believing words.

We need action.

The lives of Black and brown people depend on it.
15/ We believe and hope that the AMA will rise to the occasion.

Leaving the initial meeting, I am hopeful.

But I, and my colleagues, also know the game of these Institutions well. We have lived the shared trauma of their empty promises so many times.

And so...we are watching.
Shout out to the amazing team of Black physicians who risked their careers to speak truth to Power.

Because we had to.

So proud to call you colleagues and friends.

@QaaliHussein1 @RamlaKasoziMD @DrBryanLeyva
Ijeoma Ekeruo
We won’t stop until this is done.

• • •

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26 Feb
1/ You know it really is a trip that Black folks understand the racism of white folks more than white folks understand it themselves.

And yet here we are.....

A 🧵 for white folks.
2/ FACT: We know you better than you know yourselves.

Wanna know why?

Because we have to survive your racism every single day.

It sucks.
3/ It’s also ironic that you all ask US how to end racism.


You built it.

You have all the power.

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14 Jan
PSA to white people who claim to care about (so called) “Diversity and Inclusion” or #DEI

Do us Black people a favor and STOP calling it diversity and “inclusion”.

Just stop!

Ya’ll are racist as hell + clueless about your racism.

Let me break this down for you:

I don’t want white people to simply “include” me.

I reject the entire premise.

I reject the implication that white people are the norm.

I reject the fact that white people see their disproportionate power in society as natural and acceptable.
I reject the premise that white people should have the power to decide if Me as a Black women is worthy of “inclusion” in key spaces.

(Especially since white ppl control every power space in America)

Btw, that is what you are quietly assuming with the term “inclusion”

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5 Jan
Science has delivered a lifesaving vaccine against COVID.

Sadly, only 3 million of the 14 million available doses have been given out...Why?

Because knowing the right treatment is just the start of the battle in Healthcare.

Welcome to my world.

A thread.
2/ What we are experiencing right now is a systemic failure of healthcare in real time.
3/ None of how this pandemic is playing out is particularly surprising to me or my colleagues who work in safety net clinics across the US.

We lived the failed US Healthcare system pre-Pandemic.
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3 Dec 20
Let’s be honest.

Many Black person will refuse to take this COVID vaccine bc most of us don’t trust that white people or the government mean us any good.

And when that happens, know that the hesitance is not some baseless paranoia. It is completely rational.

Let me explain.
2/ Black people’s mistrust in Medicine and Public Health is well-deserved and completely rational based on what you all have done to us, and continue to do to us.

Let me say clearly: I will 100% get the vaccine. I believe in it. I trust it.
3/ But when my Black patients balk at the idea, I won’t judge them. Because I intimately I understand their fear.

Listen. Even I’m a physician myself, and even I don’t trust ya’ll.

Being a doctor has made me LESS trusting of the Medical Institution as a whole, not more.
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6 Oct 20
Our vulnerability is a gift most white people take for granted.

A thread.
2/ White rage is real. Speak racial truth to white people and you summon it.

We invite it when we are vulnerable to white people. Black people know this very well.
3/ If not outright rage, white violence comes out in more subtle ways. This is much more common.

White violence is not always loud. It is also the chronic, relentless questioning of our life experiences and lived realty as Black people.

It is you telling me I’m articulate.
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9 Jul 20
Can we officially do away with the phrase “implicit bias” in 2020? Please? Pretty please?

Can we FINALLY just call it what it is? It’s racism. Can’t we finally just say racism when we actually mean racism?

It’s sad that having this stance in academia makes me “radical” 🙄
Part of institutional racism is white supremacist power demanding that we don’t actually say the word “racism” when it’s what we’re actually talking about.

If hear me say the phrase “implicit bias” in person, know that I’m codeswitching/in performance mode 👀😂 #BlackintheIvory
Join me in telling these institutions NO. I will call this what it is. If you aren’t comfortable with me doing that, let’s sit down and talk about why.
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