Spiritual Amnesia, what causes it and why it is a thing:
When a baby is born, the spirit does not just immediately occupy or enter the body. This is actually a slow deliberate process. That takes five years to complete in most people.
For the first few years the spirit is coming and going from the babies body. During sleep the babies spirit leaves to reevaluate wether it has chosen the right parents. If they spirit decides that the circumstances of its future life...
will not allow it to execute its life goals it is allowed to back out, and this is experienced by the parents as either a miscarriage or a crib death. The spirit does not generate any negative karma for such a decision.
So far the first 5 years the spirit is super busy associating with the babies body. Its this gradual association that eventually causes the conscious mind to block input from the unconscious mind and this results in the amnesia.
As the child grows social pressures also contribute to this amnesia as well.
This is an excepted condition of incarnating into a physical body. The purpose of this amnesia is so that the child will start from a fresh perspective and learn what physical life is all about.
Some people have a life plan where this amnesia is absent. This a result of the block not developing, between the conscious and the unconscious minds. These are the special people. To be open in this way is a huge responsibility.
Others have a life plan where this amnesia is extreme. These are the people that appear lost and are 100% selfish and often deny their own spiritual reality.
So, that’s what amnesia is all about.

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