People point to the American Revolution as an example of tyranny reduction.

While it's true that it did get some of the British out of the colonies, what can't be logically said is that tyranny reduced.

Sure, government seemed small for a bit, but not for long. Seeds planted.
That "small government" gave people patriotic pride, and spurred nationalism that still exists today.

But the government immediately expanded to cover as much of the continent as possible, increasing power dramatically.

More power meant more laws and higher taxes than ever.
And let's not forget that for a certain group of people, there was no small government at all, and the concepts of liberty and justice were only for the people "in the house".

It was always a system of disproportionate power, whereby man lived at the expense of man.
And while this government grew, they could count on a pacified populace, kept sedated by an alleged bill of rights in an alleged constitution which allegedly preserved their liberty, even while more and more of it was being destroyed on a daily basis.

"WE'RE FREE", said Sheep.
The truth is, this government was never interested in being small, and the smallest governments always turn into the biggest governments, because they can count on people remembering the good times when they were told it would have been small. At least for them.

A religious myth
The state is a parasite; it feeds on people's desire for freedom, while stripping it away from them. Fighting one government with the goal of instating another will never result in freedom. It's not the method by which the revolution takes place which results in its success...
...whether it be peaceful or not. It's the end goal, and commitment of the people to retain total freedom, with no compromises, which will result in a truly free society. Trying to find a middle ground between freedom and slavery will always result in slavery. Learn from history.

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Remember: if you bought it, don't waste it!

If you throw out your bones, you might be a drone. ImageImage
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Brooklyn Dad is a prime example of astroturfing.

Nearly a million Twitter followers - yet only 2K YT subs, and $60,000 from Democratic political action committees to say what he says.

No disclosures anywhere - you're supposed to think this is organic reach from guy nextdoor.
This is what being "defiant" and "resisting" looks like. Donors in pic 1 sent to RA, and RA paid Padellan.

Also, two OpenSecrets pages, but one shows no data for Majid. But they re-confirm the info on another page, calling Majid one of ReallyAmerican's "top vendors/recipients.


Just so y'all know I'm not lying, and so you can dig deeper until my inevitable censorship.

I wish I had 60K, 2020. Wouldn't have had to worry about rent.

Real journalism doesn't make bank.
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Mandating masks is not a "property rights" issue, a thread:
How many businesses are "privately owned" anymore? Esp with the lockdowns transferring power to megacorporations (imitations of the state, not the market - SEKIII), the existence of truly "private business" has downgraded to near zero.
Most of what are here are statist lapdogs on their dole and at their behest, spiraling toward a panopticon of fascism. Masks are a step in that direction.
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For those curious about why I'm laughing about this situation, watch this video:

She has literally tried to cancel, censor, and otherwise destroy me, because I spread accurate information about the outlet she publicly says she wrote for.

She's bad news.
More? She repeatedly tried to get that video taken down, citing "privacy violations", while claiming publicly that I was negatively affecting her professional life by the video showing up prominently in search results. That Streisand effect made it the most popular vid on my YT. Image
She also repeatedly accused me of "doxxing" - a thing I didn't do - and tried to get people censored for being on my side (@KilldozerSZN, @VoluntaryDom, and @AnarchoLibooty, for instance).

I made a vid about what doxxing actually is, and that died down.
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23 Feb
Yes. People should read David Icke.

The idea this is laughable to you is an amusing glimpse into your arrogance. He has his following for a reason, and is censored for a reason. He questions the status quo, and models that which make sense of it.

Unlike you, who caves to it.
Your arrogance (including calling be a "baby", and essentializing conspiracy theorists as "wackjobs") is further typified by assuming you know everything I've read and been through, all while claiming I "don't know half" of the other way around.


LMAO you think war is in one's "self interest"? Terrorism? Capitulation to tyranny? The global panopticon?

No. They must be evinced of this path. And you only assist these efforts by campaigning for warmongering "anti crime" people like Biden.


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