Matt Gaetz's father gets approached by an A.F Intel guy named Bob Kent, who tells him that his son is under pedo investigation and human trafficking, but it'll all go away if the Gaetzes pony up $25m in cash to fund a "rescue" for Bob Levinson believed to be held captive in Iran
Most think he's dead. Kent faction thinks he's alive, and claims to have proof of life. Only thing is, 3 years before trying this on the Gaetzes, this Bob Kent group successfully tried it on the Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska.
So, who is Oleg Deripaska? who is tied up in Russiagate & Ukrainegate nonesense cooked up against Trump.
Oddly enough, Scott Adams of Dilbert fame was in contact with Jake Novak who works for the Israeli consulate in New York.
Novak tipped Adams off that Gaetz was about to run into some public trouble involving pedo shit, and the kicker:
Novak was aware of the $25 million being demanded of Gaetz. Novak also tried to deny it was extortion.
This is much bigger than Gaetz and whatever pedo shit he may or may not be involved in, and it's increasingly doubtful that he was involved in anything. This now includes people from the Mueller investigation, just to give you an idea of how big it is.
This appears to be directvevidence of a coordinated criminal extortion group within the US govt using legal clout and blackmail as the stick and the prospect of being a hero by saving spy as the cartot all in an effort to extort millions from its targets,...
thus leveraging long term control over these people and securing a funding channel for the deep state and its off books, illicit (mafia) actions. A cabal in action.
And here are some Novak-Adams texts.
And this is where things get even trickier and layered. Strap in. We're going to connect everyone. Gaetez is only the first layer. It gets way more serious and dangerous.
Ukraines last president eventually nationalized PrivatBank, Ukraines largest bank, and alleged that Kolomoisky and one of his business partners had defrauded the bank, and its depositors, of billions prompting him to leave the country for Israel, where he also holds citizenship.
This may not seem related, but Russian/Ukrainian/EU mineral trade disputes (especially oil/natural gas) is and has been at the center of money laundering (billions of dollars in loans from the IMF) for a very, VERY long time. That's why they nationalized Privatbank.
The Pedo shit, while gross, is just a distraction from the bigger picture and a common tactic amongs intel agencies and governments seeking leverage and control. See, Privatbank laundered money for Burisma through Latvia.…
Privatbank was lent money by the United States and that funded operations against Russian supporting separatists in Ukraine, but the money was laundered back into the United States to fund mineral and metal and cellphone companies.
The state department by putting sanctions on Ihor has taken possession of those holdings trying to reclaim some of that money. The bank was nationalized by Ukraine because it was thought to be corrupt.
The long term purpose of the American strategy here is to create a Ukraine more independent of Putin's influence so that Ukraine joins NATO and a revolution removing Putin in Russia can begin.
The American government is using the same tactics against Gaetz as against Deripaska to dry up sources of money that Trump might have access to which could include foreign sources of money, or so they suspect.
The US govt definitely wants to break Russia's monopoly on the supply of natural gas to the rest of Europe. Russia also is/has been sick of Ukraine stealing/stockpiling natural gas from Russia. See Trans adriatic Pipeline. American govt families use Ukraine as a money playground.
Biden and his son Hunter through Burisma were brokering deal to control gas through Ukraine. The newer greek route bypasses that and instead funnels the gas elsewhere, bypassing the criminality of American hands in Ukraine.
So this is really all an international oil/gas play that uses Gaetez and others as pawns to further their own agenda. Hopefully Gaetz dad has the balls to use his money to go after those who tried to destroy his son. Time will tell.

• • •

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