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7 Apr, 4 tweets, 1 min read
Re Georgia, a lot of the people attacking the law have shifted from the discussing the details (where their attacks have fallen apart) to demand we argue the context. I don't think it makes sense for context or motives to supersede the actual details of the law, but...
if you're going to focus on context, you can't ignore the context of a candidate losing decisively in GA, then inventing a bunch of lies about the system to suggest they didn't lose and justify not conceding.

That happened in 2018 and helped lead to some of these provisions.
(and yes it happened again in 2020 on the other side)

The reality is both of those elections and the partisan reactions that followed contributed to some of the changes, but many of those changes make sense and improve the process while ensuring security.
And yes, there are some provisions that are questionable and I would like improved, but that's how laws work. GA still has more voter access than overwhelming majority of states & the demagoguery is exhausting. The voters will decide upcoming elections, not anything in this law.

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6 Apr
Really despicable how they not only tripled down on their journalistic malpractice via indefensible editing & omissions, but then also included another smear in statement.

At this point the responsibility goes way beyond the reporter & producer for that particular segment.
The disparity in rates is because Florida targeted the elderly first for vaccinations. That population tends to skew whiter, but also significantly more at-risk from this virus.

FL then went out there way to specifically set up vaccination events targeting minority communities.
Here is the partnership DeSantis formed with African-American churches to encourage vaccinations in those communities:…
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2 Apr
They just can't help themselves. They are obsessed with trying to invent a scandal for FL where none exists.

Publix has over 800 locations in FL. It is by far the most prominent story in the state. It's the obvious choice for vaccinations. Also, Publix donated to both parties.
Wow. And it appears that @60Minutes edited the clip to cut out several minutes of @GovRonDeSantis giving extensive details showing just how wrong this narrative is..

Here is the full clip with the question starting ~1:40:
They literally cut out him explaining the whole process including who was responsible for LTCs (not Publix), how Publix raised their hand as CVS/Wallgreens was doing LTCs, how they had a trial to test it, why it worked, & how now CVS/Walgreen's are being used now.
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31 Mar
The GA election law is so revealing of the way the press works these days. Most publication had reporters that didn’t bother to read the law and just wrote it up based on what activists told them was in it, which matched Dem spin & was a complete distortion of reality.
There were some exceptions that wrote good explainers (ex: Business Insider), but the overall narrative was completely created by activists and almost impossible to challenge now. The reliance on activists, and mostly from 1 side, to frame these stories has become a real issue.
It’s a simple truth that the GA law expanded voter access compared to any pre-pandemic election. That’s hard to dispute with actual facts. But no one who read the coverage would possibly come away with that conclusion.
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30 Mar
Just embarrassing. Yahoo News is letting one of their most incompetent reporters promote insane conspiracies about Florida’s numbers and of course the blue-checks on the left that have been looking to justify this conspiracy are eager to promote.
The whole article is reliant on someone not understanding the difference between Covid-19 deaths and excess deaths. Excess deaths will exceed Covid deaths in a lot of states because there were other factors last year (spikes in homicides, suicides, less preventative care etc)
Salome people just can’t accept that they were wrong about Florida’s approach to Covid because they spent a year yelling about how it would be a disaster in 2 weeks so now they have to invent things to justify a dumb conspiracy from a state that is very transparent w their data.
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30 Mar
Despicable. Hard not to notice that this video is very similar to many from the wave of attacks on Jews in NY in 2019. The city has a serious problem with bigoted attacks that just isn’t being addressed.
Here is an example from back then, notice how similar the attacks are...

And here was my thread from when that wave began noting that the attacks were being ignored because they didn't fit a narrative the press was comfortable with:

Now you see the same thing happening in NY with Asian Americans as the target.
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27 Mar
Went into this Clubhouse. Truly one of the most bigoted discussions I have ever heard. A bunch of people basically dismissing and justifying any discrimination that isn’t targeted directly at their community.
One of the few intelligent speakers on the stage points out that Asian-Americans have also face plenty of discrimination in history including the Chinese Exclusion Act and Japanese-American internment. Basically gets dismissed and told it’s irrelevant.
The most telling part was one of the girls justifying her ridiculous statements by saying her professor has told her that’s what’s right. It’s rather clear that this neoracism is being enshrined on college campuses and we are worse off because of it.
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