You know what, let's watch some Blazers/Clippers
Very interested to see how the Blazers deal with Kawhi/PG and if they can put the lineups/move the ball to make the Clippers defense pay. Important they take a step in these games.
Norman Powell being able to guard Paul George is underrated for Portland.
Clippers attack is simple to start. Powell on PG, Covington on Kawhi that puts Dame on Morris. Marcus Morris might just hit this shot forever.
Beverley screens for Kawhi with CJ guarding him. Blazers don't want to switch, CJ doesn't hedge. Good job by Kawhi of taking the extra dribbles so Beverley can pop for the 3.
Beverley screens for Kawhi again, this time CJ able to hedge and Covington able to recover. Good defense on this set. Kawhi didn't care.
Clippers up and active vs. Lillard in P&R. Zubac shows and because of Beverley able to recover back to Kanter. Good denial by Beverley who hits the 3.
Love to see this from Powell not just a shooter but another guy who can go get a bucket. Double P&R for Dame with an empty side. Clippers late switch as Powell pops. Kanter goes right into a low screen, Powell pulls up and scores.
All the Clippers warts can be seen but they also have nights like this where they are 10/11 from the field 6 minutes into the first quarter and you remember they can just make shots left and right. Both have value I don't know which wins out right now.
Like this set from the Clippers. Jackson comes off a double drag, PG fakes a cross screen for Kawhi and flies off a stagger. Gets in the paint and dumps to Zubac rolling.
CJ McCollum. Sheesh.
Feels like the Clippers could be up 20 right now, shooting 15/19 from the field and 6/9 from deep. Also masks the fact the Blazers are shooting 11/16 from the field but just 1/3 from deep. Math wins I guess.
*whispers* is the "Clippers need a PG" crowd happy with the Reggie Jackson/Rajon Rondo pairing off the bench? *runs*
Melo vs. Morris in the battle of the midrange is fun.
It sounds absurd but I don't even know if I would file this in the "Portland can't guard" file. Clippers lost their minds twice that quarter.
Like...I don't know what you do when Kawhi is doing this.
Playmaking remains up from Kawhi. Posts up Powell but it's the patience here. Surveying the court the whole time, sees CJ help and kicks to Batum for 3.
Clippers are 10-of-16 from 3 with 8 minutes left in the second quarter. Reggie Jackson is hitting pullups.
Look at DeMarcus Cousins active defending in pick and roll.
...when did Blazers fans climb up the angry fanbase power rankings did i miss something?
Blazers down 54-72, they've made 4 threes, the Clippers have made 10 and if I remember my maths right that's the difference.
If the Blazers can get this to 10 by half that's a W.
Blazers may have found something with the pitch and catch action. Gives them action, movement and pick and roll type without allowing the defense to load up. Get a roll for Kanter and a dunk for Powell. Need to do more of it.
Blazers being able to grind out a possession like this is an important step. Dame gets trapped in P&R, hesitates and turns the corner. Skip to CJ, extra pass, Clippers rotate. Covington drives and kicks to Dame who drives and kicks again and Covington hits a 3.
I'm not going on the Clippers rant yet but man that first half was them in a nutshell.
This is what Portland needs more of. Make the defense pay for the traps on Dame. Clippers trap Dame here, empty side so Kawhi has to pull over to help. Kick to Powell who *drives the closeout* and finishes. Great rotation by Zubac though.
Great ball movement from Portland here. Clippers trap Dame, hits Kanter on the roll. Great cut by CJ, forces more help, kick to Powell who hits the 3. This is what Norman Powell adds for Portland, not just shooting but a finisher.
If the Clippers can get a consistent flow in the half court they go where they want to go. If they lean on pure gets interesting.
I actually have more of an issue with the Blazers defense in the second half than in the first.
Kawhi screens for Rondo near half court. Blazers don't want to switch so Covington shows and Dame goes under. Really smart play by Kawhi to roll into Dame and hold him off as Rondo turns the corner and finishes.
Clippers got Rondo for little things like this. Clippers switch Patterson on to CJ. Trying to wave off for the iso before he can start Rondo comes to double, ball gets out of his hands and Rondo recovers to the paint. Great drive from Powell again finishing a play for Portland.
Been impressed by the Clippers responding tonight. Every time it feels like the Blazers make a run the Clips put them right back in a sleeper hold.
Great pass from Paul George here. Comes off P&R, Kanter is at the level, drags the trap out, sees the help from CJ and fires to Jackson for 3.
Good defense from the Clippers here. Kanter screens for Dame with an empty side. Clippers trap but watch the weakside, Jackson holds in the paint and helps on the roll. Batum holds at the nail, Kawhi is playing two. Patterson leaves when he picks it up. Good rotation on flash.
Reggie Jackson with *checks notes* 23 points off the bench.

• • •

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8 Apr
You know what, let's watch some Jazz/Suns.
Intrigued by how Deandre Ayton and Rudy Gobert look in this matchup. Ayton's going to have to be ready to go. Interested in seeing the lineups the Suns go with to try and slow Utah down.
First time these two teams have played since December 31st. Massive difference in both teams since then. Should be fun.
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8 Apr
Knicks fight their way into a stop here. Randle switches on to Tatum and it looks like the plan was to double but watch Payton/Barrett. Both realize Brown is open and go to him, both recover towards help. Payton ends up saying bleep it and just runs at Tatum. Bullock deflects.
Tough one for RJ Barrett here. Gets the handoff, looks to go 1v1 against Brown and loses the ball. Great push and finish from Jaylen Brown.
Redemption for RJ Barrett here. Knicks run a set for Randle. Cut Barrett/Payton to the right side to open the left hand drive up for Randle. Smart guarding Payton so he smartly just plants in the paint to help. Brown overplays the corner pass, great dime by Randle to Barrett.
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7 Apr
It doesn't even look right seeing KD doing the pre-game dap line on the bench side.
The plays Kyrie Irving can create man....sheesh.
Good defense from LaMarcus Aldridge here. Zion bringing it up, Adams screens for him. Aldridge in a drop, stays in position on the drive and gets the block.
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7 Apr
You know what, let's watch some Heat/Grizzlies
I am prepared for a complete adventure in the 4th quarter.
For all the nitpicks I have of Ja Morant he *creates* so many plays out of nothing. Heat switch this double drag, Morant has Robinson and somehow gets this pass off.
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6 Apr
You know what, let’s watch a little Jazz/Mavericks.
I think Utah has been elite this year. I think the book is out on Utah as far as what they want to do and how they want to do it. It hasn’t mattered much. I’m very interested in seeing what teams throw at them and how they respond.
Win or lose I won’t really be concerned with Utah until a team takes away their ability to generate quality looks. Most impressive part has been Utah finding ways to do what they do vs. drops, switches, etc.
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5 Apr
You know what, let's watch some Nuggets/Magic.
Good spot for Wendell Carter Jr to continue to grow. Rolling harder in P&R in Orlando. Good job catching, seeing the help and getting the dunk. You can always tell how Denver's defense is going by their help. Also I don't know if you can point at the ref *and* curse them out.
Really good reads from Jamal Murray here, that Murray/Jokic two man game is tough. Sees Hampton anticipating the screen so tries to reject. Hampton keeps him in front but that little drive put him in better position to get screened. Murray comes off, sees the under and hits the 3
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