You know what, let's watch some Jazz/Suns.
Intrigued by how Deandre Ayton and Rudy Gobert look in this matchup. Ayton's going to have to be ready to go. Interested in seeing the lineups the Suns go with to try and slow Utah down.
First time these two teams have played since December 31st. Massive difference in both teams since then. Should be fun.
How I know this could be a good one. Suns love to run a play off the jumpball. Devin Booker backscreens the big into a lob for Ayton. Rudy Gobert had zero time for it and popped Booker in the mouth.
Deandre Ayton is going to have to up the activity tonight. Gobert sets a drag for Mitchell, Bridges looks to fight over and Mitchell does a good job rejecting. Ayton stays in his drop, never commits to the ball or stopping the roll, easy lob.
Keeping my eyes on Gobert, he's been better at the late switch in pick and roll. CP3 pushes in transition, Mitchell passes him off to Gobert and CP3 immediately goes to a pullup.
Utah hasn't made any shots but they are still generating quality looks which is my indicator for them. Hopefully the narrative doesn't arrive.
Phoenix has Booker screen for Paul, Utah has had issues defending P&R with non-Gobert players. Utah switches here and Booker posts Conley. Utah doubles, kick to CP3 for 3.
CP3 doing this in the first tells me he wants this one. Comes off P&R and Gobert in a drop. Watch Gobert try to call for Conley to get back in front so he can stay back. CP3 snakes middle and then goes *right* to Conley's body. Holds him, waits for Gobert to leave and pulls up.
Jazz still generating quality looks. It's automatic when you show help and get in rotation. Ingles comes off Gobert, Crowder helps on the roll. There on the catch but this has been the improvement for Gobert. Catch and pass. Finds Clarkson for a good look.
Honestly one of the most impressive parts of this Utah run has been their ability to take a punch. They keep playing their way and their style and hang around. That has value. To turn down 2-13 with 7:31 in the first into a 21-20 lead at the end of the first is something.
Think that speaks to the fact that Utah can do it on both ends.
I was going to go with Joe Ingles, sheesh here but that in+out off the pick and roll looked like me right now. Good move though.
Utah loves to counter drop defense with the pull-up 3. Drop designed to stay out of rotation. Try and make enough to get you to come up or at least make you pay. Jordan Clarkson hits a big one.
Chris Paul has been aggressive to start this one. Rudy Gobert has gotten much better at late switching in P&R and CP3 hasn't cared one bit so far.
Man this is a great boxing match so far. You should believe in both of these teams.
Utah going 3-for-20 from deep to start is fuel for the "they are just the Rockets" crowd.
Mark Jackson's MVP rant feels off, not because Booker/Mitchell aren't having great years but...a whole lot of guys are having great years. Also they are sharing importance with other guys fair or not.
Good defense from the Suns here. Double drag for Mitchell and the Suns switch. Good job by Ayton here, Bogdanovic drives he's dropping but active and ends up contesting the shot. That's good progress he needs more of those plays.
Another good sequence for Ayton. Conley pushes, Ayton back with Gobert but it's the awareness. Doesn't overcommit but is ready. Conley gets past Crowder and throws it up but instead of stepping up Ayton gets a piece of it. Leads to a Booker shot on the other end. Two way team.
Nice play from Donovan Mitchell here. Comes off the screen and doesn't settle for the pullup. Hesitate+go nice finish over Ayton.
Make or miss league and I think Utah went 3-for-21 from 3 in the first half. Still generating quality looks, Conley drives by Johnson which forces help. Sink on Gobert opens the skip to Bogdanovic. It's *automatic* once you rotate vs. Utah. They just need some of these to fall.
This *exact* play triggered me. Reminded me of being back in Memphis and preparing for the Clippers and slowly realizing that our entire playoff run depended on stopping this.
Utah really set the record for made threes in a half *four* days ago and are 3-for-22 in the first half tonight.
Phoenix is going to be tough in the playoffs. Can execute in the half court, can get out in transition, can switch, can be active defensively. I still have a couple concerns but I see it.
Jazz going to have to do more of this. More drives, more midrange pullups, try and see if you can get Phoenix to adjust and come up higher. You see how Phoenix wants to defend them. Drop Ayton, keep everyone at home. Mitchell does a good job of getting into space and hitting.
You see the mindset from the Jazz in the second half. Really trying to attack off the bounce and force help that way. Phoenix is doing a good job of switching, good job of containing the drive and contesting shots.
This is the payoff of the all the jumpers Chris Paul hit in the first half. Comes off pick and roll and Gobert is in a drop. Keeps the ball in front but going into the shot motion holds Gobert. Great pass to Ayton rolling.
One of the rare games where the record is scratching consistently for Utah. The battle right now is Utah trying to get to drive and kick against Phoenix's switches OR find a way to force help out of the drop.
I was concerned about Ayton coming into the game but keeping him the drop has worked. Utah hasn't been able to make him pay/come higher and the weakside stays home. Mitchell comes off, Booker fights over. Re-screen gets Ayton engaged but great help from Crowder.
This is what Utah is going to have to do to win this game, attack these switches and score or force help for a kick. Phoenix switches Crowder onto Conley, good activity to keep the ball in front. Great move from Conley and you see that forces help, opens the lob to Gobert.
Donovan Mitchell vs. Devin Booker is fun.
Been impressed by Deandre Ayton's defense tonight. Gets back in transition, cross-matched against Bogdanovic. Utah tries to attack that, Ayton's footwork again opens up the drive but good recovery to get the block.
Utah starting to bend Phoenix's defense *a little* bit. Forcing help, getting their bigs a little higher, opening up some looks. That's the battle right now.
Utah needs to get to more re-screens. That's opening plays up for them. Crowder does a good job switching the first screen. Conley comes off the other way, gets Johnson to bite by looking at Gobert rolling and as soon as he moved it's a skip to Clarkson for 3. It's automatic.
Oh Mike Conley is manipulating pick and rolls right now.
Good set up here by Conley, coming up left but goes right. Saric is up higher which opens up the pocket for Gobert. In the drop there's a big waiting for him, here he has space, no weakside D and he finishes.
Another good play from Conley. Rejects this P&R. You see the Suns are set up for him to come off left. You also see Ayton is creeping up higher on the floor. Good job by Favors of flipping the screen. Ayton sells out on the pull up which opens the roll for Favors.
Phoenix has to get their discipline back defensively and execute offensively to get control of this game back.
This is why that pull-up 3 is important to Utah. Ingles comes off and fakes. Ayton is in a drop but that fake brings him up. That opens the roll for Favors which forces help off the corner and an open 3 for Clarkson. It's automatic once Utah gets you in rotation.
What a great play from Chris Paul here. Rejects the screen, engages Favors, drags him out and hits Ayton rolling.
Donovan Mitchell. Sheesh.
This has been a really good game.
This is really subtle but important help from Devin Booker. Mitchell comes off the screen and Booker holds his position. Mitchell has to pick up his dribble which allows Ayton to sell out on the pass. Also why I don't love Gobert setting high P&R, pocket is too high to dump it.
Good defense from Phoenix and why that drop is so important. Look at the weakside help. It's in early ready to close back out instead of being out and coming back in which opens it up. Booker is planted, Ingles in the air, gets a steal.
Have to give Rudy Gobert for the improvement defensively. More active, more late switches, even in a drop showed here that he could get closer to the level and contest those pull-up jumpers. Good impact and good for Utah going forward.
Chris Paul just waited for Gobert to clear out of his show and as he backed up to the roll pulled up.
Booker tried to seal the game, went 1v1, got by O'Neale and tried to float it over Gobert who was coming over. Missed and then...Donovan Mitchell. Sheesh.
I think that pull-up from Booker was an attempt to get a shot he wanted rather than drive into Gobert and have to force one up. Just a thought.
Great execution from the Suns here. Flex into a handoff. Looks like a pindown for Booker, Mitchell is into the matchup so Booker uses that against him. Sees the denial so comes off and goes right into a flare for Johnson.
This is a *great* play from Cameron Johnson. Booker 1v1 against Mitchell but watch Johnson. As Booker starts backing down he comes and sets a flare as the Jazz show help. O'Neale gets caught ballwatching. Both O'Neale/Conley recover to CP3, they both leave, open look.
Great set from Utah here, down 4 with 24 seconds left. Went for a quick hitter to extend the game. Cleared the whole right side of the floor and kept Mitchell high. Johnson tries to deny, Conley beats him backdoor for the layup.
You can't tell me the "foul up 3" crowd didn't get a little nervous.
I know they were trying to ice Chris Paul at the line but Rudy Gobert really has an issue with his contacts every game.
Great game, both teams are great. Gutsy win from Phoenix.

• • •

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8 Apr
Knicks fight their way into a stop here. Randle switches on to Tatum and it looks like the plan was to double but watch Payton/Barrett. Both realize Brown is open and go to him, both recover towards help. Payton ends up saying bleep it and just runs at Tatum. Bullock deflects.
Tough one for RJ Barrett here. Gets the handoff, looks to go 1v1 against Brown and loses the ball. Great push and finish from Jaylen Brown.
Redemption for RJ Barrett here. Knicks run a set for Randle. Cut Barrett/Payton to the right side to open the left hand drive up for Randle. Smart guarding Payton so he smartly just plants in the paint to help. Brown overplays the corner pass, great dime by Randle to Barrett.
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It doesn't even look right seeing KD doing the pre-game dap line on the bench side.
The plays Kyrie Irving can create man....sheesh.
Good defense from LaMarcus Aldridge here. Zion bringing it up, Adams screens for him. Aldridge in a drop, stays in position on the drive and gets the block.
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You know what, let's watch some Blazers/Clippers
Very interested to see how the Blazers deal with Kawhi/PG and if they can put the lineups/move the ball to make the Clippers defense pay. Important they take a step in these games.
Norman Powell being able to guard Paul George is underrated for Portland.
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You know what, let's watch some Heat/Grizzlies
I am prepared for a complete adventure in the 4th quarter.
For all the nitpicks I have of Ja Morant he *creates* so many plays out of nothing. Heat switch this double drag, Morant has Robinson and somehow gets this pass off.
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6 Apr
You know what, let’s watch a little Jazz/Mavericks.
I think Utah has been elite this year. I think the book is out on Utah as far as what they want to do and how they want to do it. It hasn’t mattered much. I’m very interested in seeing what teams throw at them and how they respond.
Win or lose I won’t really be concerned with Utah until a team takes away their ability to generate quality looks. Most impressive part has been Utah finding ways to do what they do vs. drops, switches, etc.
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You know what, let's watch some Nuggets/Magic.
Good spot for Wendell Carter Jr to continue to grow. Rolling harder in P&R in Orlando. Good job catching, seeing the help and getting the dunk. You can always tell how Denver's defense is going by their help. Also I don't know if you can point at the ref *and* curse them out.
Really good reads from Jamal Murray here, that Murray/Jokic two man game is tough. Sees Hampton anticipating the screen so tries to reject. Hampton keeps him in front but that little drive put him in better position to get screened. Murray comes off, sees the under and hits the 3
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