I will never be a powerless Christian.


My name alone will cast out devils!
My presence alone will heal the sick!
My voice shall silence the works of darkness.

Evil will never thrive where I am.

So far I’m on this earth, wickedness shall be silenced!
No longer shall sons and daughters cower in fear.

I will never be a Christian that is all talk and no action.

I have been given power to trample over serpents and scorpions.

I handle the Word of God in power and eloquence.

I manifest God’s glory.
The world has not waited in vain.

I am a SON!
I am a LIGHT unto the nations
I am a PROPHET to nations

I am and remain the extension of the days of Jesus.

Again, the world has not waited in vain.

My manifestation has started!!!

April 7, 2021

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5 Mar
“Egbon, I have met the girl of my dreams. I have prayed and actually heard God and i have the go ahead. I have also called my parish Pastor to inform him of my decision”. He said.

I was excited for him. I had met the lady earlier and I saw how excited she made him.

It was good.
He finally went to state his intent after receiving some coaching on how to go about it.

He came back later and told us - 3 of us that he had done the needful but she requested for time to also pray and confirm.

Indeed, it was good.
Three weeks after, she came back and said she heard God and was good to go.

We all thumped him on the shoulder while one of us went into tongues and spoke prophecies.

We held hands and we prayed. I was the only married one there.

He was happy and so were we.

Good it was.
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3 Mar
Of Kingdom and Sweet Words

Sometime back when I just got married, a young man brought a young lady to visit with the intent to introduce her as his Beloved.

I was so happy for him and I told him that much.

Then I teased the young lady and asked her how he “toasted” her.
“Sir, don’t mind him o. He just came and told me God said and left me and I also left him waiting because though I heard from God, I felt it was appropriate he wooed me as well.

It was when he saw I wasn’t showing any sign he ask what was wrong that I explained to him”.
He got the message and did justice to the process.

Brothers, don’t just stop at “God said...” and then go cold. You make it look like it’s take it or leave it.

You don’t “choke” God said to a daughter of Zion. For God to bring you her way, He expects more from you.
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2 Mar

It was one of the editions of EXCEL at TBS as an usher that I met you.

I was assigned to watch your car and ensure folks don’t come and sleep on it.

I recall a young couple who approached me as I stood menacingly with a frown asking if they could pray beside the car.
The reason? They wanted approval for their union but their parents didn’t care if they heard from God.

“Go ahead” I muttered because I understood how parents sometimes use tribal sentiments to frustrate divine arrangements.

They finished and another young man came.
Ah ahn?!

“Please Sir, I have been unemployed for years and I know I won’t have the chance for Daddy to lay hands on me but let me just touch the bonnet and pray”. He finished.


Please go ahead but he kuku placed his face on the bonnet praying in tongues.
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2 Mar
Two years ago, there was a lady who started posting strange eulogies to a water deity and in the same vein she starts posting scriptures from the book of Psalms.

The following day, she posts on "confessions" and "vibrations".

Whenever I make a post of facebook, she shows up.
"Oh! Every time Holy Spirit this, Holy Spirit that. We are one and your posts are discriminatory against other religion because they all have the "same spirit"".

"Ok" I respond.

She fails to understand that I don't want to argue but persists.

"God is love...'
"... and they are many paths to Him. When I was pregnant for my baby, I used to play songs from Enya to help me calm down and baby to sleep and form well in the womb."

"Ok". I respond, again.

"Well, whatever because I know you don't have monopoly of God." She fires on.
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1 Mar
Many years ago before I got married, I would wake up in tongues at odd hours of the night and start interceding.

With my eyes closed, I’ll begin to see houses in the area and by revelation begin to call out issues in that house and praying for them.

It lasted an hour each time.
I remember when I got married, the same thing started happening.

I would see like a locator pin on the house, see a name and like a scroll showing the challenge(s) of that person or family or sometimes even the house.

The Holy Spirit would tell me of things planted there.
On one such occasion, there was a house in the vicinity that was known to just swallow up destinies.

It was the cheapest house there and had a strange broom strung by the entrance.

It was dirty with a foreboding shadow of darkness - the woman who owned it sold ėkó.
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24 Feb
A couple of days ago as I sat in the presence of One, he showed me a vision of a waterfall and a medium sized bowl was placed under it.

He went further to explain: “This is how I’m pouring on my people in these days but what they want is a measure.”
Until the Spirit is poured upon us from on high, And the wilderness becomes a fruitful field, And the fruitful field is counted as a forest.”
Isaiah 32:15 NKJV

Can a bowl make a barren land into a fruitful field?

“Never”. I replied.
There are no limitations with me except you.

Tonight, we would be ministering on the TEAM Word and Prophecies Telegram platform.

There’s always an outpouring and I know the Holy Spirit longs to make many of you a fruitful field and then, a Forest:

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