The dynamics of Water.🌊

Ndicamagushile eManzini. I write this with humility & respect. 

On the surface, water is a substance that enables life. It is an important element, not only with regards to ubuGqirha/ubuNgoma/noMoya, but for all existence.🙏🧜🌊
Where human life is concerned, the soul of a person travels from the higher realms into the physical world & covers the embryo immediately after conception.

49 days into conception, the human embryo will release its first secretion of DMT-
this is also the exact moment that an embryo becomes a foetus which is encased in an amniotic sac & placenta (which is essentially amanzi/water) in the mothers womb. 

When the human foetus is in the placenta (eManzini), the consciousness alternates between the Spirit World
from which it comes & the physical world into which it will be delivered. The spirit is "activated" once the water breaks & you are born. 

All water is from the same source, but vibrates in different frequencies. Rain water, river water & sea water may all be similar,
but their "personalities" (properties/form) are different & thus are used for different things. 

Water is a gateway to alternate spheres, realms, realities, places & the Spirit World. These places are not the same.
They vibrate higher than us with each place vibrating more highly than the next. 

Our ability to percieve these places is because we are set to a lower vibration & thus cannot see them. Before we explore how this happens, we need an understanding of what these places are in the
spiritual context. 

Directly "above" our physical plane, there is the Spirit World, which is to some degree a replica of our physical world. Its design is similar to here but has its differences & nuances here & there.
Spirits/imimoya/energies/entities/amaDlozi  (both good & bad) dwell & move around in this sphere & are able to influence our physical world as they are the closest to it. 

Above the Spirit World, there is the sphere I call 'eThongweni' (think of it like a physical place too,
but when I say it is above the Spirit World, I do not mean in direction, but in vibration).✊

eThongweni is a place that vibrates at a higher frequency than the Spirit World & is the realm where amaThongo, who are different to amaDlozi, live.
amaThongo, who exist eThongweni consequently vibrate higher than amaDlozi who occupy the Spirit World. 

Above eThongweni, there is the realm of iziThunywa zikaQamata (a place I call eziThunyweni). This place (& its occupants) vibrate higher than eThongweni.
iziThunywa zeZulu, zaManzi, zeNtaba etc. emerge from this place. 

I have only mentioned these 3 Spiritual places in order to offer context but there are multiple other places/spheres/realms below, inbetween, & above the ones I cataloged. They would require their own post.✊
Our "normal" experience & perception of these places happens in the mind. Either through dreaming, meditation, use of psychedelics, astral projecting, trancing or through involuntarily slips into those planes. Even so, we experience them for a short time because our physical body
limits us. 

Longer/permanent travels to these spheres are possible through water. One's DNA + personal & Ancestral vibration (amongst many other factors) determine the potentiality for these experiences.
In African spirituality, we often hear of umuNtu othathwe ngamanzi (a person who has been taken by the water) & never returned or a person who was taken, initiated there & re-emerged.🌊🧜✊
Water is only a conduit. It is through the water that one's consciousness (the vehicle of the spirit) can travel from this physical world to the different places. 

A person who has been taken by the waters & does not return is someone whose spirit has departed from this realm
and has traveled to one of the many higher or lower places I mentioned in examples earlier in the post. This can happen due to a number of reasons- not all Ancestral or Thwasa related. 

For example, if someone in your bloodline has a history with ukuthwala
(pacts) with low-vibrating entities zaseManzini for wealth, you, not even knowing this history, may find yourself taken by them eManzini.😲😲

This is not Ancestral as you would not be taken by amaDlozi. The place your spirit would go to is not the place of amaThongo😲
but would be a place where those entities dwell in the lower Spirit World. 

This is why I advise that one does not just go into the water, you do not know who is calling you. Some things are masked as a water calling but they can end tragically ngokuthethyulwa (being "abducted")
to be continued in Part 2 tomorrow 🙏🧜🌊

• • •

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8 Apr
The dynamics of Water Part 2🧜🙏🌊

A person who is taken into the waters to thwasa has a completely different experience than the previous example. 

Firstly, to even have this experience, it would be something that would be predetermined by God Source, iziThunywa & amaThongo
There is a reason & a purpose for this particular training of amaGqirha & the existence of these human beings which I cannot go into detail about (doing so would alter the course of the future & interrupt with the theme/music/course of the world).
People who are trained in the "water" are part of a spiritual line which traces its origins from the beginning of time & the conception of the world to contribute to The Song. A majority of them are also part Sthunywa.
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7 Apr
The comparisons, the competitiveness eBungomeni has left us fragmented & divided as community of practise!!! Having undergone different types of initiation processes, the reverence I have for African spiritual healing has deepened.  Each field of practise carries its excellency,
its brilliancy, its challenges & hardships. All of it is relevant!! All of it builds us, restores us & gifts us gifts of remembering who we are we are as children of Kwa-Ntu, descendants of the Embo. Children of the heavens, offsprings of Kemet!!!
The journeys I have travelled & yet still to be travelled have opened my heart to the deeper understanding of how come we are chosen🙏🧜

We become wounded so that we can heal, so that we can become healers of the wounded & not wounded healers.✊
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7 Apr
Afro-conciousness 💥


(By Sekou Kelleh Guardian of the Temple of Tehuti?

"l am the One (Creator) who came into being as Kheper, He who come into being & brings into being. When l came into being, being itself came into being.....
Many were the beings that came forth from the commands of my mouth"

( HOSEA: Book of Knowing the creation)

The Ancestors were very  clear, we humans  were created to be the image of the  Divine (God ) on Earth.
So It's  not arrogance to  say the Creator lives thru His Creation. The principle of "Kheper", coming into being & bringing into being suggests that the creator manifests through creation

If you don't see yourself as a God/Goddess, it means you missed the real  purpose of life.
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6 Apr
Thokozani 👏🏼

Today's topic ⬇️

It's very rare for a gifted person to have a relationship with a normal person unless it was destined or you plead with the Ancestors. That person can be expected if they are pure & won't destroy your calling,
Ancestors can see further than you, so if they can see the future won't be bright with that person; then sorry.🙈😪

Idlozi will even let you die of sexual frustration & people won't even ask you out until you even think you have isinyama whereas your Ancestors are keeping you
for someone they have chosen in the Spirit Realm.😲 You can force dating but you will reap heartbreak after heartbreak. You will use isiwasho & attract men/women only for them to lose interest in few weeks & you will think the muthi don't work whereas the real muthi is Amadlozi'
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6 Apr
Thokozani Bogogo Nabo Mkhulu👏👏

Our Ancerstors talk to us in so many ways. For example : via dreams, ears, intuition, thoughts, nose, eyes & nature. Just to name a few.

I would kindly like to share how Ancestors talk & warn us via Nature.
Ancestors nature interpretations.

1.Seeing Red Ants- in procession- Isifo

2. Seeing Black Ants Scattered - isicitho at home (not for untidy people)

3.Seeing Eagle- (rare) when a family member is very sick & find an Eagle inside the yard, just know she/he is going to pass on😲
4.Seeing an Owl- at the corners/ontop of the house- Ukufa okuzayo ekhaya

5.Seeing a Cat - it must not come at the back or behind you out of nowhere, thats bad luck coming your way(not those who have cats as pets).
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6 Apr
The Mdlebe Wealth Tree 🌲

They say that you will be wealthy if you manage to get some branches of this tree. Call on your Ancestors for protection & to bless your next move, then before you go underneath it, bring a live sheep, throw it under the tree😲 ImageImage
then after a few seconds run very fast with a sharp knife & cut the branch, then very fast, run far, far away from the tree. Blood will come out of the tree, don't be freaked out by this as it's "normal"😲

This tree lives on fresh blood😲😲👀👀
Its Vernacular name or African name is The Mdlebe tree🌲

Also known as the 🐉 dragon's blood tree🌲....

UMdlebe is located near uThukela River on feeds on flesh. nothing lives on or around it, multiple bones are found around it...😲😲
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