The end of growth .
1. The growth in number of Internet users has halted.
2. Our attention is saturated.
3. Toxicity on social media creates reverse network effects.
4. And network virality is throttled by platforms as attention gatekeepers.
5. Meanwhile, nationalist politics reverses globalized trade.
5. Neglect of class politics raises inequality
6. And even the attempt to redress it with a shift to fiscal policy has counter affects as it reduces foreign investment.
7. Shipping costs go up through disruption to fragile supply chains
8. And debt within global supply chains stymies independent developing world growth
9. And lynchpins in the global economy like Taiwan and TSMC create shortages of digital era resources - semiconductors.
10. And sanctions on their suppliers.
In summary: the rise of Chinese low cost production and the development of the Internet and smartphone increased information and trade flows creating huge growth, lowering measured inflation and reducing cost of capital which fueled this further.
Now the replacement of Left vs Right with Globalist vs Nationalist and the rise of nationalism and the increase in Chinese prosperity & wages slows trade.
While slowing of the growth of Internet users and possible time spent on smartphones coupled with reverse network effects (more Twitter users makes it more toxic) and lack of natural virality (CAC increases as platforms are gatekeepers of finite attention) slow information flows.
The switch to fiscal vs monetary policy post Covid and the reduced percentage of foreign held US debt increases inflation and reduces long term value of the dollar.
So secular deflation and asset inflation reverses and inequality between rich and poor countries increases while inequality within rich countries decreases. And a new world emerges.
(and of course... The inevitable typo in tweet one which should read 'the rate of growth')

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Coinbase is like Netscape. It's a well designed UI on top of a new network (Bitcoin/web) created using a new protocol (Bitcoin spec/HTTP). It's worth more than Netscape because it holds currency but maybe it should be valued based on financial services, not tech stock growth.
Like Netscape and unlike, say, Facebook, it doesn't own its own protocol. It's not a platform in the traditional sense.
Now you could argue that Coinbase is like Google which sits directly on the web and therefore doesn't own its own protocol, but Google monetizes its traffic not its deposits or their transactions.
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Presidential debates don't matter. They are obsolete, game-show era media invented in their current format for TV, which isn't really a thing anymore.
Attachment to them is cultural in the US. European countries like France and the UK have only recently started copying them, ironically just as the world is about to move on.
There were other ways of doing this before. In the US, in the Lincoln era, debates were face to face with no moderator (game shows hadn't been invented). In the UK they were out in the streets on soap boxes.
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Elon Musk is doing something even more interesting design wise, than Jobs did. Jobs imported decades old German modernist product design, which, unlike architecture, never really made it to the US, and applied Bauhaus modernism to software design. Musk is postmodern... the best way. He's using retro cultural influences, Flash Gordon era rockets and Stealth Fighter like, origami style, car design from 70s Lotus, to deliberately invert the current norm and show that you can be playful with products that are much more ambitious than Apple's.
You can tell at a glance that this is real design in the sense of a human being making creative choices, rather than abrogation through focus groups under the euphemism of 'human centric design' (which is really the opposite).
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Why the whole environmental narrative of reducing energy consumption is false. Zero consumption and the temperature rises for 40 years, then levels off, the ice melts, we die, the planet survives.…
So we need to geoengineer (sadly) which requires progress, which has always correlated with increased energy consumption (probably has to, due to laws of physics), so we need to massively onboard renewables, so this energy consumption doesn't make things worse.
But bringing on renewables will take time so we probably need to ramp up nuclear as a stopgap. And we possibly need to turn the flywheel of battery use and electric car demands on the grid to bootstrap a different economic and structural model for the electricity grid.
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The whole spidersweb of bureaucracy and legalese, from form filling to GDPR whack-a-mole to impenetrable language and unread, ass covering bits of paper or disclaimers, from website signups to medication packaging, product instructions, taxes and applications...
Is designed for a pre computer, industrial era of paperwork and structured data interpreted and pored over by gatekeepers ordinary people don't have access to. It is obsolete, inhuman impenetrable and intimidating for the most vulnerable or underrepresented in society.
All of it should be replaced but is almost impossible to do so as it represents the calcified skeleton of society itself. A decayed framework picked over like carrion by vultures. It's probably only a new country that could bypass this and create an entirely new way of...
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Most demographic models point to reduced religion as cause of reduced fertility, but this is wrong. Image
A more accurate view would be that reduced superstition and increased reason reduces fertility. But this is also wrong as it assumes secular societies have no art of spiritual component.
A more accurate view is that the decoupling of aesthetics and knowledge leads to reduction in fertility. Image
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