Age 712 or earlier: while Earth scientists dick around with capsules and time machines, on Planet Plant the elite Saiyan Nappa is born around this time. Also born around now (give or take a decade or two) is King Vegeta III, plus the low-class mook Bardock. #HistoryofEver
Let’s start with ages: Nappa was over 50 when he died in Age 762 according to his Daizenshuu 7 bio, placing his birth in 712 or before. We don’t have official ages or birth years for Bardock/the King, and Saiyans being youthful up to 80 makes judging based on looks a crapshoot
Still, Raditz looks about 10 in DB Minus, so we might lazily assume Bardock was at least 30 when he got blown up/time warped/brainwashed, putting his birth at ~710 or earlier, about the same as Nappa. King Vegeta’s probably older, if he kicks off the Saiyan/Tsufruian war in 720
(But way more on King Vegeta in diverse continuities on Friday)
The idea that Saiyan society was organized into a hierarchy with elites like Vegeta on top and low-level scum like Goku on bottom has been a fixture of series lore for as long as Vegeta’s been around to whine about it. However, as usual the details have shifted a bit over time.
The first shift comes in the Namek arc. Before then, Vegeta had only ever been referred to as an elite (or “super elite”), but Dodoria spills the beans that he was in fact the prince, and we later learn that his father was the king (logically enough)
Daizenshuu 7 explains how Saiyan society was ruled by generations of kings named “Vegeta”, with the rest of the populace all being soldiers divided up into ranks like elite or low-level. No mention here of non-combatant Saiyans.…
The Super Exciting Guide: Story Volume says much the same thing, with the added detail that Elites get to serve on the frontlines, with low-levels shipped off to the frontiers.
(Also in the SEG: Character Volume, Toriyama says Nappa went bald. So obviously Vegeta must not consider this a “weird change”)…
While Raditz is typically described as a low-level warrior, Toriyama claims Raditz and Nappa had equal status in one of his Saiyan arc Full Color manga Q&As. Perhaps they only became equal once the rest of Saiyan society went kaput?…
Later in his Episode of Bardock Q&A, Toriyama describes Bardock (and nearly all Saiyans) as low-class warriors. In this version of things, “elite” refers specifically to the royal family, and in between are only about 10 mid-class warriors.…
Then in the Saiyan Special Q&A, Toriyama reaffirms his Raditz fanboy status by describing him as an upper-level warrior. In this set-up, low-level warriors become either engineers (ala Beets in DBS: Broly) or “infiltration babies” (ala Goku in DB Minus)…
Bardock and Goku look alike, as you’d expect of father and son, but DBZ Movie 3 lets us see Tullece (Turles), who’s identical to Goku simply because “there weren’t that many types” of low-class Saiyans. Daizenshuu 3 attributes this to the low-class warriors’ shared environment.
Tomorrow: galaxy brain!
Thanks to @DBReduxTDC for helping with the class struggle (and Jaco/DBO)

• • •

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8 Apr
Age 712 (yet again): Omori’s time machine wasn’t the only science project to end in disaster during this era. Over in movie land, a sudden weather shift buries the lab of Dr. Uiro (Wheelo) when his brain gets a little too big for his britches. #HistoryofEver
Both the common people and even Uiro’s own assistant Dr. Cochin attribute this lousy weather to divine judgment (who knows? Maybe Kami did something for a change), but thankfully Cochin comes up with an absolutely foolproof way of saving his master’s life.
(If Kami or some other god were involved, it might explain why a super genius needs the dragon balls just to melt some ice)
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Age 712: West City College graduate Dr. Briefs invents a revolutionary system for storing objects of any size inside tiny capsules. He then goes on to found a corporation for producing these capsules. Its name escapes me. #HistoryofEver
Dr. Briefs’ life story is outlined in rather surprising detail in his Daizenshuu 7 bio, including the tidbits that he majored in physical chemistry and got his doctorate from West City College (as you might expect), then founded Capsule Corp after inventing the capsule (likewise)
(物理化学/physical chemistry is possibly a typo for 物理科学/physical science, since both are read as butsuri kagaku, although I’ll leave it to you to judge which if either seems a better fit for developing capsules)
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Kinnikuman, Gold Mask arc part 1: after defeating the Seven Devil Chojin, it turns out they were just a bunch of underlings working for the Six Devil Knights, who work for Satan himself. The result? Something kinda the same as last arc, but even weirder. #Kinnikuman #GoldMask
The Devil Knights steal the Gold Mask from Kinniku Palace. The Gold/Silver Mask pair were given to the ancestors of the Kinniku Tribe by the gods, and are the source of Justice Chojin Power (somehow). Which means separating the masks robs all the good guys of their strength.
The story of the Gold/Silver Masks is inspired by the fable of the honest woodcutter, with the joke that the Kinniku ancestor only acts honestly by accident. Given all we learn of the two masks later, it’s questionable how much of this tale actually happened anyway
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5 Apr
Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai ep.26: Popp seems more impressive than ever. The Dragon Masters...less so. Looks really nice, yet again. 3.75/5 #DragonQuest #ep26
The opening has been revamped a bit, with added images of stuff we’ll see in this new phase of the series. Which means it’s also a lot of stuff that wasn’t in the 90s anime at all.
Remember that chess set from last episode? It’s moving up in the world!
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Kinnikuman ch.343, “Sacred Tag!!”: having done his duty, Mammoth Man is content to let his captain Super Phoenix take over from here. The scene switches to Phoenix and Big Body in the Roman Coliseum.… #Kinnikuman #ch343 ImageImage
(The ring collapses into the Gates of Hell, but we don’t see Mammoth Man’s body burn up, so maybe there’s still hope for him?)
Phoenix and Big Body are in a tag match against a pair of Choshin. The first knocks Big Body around with some karate chops. This god used to get along well with Phoenix’s patron, the God of Intelligence, so he takes a shine to Phoenix too. ImageImage
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1 Feb
Tens of Thousands of Years Ago: legend has it that the living word is connected to the next world by the smoke from the Furnace of Eight Trigrams atop the Mountain of Five Elements. Throughout these millennia, the furnace has been overseen by the exalted Annin. #HistoryofEver Image
Should the furnace go out, the world would fall into chaos! So to fan the furnace flames, Annin uses the Bashō Sen (Banana Leaf Fan). Over the years though, chemical spillage gradually opens up a hole in the bottom of the furnace. Trouble is brewing... ImageImage
Annin appears during the Wedding Dress filler arc that ends the original DB anime. She is based (very loosely) on Laozi, the founder of Daoism...specifically the version of him that appears in Journey to the West, where he and his Furnace of Eight Trigrams tussle with Sun Wukong. ImageImage
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