If the Republicans are dumb enough to run Mo Brooks in the Alabama Senate race, the Democrats just might win it. Brooks is a scandal plagued idiot. The focus would end up being all about his role in the insurrection, which would hurt him and hurt the GOP’s overall 2022 prospects.
Sure, the die hard republican voters don’t care about the insurrection. But that Alabama race will end up being decided by voters in the middle. And polling makes clear that the people in the middle have a very negative view of the insurrection and the GOP’s role in it.
If the republicans wanted to lock up that Alabama seat, they’d run a generic nobody who keeps head down. But no, they’re going to run Mo Brooks because he’s a Trump pal, even though that’ll decrease their odds of keeping the seat. GOP is lost in a haze.

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6 Apr
Days like this are a reminder of what a joke political punditry is. 95% of liberal pundits insisted reconciliation was a dead end and Schumer didn’t know what he was doing. They knew it wasn’t true, they just wanted attention. And they’ll pay no price for being wrong as usual.
Palmer Report was loudly correct about this all along, as usual. But as usual, we’ll receive no credit for this. Not one news outlet, not one pundit, will acknowledge that Palmer Report got it right. Why would they? They were wrong about it on purpose, for the sake of suspense.
In political punditry, you pay no price for being wrong. None.

You only pay a price for being right when everyone else was wrong. Most people don’t remember that you were the one who got it right. They only remember that you differed from everyone else – so they don’t trust you.
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25 Mar
You're about to see a ton of fatalist hysteria because Georgia passed that voter suppression law. Two things to keep in mind:

- We're going to pass HR1, which will override it.

- As we proved in 2020, sufficient voter turnout always overcomes voter suppression.
In fact, the fatalist hysteria is a far bigger threat to our chances in 2022 than the voter suppression is.

Voter suppression merely makes it harder to vote.

Fatalist hysteria tells people there's no point in voting, so they don't bother.

Either we want to win, or we don't.
If you're running around yelling "Oh no we're doomed in 2022 because of voter suppression, now the Republicans are going to win no matter what," then YOU are the biggest threat to our chances. People hear that, and then they don't bother to vote. Please kindly shut the fuck up.
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23 Mar
The only way we’ll ever fix this is by loudly threatening to take away all of their guns. If we can scare them into believing that just might happen, they’ll compromise by agreeing to gun control laws that let them keep some of their guns.
Right wingers do this to us on every issue. They take the most extreme position they can think of, it scares us into believing we’re going to lose everything, and so we meet them in the middle on that issue.

It’s time we use their own playbook against them.
“But if we scare the gun addicts, they’ll start shooting us!”

They’re already shooting us.

“But we have to sound reasonable to make any progress on this matter!”

We’ve made zero progress on this in a generation. It’s time for us to stop cowering to the gun addicts.
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15 Mar
Trump looks downright ghastly in this latest photo – so much so that I’d have assumed it was photoshopped to make him look bad, if it hadn’t been posted by one of his own handlers. At this rate I’m afraid he’ll croak before we can put him on criminal trial.
They’ve stopped putting orange makeup on him, which suggests he’s too far gone cognitively to care about his appearance anymore – which is remarkable considering how much of a narcissist he is.
Much is being made of the bandage on his arm. Not sure it means anything. Old people bruise easily. But he has been photographed pretty frequently over the past year with bandages on his hands and arms in particular, which is a bit weird.
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14 Mar
As we predicted, the fatalists within the Resistance have moved on from "Trump will never be arrested" to "Okay, looks like Trump will be arrested but he'll never be convicted."

These "all hope is lost" types don't belong in political activism. They belong in therapy.
These are the same fatalists who insisted Trump would magically cancel the election. Then they insisted he'd magically overturn the results in court. Then they insisted he'd just magically stay in office forever. They've been wrong at every single turn. They're wrong again.
These fatalists never even get it right when things do go wrong. They're so clinically addicted to making up unrealistic doomsday scenarios, they never see the realistic bad things that are coming. It's part of why they're so harmful.
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6 Mar
Much as I hate Joe Manchin, today is a reminder that he usually votes with us, while "moderate" Republicans like Lisa Murkowski nearly always vote against us. Manchin sucks, but it's infinitely better than having a Republican in his seat.
Here's the part most of the whiners are missing: Manchin almost never casts a *deciding* vote against the Democrats. Generally, he votes with the Republicans when it's not going to impact the outcome anyway, just so he can tell his red state that he votes both ways.
If you can't grasp this kind of nuance, and why a DECIDING vote against the Democrats matters but a non-deciding vote against the Democrats means nothing, then you're not cut out for politics. This isn't kindergarten. Nuance matters.
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