The disintegration of Britain

I am extremely disturbed and deeply concerned about the situation in Britain. Imagine there will be mass demonstrations in the streets of Glasgow in a month which might decide the fate of the United Kingdom.
2/ Maybe Great Britain will become Small Britain and United Kingdom will become Divided Kingdom through the process of self determination. Given that the UK is so eager for Hong Kong, Xinjiang to become independent, UK's dream will finally come true at home.
3/ Scotland will divorce from England and remarry EU. Northern Ireland will reunite with Ireland and the EU. Wales may not budge. Britain will be reduced to almost half its former size. Not sure if the Small Britain will still want to practice the Freedom of Navigation
4/ in the South China Sea with the leaking and dripping aircraft carrier the Elizabeth, symbol of the current sorry state of the country.

Who would imagine the referendum of Brexit can lead to this! The British public immediately regretted the Brexit vote when the negative
5/consequences are revealed. If there hadn't been the black swan event of the Pandemic, maybe Scotland and the Northern Ireland would put up with remaining in a loveless impoverishing marriage. But the Covid has shown that Britain the sinking ship will sink faster without the EU.
6/Scotland and Northern Ireland don't want to sink with England.

Democracy freedom self-determination naturally favor division over unity. Democracy is incompatible with the marriage vow
7/ "for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part...". Only "dictatorships" like China practice such marriage vows with its provinces.

However since liberty democracy and self determination form the core of UK/Western values,
8/ Britain doesn't have a ready propaganda playbook to counteract the strong forces pushing for the secession.

The good people of the world are eager to see democracy take its unfettered natural course in the UK to its end.
9/ Watch this youtube video for more:

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6 Apr
BBC propaganda refugee John Sudworth assumed he would be welcomed in Taiwan as a hero. Unfortunately a lot of Taiwan scholars and businessmen are loudly questioning BBC lies. How come the Muslim countries around Xinjiang who…
2/share the language and religion with
Uighurs fully support China?

There are a lot of Taiwan businessmen cultivating cotton and running textile factories in Xinjiang. The place has become an eldorado in recent years after China eliminated the CIA sponsored ETIM terrorism.
3/The USA knows the only way to plunge Xinjiang into chaos again is to destroy the Xinjiang economy and the livelihoods of Uighurs. Hence the boycott against the Xinjiang cotton.

Taiwan businessmen are vocal on the Social Media refuting the BBC lie of Xinjiang slave labor.
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26 Mar
The western aggression has unleashed China's nuclear power. It's psychological, ie, the righteous anger and rage of the Chinese people. The H&M's declaration of boycott of Xinjiang cotton dates back to last year. The company may have forgotten about it itself.
2/H&M doesn't source its cotton from Xinjiang anyway. Such cotton is too expensive. H&M's calculation was simple. The boycott was a PR move for its western image, assuming the majority is buying into the western Uighur atrocity propaganda.
3/However, a Chinese netizen dug out the H&M statement online and given the current Sino-European relationship, it immediately became a meme. Apparently, it has something to do with H&M being European and Swedish. War against H&M is a spontaneous democratic people's war.
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18 Mar
An understanding of the Myanmar situation: the West is responsible for the coup and the destruction of the Myanmar democracy according to Philippines' foreign minister Teodoro Locsin

Aung San Suu Kyi was punished for not wanting to be a western puppet.
2/She promoted actively Myanmar's cooperation with China and embraced China's Belt Road Initiative. She visited China several times and has excellent personal relationship with Chinese leaders.

The disappointed West thus turned against her and condemned her for the
3/alleged genocide of the Rohingya Muslims (in reality racial conflict as a result of British colonial legacy).

The military misjudged the situation deeming it an opportune moment to seize the power. The Junta considered to have received encouraging signals from the West with
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17 Mar
Stability: a nation's biggest asset.

NGOs are directing Myanmar protesters's rage against China hoping to kill two birds with one stone, destabilizing both countries & destroying the cooperation between the two
Now as a rule, all situation of turmoil in
2/ a neighboring country is used as a proxy war against China. Thanks to the relentless anti-China propaganda on Myanmar's social media, the protesters now believe China is behind the military junta and is responsible for the coup. As a result, Chinese factories are assaulted.
3/ Military junta is authoritarian, so China, as an "autocracy" must automatically back the junta. The reality is otherwise. China has remained neutral and hasn't sought to interfere in the internal affairs of Myanmar. The hitherto martyr of democracy Aung San Suit Kyi .
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6 Mar
West attacking China's "vaccine diplomacy" shows West doesn't care about saving lives.

One would think that China saving lives by providing 500 million doses of vaccines to 45 countries would be hailed by the West as a heroic deed.…
2/Nope. This is considered to be a threat to the West because China is gaining huge soft power.

West can't provide vaccines to poor countries itself and at the same time it is attacking China and Russia for so-called "vaccine diplomacy". This seems to be an abominable behavior.
3/In order to appease the West, the poor countries have to make a public statement: "It's not about politics. It's about saving lives". As if this is not self evident. This situation is grotesque. It only shows West can't care less about human lives.
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6 Mar
The biggest threat to the US is US itself

America seems to be very vulnerable to natural disasters. US can't cope with the Pandemic. A winter storm is enough to plunge Texas into stone age. Thousands of Mississippi residents have been deprived of water for two
2/weeks and the water crisis is still ongoing. In these circumstances, maybe the biggest US national security threat is not China but the US itself?

China has been faced with similar disasters, notably Covid, flood and power crisis in the past year.
3/But China managed to cope with the situations with competent national coordination, reducing the damage to the minimum. Such a level of governance seems to be impossible to be achieved in the USA. Capitalism functions more like a failed state these days.
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