we need Dr. Naomi Wolf to tie up the loose ends on this for us, to connect the dots
Without Dr. Naomi Wolf, it's just not the same. Much-repeated exclamation-marks are a poor substitute

"Stop getting your info off the BBC! Get your 'info' off me instead!" says rando anon 3Luser, 'mmmmmkay

"You belong dead .... wait a minute... uh, OK ..... You belong Internet of Things!"

• • •

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8 Apr
1/n Some of the other issues, which I'll try to do quickly and in collection, following on from the second thread. There are various specific trans issues, and honesty ones, but they're not my concern here, they can wait for specific threads.

2/ I know some of you are upset about Jesse Singal & Katie Herzog being less than deeply appreciative of Graham Linehan. Thing is, as Kate said, they're journalists; their aspiration & credo. Linehan's an activist. It's a different thing, despite the Brave New Panopticon World
3/ Before any of y'all try yelling at me about Jesse & Katie, do you know Graham Linehan once Blocked me, precisely because I was mildly, politely sceptical about some allegedly trans claims?
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8 Apr
1/n New thread, from the old thread (). Lots of general & specific issues. Can you tell which issues *won't* get covered? Help for Third-World nations & nationals, actual concrete, affordable plans for healthcare for the poor in the USA. Not a glimpse.
2/n As retweeted by Tage Rai, the *putative* demands have zero connection to reality, but they're only the alleged ones (in trade-union-speak, these are not even ambit claims; they're pure BS). Abolish prisons? Huh.
3/n Access to healthcare? A pity about the roughly 10 to 15% of the USA that has no medical insurance at all, but who cares about the poors, amirite. Bankruptcies? Who cares. That trans people have the same access as non-trans is simply lied away.

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8 Apr
1/n If you watch the story unfolding of the meltdown of @tage_rai, social/behavioral sciences editor for the AAAS' Science Magazine, no less, & his repeated false claims about @jessesingal, a lot of issues become very obvious. None of these issues are new, but are now pressing
2/n Tage Rai has been given the help of several very big accounts, run by those with higher professional positions. This is a witch-hunt at the top of the foodc-hain; the perps don't give a stuff about little folks, nonetheless their social-putsch tactics will affect us all.
3/n The tactics include: swear blind to the most amazing claims (Rai is explicitly claiming harassers have been actively sent by Jesse Singal, & some of those harassers are actually ringing up Rai on his phone, doing heavy breathing & hoarsely voicing the name Jesse to him).
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8 Apr
One would expect* a professor to be able to grasp the difference between "denial of healthcare" and "refusal to implement certain procedures or medications when fully inappropriate".
*kidding. I've known too many professors for whom logic was just ancient Greek
oh WELL, forget I said anything. Abolishing the nation-state, are you? My oh my, big ideas. Mind you, I'm too busy just trying in my own small way to be of genuine practical help to some Third-World people, which I'm sure you can't be bothered with.
Do you realize only a tiny minority worldwide lack "nationalist privilege"? And they would love to have it too.
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7 Apr
huh. Chaser, I guess. Personally I've now seen quite a few people, both trans and non-trans, claim there is no such thing as biological sex. Any old how, example above.

Chaser. A confused one. By the way, primary sex organs are not the only sex-determined things.

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7 Apr
What the hell is wrong with you weirdos over there, @NRO?
a/ Sheer bollocks to the claim "aren’t acting entirely in good faith".

b/ Williamson/NRO conflates representation with legitimization; it's a category error among others that plagues this piece.

Let's take a look at a concrete example, next tweet.
c/ Williamson/NRO writes: "If we’d had a fair and open national plebiscite about slavery on December 6, 1865, slavery would have won in a landslide". Two things absolutely wrong with that claim, guess what they are before you reply.
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