There are a lot of underrated skills in this world.

Attributes that aren’t openly discussed but are widely shared by the most successful among us.

A thread on the little things and what you can do to increase your chances.
Knowing what advice to take (and what to ignore) is a superpower.

My method:

Take it from anyone.

Weigh it according to how happy / successful the giver is.

Put it through my bullshit meter.

Do the work to apply it to my life.

Ignore 75% of it.

Cherish the rest.
Energy and excitement are underrated.

If you aren’t excited, even the most lucrative tasks can seam pointless.

The grass is always greener. Every opportunity has 10 really good reasons why it will fail.

Energy > competence.
Positivity is the way to win.

People do business with people they like.

The #1 way to be likable?

Be in a good mood.

No gossip. No complaining. Ever.
Brevity is a lost art.

Learn to say in 15 seconds what it takes others 3 minutes to say.
Life punishes the stagnant.

Things change a lot faster than you think.

Over analyzing, aiming, researching, waiting, second guessing... all hold back our brightest minds.
Nobody ever got an opportunity while sitting silent in the corner.

“Listen more than you speak” is good advice most of the time.

But when the door opens you better stand up and walk through it.

If you already have status, talk less.

If you’re trying to get it, speak up.

Be respectfully direct.

People don’t have the energy, time, or desire to try to read smoke signals to figure out what you want them to say / do.

Successful people separate emotions and logic.

Just tell them exactly what you mean as succinctly and kindly as possible.
Ok this one is widely known but it’s critical and maybe you need to hear it right now.

There is always something more fun you could be doing right this second than the work it takes to succeed.

We live in a world of instant gratification. It’s poisoning our ability to suffer.
And the stuff that’ll make you successful is uncomfortable. Not fun. Sweaty. Confrontational. Risky. Easily procrastinated.

So get focused, get off twitter, and stop being a soft glutton in this cozy world the successful people have created for you.
Embrace a bit of healthy suffering.

Embrace the uncomfortable nature of success.

And put yourself out there.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

And “success” (whatever that might look like to you) is achieved way down the road.
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9 Apr
A lot of new followers, so here’s a bit about what I do:

We buy small mom-and-pop self storage facilities in rural / tertiary markets in the northeast.

Wrap them in technology, increase efficiency / profits.

We own 14 properties / 260k SF with another 12 / 275k closing soon.
Our business is fully remote. 9 total team members in-house. I live in Athens GA.

We are fully integrated from the private equity we take on to the expansion / development to the customer service.

IMHO, we operate self storage more efficiently than anyone else.
I got my start in a small sweaty startup called Storage Squad, which did pickup and delivery storage for students.

My partner and I sold that business this January to focus on building the real estate holdings further.
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29 Mar
A friend of mine is opening a 2nd restaurant in town in 3 wks.

Trying to hire. $2 more per hr than 1st restaurant. Spent $5,000 marketing the position.

Had 4 interviews scheduled Friday. 3 of them no-showed.

He’s nervous. Next try will be at $2 more per hr.

Crazy out there.
I have a hunch wages are about to really bounce and catch right up to costs over the next few years.

Inflation from all angles as employers compete with the gov to motivate employees.
On the other hand maybe a lot of folks are sitting on the sideline in this industry waiting for vaccinations.

They just opened up to under 40 yr olds last week so could be a flood of applicants in 3 weeks.

Could be wishful thinking though.
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27 Mar
I'm not gonna lie.

My success is 95% attributable to running with the right people and being in the right place at the right time.
The lucky part for me:

It’s a flywheel and it’s all about momentum.

I’ve learned a lot from those folks. I’ve learned a lot about business and management and real estate.

My network is growing.

And I’ll continue to get even more opportunities and meet more people.
My advice:

Surround yourself with great people, add value to their lives so they keep you around, and focus on spotting opportunities.

Do the not fun, hard, sweaty work early so you can build up capital. Then work smart and keep the flywheel going.
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25 Mar
When can we stop giving in to people’s wants and desires?

Are folks unemployed because they truly can’t find work or because they can’t find work doing exactly what they feel like doing?

There are 50+ jobs with a severe shortage of folks willing to do the work for $30+ per hr.
Work is hard.

Our physical world needs people to move, clean, maintain, build, sell things.

Sitting around all day doing fun things doesn’t contribute to society.

We’re soft!
The only answer I can think of:

Open the borders and let immigrants come in, do the work, pay taxes, and pay to live.

Americans are not willing to do what is required any longer.
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24 Mar
Every single person over the age of 50 cares the most about the same thing:

Their kids and grandkids.

Building a family is a sacrifice in your 30s. But you reap the rewards later.
Things I look forward to:

Teaching my boys to become good men.

Sharing business and adventure with them.

Experienced and memories.

And eventually a massive family gathering at my home when I’m 75 with grandkids running everywhere.
What is the point of building an empire (business) and a legacy (the rest of life) if you have nobody to share it with?

Your friends are friends and you can build deep relationships but there is nothing comparable to watching your offspring thrive and grow and succeed.
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23 Mar
A sad truth:

50% of people are totally incompetent.

Terrible decisions. Unable to take on responsibility and very unreliable.

Another 30% that are nice, try hard and show up but don’t get much done.

The last 20% carry everyone and produce 80% of the output.
The sooner you realize this and try to surround yourself with that 20% and cut off the other 80% the better off you’ll be.

Trying to drag along the dead weight is a fools errand.

And the negativity that comes from the bottom group is toxic and contagious.
This sounds sad and it is.

You can try to change it and spend your life getting let down, frustrated and solving other people’s problems they refuse to solve themselves...

Or you can accept it as fact, adjust accordingly, prosper and be happy.
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