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8 Apr, 8 tweets, 2 min read
A 🇩🇪 VW Dealer about BEVs

"You have to explain a lot more than with a car with an ICE"

"We also earn very well from after-sales service with diesel & gasoline engines. The oil changes alone. That all falls away for us"

"often the consulting effort exceeds any reasonable level"
He continued that although they get less commission for a sold BEV in the VW Agency model they don't have to buy the cars like an ICE which is a positive

Interesting bc Greenpeace published a report that dealers have bought together with VW companies in 2020 about every 4th ID.3
I wrote 2 articles about the issue of VW with its Dealers

You'll find both on my patron page free to read…
The dealer stated that VW pushed not ready vehicles in the market

"An eCrafter has a 36-kilowatt-hour battery and needs almost 40 - 100 kilometers when fully loaded; most tradesmen laugh at us when we recommend it"

An issue I tweeted about extensively with regards to the ID.3/4
Another pro-BEV dealer said some customers are waiting already 3 quarters for the eUP!

This is not a supply issue from VW but they don't want to sell too many because they make more loss with the eUP! than with e.g. an ID.3/4

It's an intended shortage to optimize profits
He continued that the order stop for the eUP! remains and the could have sold 3-4 times the amount in the last quarters

He continued

"The (sales) conditions that VW gives us independent dealers for the e-models are still not particularly attractive"
"Yes, you can live on six percent fixed commission. But this margin is often not enough for really good advice. We do this at our own expense once a certain level of consulting is reached. There are still no special bonuses for e-cars, for example."
VW Dealer Warnecke concluded when asked about them getting a better commission when selling an ICE

"For every oil change we lose in the future, we'll just need a new customer."

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8 Apr
🇩🇪 Giga Berlin

In a court case of DUH against the Federal Republic Germany (not Tesla), Tesla made interesting public statements to improve the permit process and suggest 10 improvements

"Germany's permitting framework for industrial and infrastructure projects, as well as .."
" ..for land use planning, is in direct contrast to the urgency needed to plan & implement such projects to combat climate change"

"Particularly irritating" to Tesla is that 16 months after the application was filed, there is still no timetable for issuing a final permit.
The "most glaring problem," Tesla said is that current procedures & laws treat projects that combat climate change and those that accelerate it the same

Tesla also criticizes the fact that most documents still have to be submitted in paper form. Digitization should be mandatory
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20 Mar
Ark Invest updates $TSLA Model for 2025
Key Assumptions
2025 highest likelihood $TSLA $3,000
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19 Mar
Audi CEO Duesmann yesterday

Supply chains are broken in several places, he said, "the effects are clearly being felt through rescheduling"

"2021 remains challenging"

"Our ambitious goal is to grow significantly compared to the previous year"

10k vehicles can't be delivered
Audis CEO Duesmann continued in the interview about how long Audi will deliver ICE vehicles

"that will probably also be decided by our customers"

The press repeats since days the factual wrong reports that Audi will stop ICE production

Thats false
When the CEO was asked about the new EU CO2 norm

'The benefit for the climate would be very small, but the technical effort would be very large, "and we would then lack the money for the development of battery electric vehicles." '

"The ICE are financing the transformation."
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19 Mar
ZDFinfo seriously doctored an Elon Musk Tweet!

Is there any journalistic ethic left?
How could an editor ever approve this film?

Shame on @ZDFinfo

ZDF Info & die gesamte Redation sollte sich schämen eine Bericht zu veröffentlichen der von ZDF manipulierte Tweets beinhaltet
" the beginning of '23 the quantities needed there for production will exceed what we can provide. The consequences are that there must be restrictions somewhere for the consumers"

Truth: This supplier is based on today's plan not in charge of the Phase 2 water supply in '23
Unions Head Hoffmann

"(..) he (Musk) on the one hand gladly takes public money but on the other hand does everything to employ the employees with low wages & bad working conditions"

Truth: The 🇩🇪 federal agency for work confirmed Tesla pays salaries over average in Brandenburg
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17 Mar
VW hit by chip shortages again

In the main plant in Wolfsburg From Monday to Friday inclusive, two assembly lines for the VW models Tiguan, Touran, and Tarraco are at a standstill

A quick solution is not in sight, a VW manager said
For months, the Group has been struggling with supply bottlenecks for electronic chips - and there seems to be no end in sight.

VW purchasing director Murat Aksel is alarmed speaks of "a different dimension in the way that there is no quick fix" to solve the supply bottleneck
VW Board Member Murat Aksel. "This crisis is deeper, broader, more sustainable."

I predict that VW will lose unit sales in 2021 with increased debt levels and lower profits

EV sales will grow but won't compensate for the losses in the ICE business and restructuring costs
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17 Mar
VW plans to sell 300k MEB vehicles in 2021

15,500 BEV have been delivered already and 23,500 ID.4 +X ID.3 orders are open

5% of target delivered in 17% of the year

23,5k vehicles open for the rest of 2021 is 8% of the 300k goal

VW delivered 19 out of 41 days of production
The VW core brand shrunk by 1 Million vehicles in 2020 or 2 Times the deliveries of Tesla
While Q1 is traditionally weak the ID.3/ ID.4 are brand new models & VW is already behind its own annual BEV goal

Order entry is weak & used car sales high which may have to do with the Software issues reported

With only 50% of production delivered inventory must be massive
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