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What is Money Twitter?

It's a segment of Twitter that talks about:

- crypto is king
- fuck your 9 to 5
- online businesses
- 24/7 hustling lifestyles
- "Real wealth begins at 8 figures"

It's 90% bullshit.

Here's what you need to know. 👇
First, most on Money Twitter are good people.

They are trying their best to better their lives. Improve their situation.

I respect the hell out of that.

Money Twitter can be motivating.

You learn not to settle for the average.

Get healthy. Lift heavy weights. Boost your income. Keep hustling.

Build an online business. Make lots of money. Buy a Lambo.

That's great...

But, here's the other side of that coin.
Few on Money Twitter practice what they preach.

If they were hustling 24/7, they wouldn't be tweeting every hour.

👉 Twitter is their business. They make money by selling you an idea. A path toward riches and successes.

That doesn't mean they've actually done it.
Secret: You might be surprised at how many anti-college Money Twitter folks actually went to college, or are *currently in college*.

Most don't talk about that. Why? Because "go to college" doesn't sell.
Money Twitter also rarely talks about rest.

Without rest, you won't succeed. You won't make money.


👉 You don't need to hustle 24/7.

They aren't.
You don't either.

Don't be afraid of Netflix. Or TV.

Just don't do that *all the time*.
The "Build a landing page and they will come" bros are void of reality.

Yes, it can work. People make LOTS of money online.

If it were as easy as they make it sound, we'd all be business owners, wouldn't we? Truth is we all aren't cut out to run our own businesses.

So, 👇
Don't quit your 9 to 5 until your business replaces your income. Don't buy someone's course thinking you'll be rich next week.

It can happen, but the numbers show that you *probably* won't, and that consistent 9 to 5 income is looking pretty good.

Speaking of 9 to 5s...
You aren't an idiot or a "slave" if you work a 9 to 5.

People who believe this have *never worked a 9 to 5* largely because they are unemployable hotheads who think they are better than you.

Your 9 to 5 is a tool. Use it to get rich.

It happens ALL THE TIME.
Think crypto is king? Good for you. Invest in it.


Truth bomb: The average 10-year stock market return for the last 140 years is 9.2%.

Consistent. Dependable. Huge historical track record.

Most on Money Twitter are young. What does that mean?
It means most haven't actually experienced an economic downturn.

👉 Overconfidence can be a dreadful thing.

Don't jump 100% into the crypto bandwagon because young crypto dudes tell you to.

Truth: The more people they get to buy crypto, the more money they make.
Want to get rich? It's not just about a huge income.

Once again, "Control your expenses" doesn't sell. Nobody has a course on that.

👉 But, your lifestyle is AT LEAST 50% of the *get rich* equation, period.

Money Twitter doesn't acknowledge that. It's not how they make money.
Is Money Twitter all bad? Of course not.

I love and respect this community.

Don't let Money Twitter's bull-market-induced overconfidence con you into making poor life choices.

Here's what to do, 👇
▫ Want to start a business? GREAT. Try it. But, don't quit your 9 to 5 yet.

▫ Want to try crypto? GREAT. Try it. Don't go in 100%.

▫ Want to build wealth? GREAT. But, get rich quick schemes don't work.

Let Money Twitter motivate you. Don't let it control you.

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Showing up is half the battle.

Warning: This can turn into a BAD thing if you *never* take time off.

Moderation is key, but THIS WORKS.
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The 6 financial rules that will GET YOU RICH.

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Your future self will thank you.
2: Invest 20% of income in long-term investments

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2: I ditched low-value people.

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I ignored coworkers that were dead weight. I didn't want to be associated with them.
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21 Mar
Most of Twitter's money advice is bad. Period.

Stop digging yourself into a hole.

Not everyone will have the same access and advantages.

⇢ That's a fact of life.

But, the rule of building wealth applies EQUALLY to everyone, regardless of background.

Income + Investments - Lifestyle = WEALTH.

How does this work? 👇
You can't live a rockstar life on a fast-food income.

Stop complaining. Stop blaming others. That doesn't build wealth.

What does?

☑ Work your ass off
☑ Invest in yourself (courses, certifications, etc)
☑ Be the BEST PERSON your employer has

Then: 👇
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