The #NCOSE "Congressional" hearing is now suggesting that the entire porn industry is illegal user-uploaded content and needs to be shutdown.
The #NCOSE lawyer is suggesting that anyone who works with or partners with sex work platforms — including Visa/Mastercard — should have legal criminal liability for anything on that platform. It's like Section 230 in reverse.
It's hard to express how bad their information is. Laila is now using comments from users who say "she looks like she's underage" on a video as evidence of actual CSAM.
The best part is when the lawyer calls for the industry to take measure to prevent CSAM and revenge porn that sites already routinely do, but social media sites do not.
Now they've brought in prosecutors who have targeted sex workers and their clients — "Survivors of Prostitution"
They've just translated "pornography" as "the depiction of a prostituted sex slave, also known as sex trafficking." Ummmm.
A lot of #NCOSE's media strategy seems to be to bring spurious lawsuits, and to have protests, and then to use the existence of those lawsuits and protests as evidence of actual crime.
They've just called on the US government to address the "public health crisis" of porn.
The #NCOSE Congressional hearing is a real refrigerator magnet poetry kit of sex panic.
Calling for Congressional investigation and the passing of Lindsey Graham's EARN IT Act.
"How do you stop it? Not only by shutting it down but give law enforcement the tools to stop it"

I'm not sure what this means, but it seems to suggest that local law enforcement could force the removal of videos.
"many times law enforcement has to go into spaces to rescue victims ... and pornography is playing"
Frankly, a lot of this is the same stuff they say all the time. Same examples. Same bad claims. I was sort of hoping for something new. But a lot of it is just about using "trafficking" and "rape" + Pornhub
Cue fake "stepmom" videos as illegal incest
Calling for Roku and Discord to be held criminally liable for partnering with Pornhub. Insane.
This all only makes sense if you understand that NCOSE is not an anti-trafficking organization, it's an anti-porn organization.
Kelly Dore is suggesting an epidemic of child pimps?
"the liberties for free speech were not intended to cover the mass commodification of marginalized bodies for others to consume"
They're rallying behind California SB 435 — a terrible bill which allows people to sue platforms to for $100K every two hours for any video that isn't removed when they ask, but requires no verification that the video was criminal.
Now they're showing a compilation of clips from the Canadian hearings.
Now they're calling for cam sites be investigated "I'm sure that cam models are being held captive" Talks about women escaping North Korea being held in China. No actual evidence that this is happening, but someone has a hunch!
Laila Micklewait of Exodus Cry asks for three things:

1) US Congressional hearing on Pornhub,
2) Passing of 'preventative' laws ("this is an emergency!")
3) Criminal prosecution of pornographers
There's nothing more telling than the "#ShutThemAllDown" tag. This isn't about compliance or safety — Pornhub already does more than they're asking — it's about shutting down sexual speech online
We're at level 3 of 5 on the Stanley Cohen moral panic scale
I can't stress enough how this is not about solving a problem. It's not that CSAM and Revenge Porn are not issues — they're major issues. But NCOSE and Exodus Cry are true believers with a singular villain.
The are convinced in the negative effects of porn — it makes you criminal, it's filled with criminals, it can't help being criminal — that to them, it all ties back to the same source. Which makes sense, since evangelicals tend toward binary good/evil narratives.
And so, in their minds, there's no way for porn to be responsible — the criminality is baked in from the start. If it's not directly responsible, it's indirectly responsible. It's a demon that thrives on sadness and exploitation.
And it has to be stopped. So there is no "good" porn site anymore than there can be a consensual sex worker or a purple-colored yellow. Such a thing never made it onto Noah's Arc. It's a mathematical impossibility.
So nothing that porn sites can do will satisfy them. No contextual data about actual CSAM or revenge porn can temper their abolitionism.
They are responsible not just for the distribution, but the exploitation — by corrupting minds with porn in the first place. It's a drug! Porn fuels the sex trade, and thus sex trafficking. They encourage the abuse of women. There's literally nothing porn doesn't do.
They said it repeated in Canada, and again today: everything that happened, happened intentionally. Porn sites WANTED to host illegal content. They LOVED it. This is the only context in which their bingo card of sex panic terms make any sense.
It's like PAnon, and they're the Storm. They can not bring the flood fast enough. G-d forbid if civil rights, free speech, sex worker lives, or actual strategies that might reduce CSAM and revenge porn get in the way. Sometimes you have to destroy the village in order to save it.

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9 Apr
Remember that @ncose doesn't believe in the right to sex worker speech. They want it deplatformed and prosecuted. When they say #shutitdown, they're not just talking about Pornhub — they want sex and sex workers off the internet entirely.
The next stated target is @OnlyFans. They say want to save the creators from the "psychological, emotional and physical harm" they are putting on themselves. Image
They are also targeting Twitch, Twitter, TikTok and Discord and Reddit for a pressure campaign to remove sex and sex worker related content.
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The problem with bad studies is they get replicated as headlines with no context. Yesterday, the British Journal of Criminology (@CrimeandJustice) published a study that purports to detail the frequency of sexual violence in video descriptions. 1/…
According to the study, 12% of the videos on the homepage of the major tube sites show some form of "sexual violence" — a headline that's since been replicated globally. 2/
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