Six years ago, I proposed that Ukraine develop a secret weapon against Russian attack: The ability to take the political & psychological fight into Putin's home turf.

The Obama administration rejected the idea. Ukraine considered it but rejected it also.…
1) Excerpts from 2015 Kyiv Post article: "Like no other country, non-aligned Ukraine has an untapped capability to defend itself against Russian aggression – with or without support from the West.

"It’s an old idea that doesn’t require guns or bombs."
2) "All that it needs is the will to harness the aggressor’s internal vulnerabilities. While Russia is militarily far stronger than Ukraine, it shows signs of much greater weakness inside its borders."
3) "Ukrainians know Russia’s political cultures, national fears and paranoias, socioeconomic divides, and other vulnerabilities that are ripe for adroit strategists to exploit."

[This presumed, for the sake of charity, that the Ukrainian government had adroit strategists.]
4) "In its own special way, Ukraine can magnify the many voices inside Russia that, together, form the disorganized nucleus of a movement that could do to Putin what the Maidan movement did to the pro-Moscow regime in Kyiv one year ago [in 2015]."
5) "ordinary Russians resent & fear the growing political repression & unchecked corruption under Putin’s mafiocracy....Censors are powerless to stop the viral spread of a popular protest video calling for a 'Russian Maidan' movement against the Kremlin’s 'totalitarian monster.'"
6) "Conditions are developing for a national anti-war movement [2015]...Ukraine should exploit this issue. No army can accomplish its objectives with a robust anti-war movement at home – especially when that movement is integrated with a global diplomatic offensive ...."
7) "Ukraine can become a platform for leaders and movements across Russia’s 11 time zones that are seeking autonomy – and even independence – from Moscow....

"That autonomy would threaten Putin’s control complex. It would allow rival political factions to flourish."
8) "All this human capital is Ukraine’s secret weapon to push back the invaders – while showing solidarity with ordinary citizens of the Russian Federation who, like Ukraine, suffer under Kremlin abuse."
9) "The key is for Ukraine to serve as the sponsor, integrator, and magnifier of Russia’s voices for freedom and autonomy. That is Ukraine’s secret weapon."

But Ukraine chose not even to try.

• • •

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3 Mar
FBI Assistant Director Jill Sanborn confirms that the FBI's findings "definitely" and "absolutely" agree with what I said in the January 14 @FDRLST article about the Capitol attack.

@SenRonJohnson read from my article again at length. (starts at 5:08)…
Does anybody think that trash journalists like @ChrisCillizza, @AaronBlake, @Haley_Victory, @mikedebonis, @jeremymbarr and the rest will make a correction?
I never heard of WaPo blogger @AaronBlake before he fabricated his story in late February, but he continues pushing his falsehoods almost a week later.
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2 Mar
Former US @CapitolPolice Chief Sund testified that intelligence assessment "indicated that members of the Proud Boys, white supremacist groups, Antifa, and other extremist groups were expected to participate in the the January 6" protest at the Capitol.… Image
The interagency Daily Intelligence Report on Jan 4 assessed "'the level of probability of acts of civil disobedience/arrests occurring based on current intelligence information' as 'Remote' to 'Improbable' for all of the groups expected to demonstrate" on Jan 6, Sund testified. Image
Acting @CapitolPolice Chief Pittman testified to Congress that on January 6, she was the "Assistant Chief of Police of the Department's Protective & Intelligence Operations," responsible for the "Intelligence & Interagency Coordination Division (IICD)."… Image
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24 Feb
Pack journalism is when lazy journalists with an agenda send out the same false narrative without any independent reporting or thinking.

@SenRonJohnson read my article into the record. It never said "fake Trump supporters" were behhind the Capitol riot.…
2) Here's a string of pack journalism. Each one of these articles promotes the same falsehood that @SenRonJohnson pushed a "conspiracy theory" about "fake Trump supporters."…
3) Fake story by @AaronBlake at the Washington Post. Same pack journalism.…
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16 Feb
Biden administration wants US troops in Washington DC "at least through fall 2021," DHS email says.

We all know why.…
DC residents get "no straight answers" - "On Thursday night during a virtual town hall, Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton was asked by DC residents how long the National Guard will stay in DC and how long fencing will stay put, but no straight answers were given from speakers."
DC delegate to Congress says she prefers "state of the art intelligence, not fencing, and National Guard is part of the state of the art intelligence. It’s human beings, not 19th century fencing – the king of fencing we’ve been using for 10,000 years."
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15 Feb
1) It looks like Pelosi is covering up the reasons why there was insufficient security at the US Capitol on January 6.

Did Pelosi purposely create the stage, as political theater, for the US Capitol Police to be overrun? House GOP leaders are asking questions that need answers.
2) This line of questioning to Pelosi from @RodneyDavis, @Jim_Jordan, @JamesComer & @DevinNunes points to suspicion of a Pelosi coverup. Let's take a look.…
3) Why was US Capitol Police Chief Steve Sund DENIED his request for National Guard backup two days before the fact, on January 4?

Keep in mind that the US Capitol Police is under the command of the congressional leadership, not the president.
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26 Jan
1) People should pay close attention to @ggreenwald. Agree with him or not on certain issues, he projects a sincere and principled wisdom of universal value.…
2) "'A lot of times if you warn of a danger you have to piece things together in order to demonstrate that it's actually coming,' Greenwald said. 'In this case, you don't have to. They are explicitly saying precisely what they want to do.'"
3) "What struck me so much about that John Brennan video is it would be one thing if they were saying, 'Look, there is a band of people, 20 here, 50 over here who wear swastika armbands, who are still in the KKK. There's maybe 2,000.'"
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