MANCHIN says to CNN that his refusal to end the filibuster is because “Jan 6 changed me” and “you can’t have this many people split that they want to go to war with each other.”

He’s blaming BOTH SIDES for 1/6.

And REWARDING Rs by giving them the key to total obstruction.
So let’s get this straight:

1. Republicans lie to their voters that the election was stolen.
2. Their voters attack lawmakers at the Capitol b/c #1.
3. R’s use the lie in #1 to legislate Dems away from the polls.
4. Manchin uses the insurrection to ALLOW the Republicans to do #3
The truth is two weeks ago Manchin said he MIGHT be willing to some filibuster reform. TODAY? Manchin has completely changed his mind. NO REFORM.

What’s happened? I guarantee you McConnell has been in contact with Manchin. Repeatedly.

• • •

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19 Feb
Manchin and Sinema must make a choice.

1. Protect the votes of American minorities.
2. Protect the votes of the Senate minority party.

The GOP has 100+ bills to strip voting rights.
Dems have bills that will restore them.

To pass Dems bill, we need to nuke the filibuster.
Manchin (1/25/21): "If I haven’t said it very plain... I want to basically say it for you. That I will not vote in this Congress, that’s two years, right? I will not vote" to change the filibuster.
Sinema (2/12/21): "I want to restore the 60-vote threshold for all elements of the Senate's work."

We should be protesting outside their offices non-stop.
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22 Jan
Would you be willing to switch from your current cable provider to @YouTubeTV or another streaming service if it took Fox News out of its basic package, only including it as an optional add-on?
Fox played a major role in inspiring the 1/6 MAGA capitol insurrection.

"In the two weeks after Fox News called the election for Biden, the network’s hosts and guests cast doubt on the results at least 774 times."

Must-read piece here by @ErikWemple. 🔽…
We should call on @Youtubetv, @hulu, @GetSpectrum, @Uverse and other cable and streaming services to stop the injection of poison into our democracy. Allow Americans to choose to exclude Fox from their service.
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20 Jan
It is a provable fact that Fox News disinformation was a major contributing factor to the insurrection of Jan 6.

Congress should immediately draft legislation holding media companies responsible for deliberate lies.

This is probably their last chance to do so with a D majority.
A Truth Matters act could force companies like Fox News to retract misinformation in a meaningful way - or else lose their broadcast license.

This would *not* be like the Fairness Doctrine.

For example it wouldn't require Maddow to spend half her time promoting R politics.
A Truth Matters act would be simply about promoting truth and refuting lies.

Lies should not be piped into tens of millions of homes.

Most Americans are not equipped to filter it.
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13 Jan
❗️ Ali Alexander, a RW activist, says it was he and 3 congressmen who created the plot to interrupt Congress's certification of Biden's win:🔽

- Mo Brooks
- Paul Gosar
- Andy Biggs…
He had said in a Periscope video: "We four schemed up of putting maximum pressure on Congress while they were voting."
He has since been suspended from Twitter, but Gosar tagged him in several tweets (his twitter handle was @ali) ImageImage
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26 Dec 20
612 hours.

36,720 minutes.

2.2 million seconds.
Another way of thinking about the time left until #PresidentBiden:

4 years = 48 months.
1 day = 48 half hours.

Therefore, each month is like a half hour.

If Trump's presidency was a single day that started at midnight, it would be about 11:35 pm right now.
Taking it a step further:

One month = ~30 days.
Half hour = 30 minutes.

Each day brings us one minute closer to midnight
Read 4 tweets
13 Dec 20
This is the story. The lies perpetuated by Fox, Newsmax, and OAN are the foundations of the worst crises in our country.

This should always be the story. Every day. Democracy cannot stand with an ignorant citizenry.
Fox has stoked racism and other divisions. Fox tells its viewers that Democrats are their enemies. Fox lied about the coronavirus. And without Fox News, Trump would have been removed from office long ago.
Without Fox News (and Newsmax, OAN, etc), a large majority of the country would have been horrified that 120+ Republicans tried to overturn a fair election.

But instead all of Fox's audience is laser-focused on Hunter Biden's finances.
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