If you say "This is Tucker embracing white supremacy" and I say "This is Tucker just saying what a big chunk of the USA earnestly believes", we're not disagreeing.

I think Tucker is expressing a very mainstream opinion here and also that opinion is terrible.
If you call Tucker Carlson a white supremacist, I think to most people that implies an extreme fringe position, that it's crazy Fox would have such an extremist on the air. But I don't think the idea he expresses here is "Fringe" in the "only the craziest few believe it" sense.
What I think you're seeing is them preparing the way for, "Of COURSE we're in favor of universal health care and child care! But to get those things, we must make sure they only go to good, patriotic, TRUE Americans! Otherwise, there won't be enough to go around!"
America doesn't really have that political faction right now but other countries definitely do, and a lot of hard core immigration etc crackdowns were made under the guise of, "It's the only way to keep our social safety net functional." A lot of voters will buy it.

• • •

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1 Mar
If you enjoy reading too much into the themes/symbolism of shows and movies, keep this in mind: most writers are trying to have 1) some kind of real-world allegory (it creates an instant emotional connection) and 2) surprising twists/revelations. And THESE GOALS OFTEN CONFLICT!
If a creator uses Nazi symbolism (uniforms, flags, etc) to give you a visceral reaction to the bad guys, then has a twist where it turns out they're not so bad, it doesn't mean they believe real Nazis weren't so bad. It's just a conflict between allegory and the need for twists.
It's fine to criticize it of course, but I think their mistake is in not considering how the allegory comes across, versus the creators being secret fascists. Same for any movie where, let's say, a terror attack with 9/11 imagery turns out to be a false flag.
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18 Feb
So it turns out when @FedEx is having any kind of service disruptions (say, due to weather) the first thing that goes down is their tracking. So their site will continue to say "On Time, Will Be Delivered By (original date)" until the thing just doesn't show up and you complain.
So the ONE thing you need package tracking for - to find out if it's not going to be there on time - it doesn't do. It literally only tracks if everything is going perfectly. If there's a problem, it just stops updating and, hilariously, defaults to "Will be there on time."
This is because tracking doesn't update unless someone scans the package for pickup/transit/etc. If no one scans, it just keeps the original status ("Will be there on [original date]") forever. If a scan is missed or never done, tracking has no ability to update to note it.
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17 Feb
Rush wasn't about outrageous quotes or bigoted bits, lots of people make their living that way. He was about building an army, actively encouraging his millions of followers to be "Dittoheads", fans who'd go out into the world and fight the opposing tribe. It transformed America.
Rush effectively created Fox News, created the audience for it with relentless messaging about how no non-conservative media could be trusted. Without Rush there's no Fox News, there's no Hannity, no Trump, no Alex Jones... none of this.
That ultra hyper-aggressive style that now dominates politics, the snide dismissiveness, the mockery as a form of debate, the nationalization of all politics, the elevation of obscure local controversies into national cancel campaigns -- that was all Rush. He popularized it.
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19 Jan
Call me crazy but if any political figure believes deep down that America would be better off as a white ethnostate or whatever, I'd prefer they just openly campaign for that rather than cloak it in "restoring our glorious founding heritage" and other code words like this. 1/
Like if you ask a normal person "Do you want a White Nationalist candidate on the debate stage?" they'll of course say no. But I'd prefer that to what we have now - people who believe the EXACT same thing but know to dress it up in euphemisms about our "values" etc. 2/
If that's our choice, then I'd prefer to just openly have that debate, rather than have to spend 95% of the discussion having to pierce their camouflage. I think it's the camouflage that gives mainstream voters enough of a fig leaf to pull the lever. 3/
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19 Jan
One thing the events of Jan 6th made clear is that the vast majority of people who like to threaten violent revolution have a ridiculous, cartoonish, immature idea of what such a thing would actually look like. The reality of it, if glimpsed for one minute, would flatten them.
And I'm not even talking about "Our opponents have guns, too!" but just the everyday reality of living in that situation. They're picturing badass battle scenes, not their screaming child dying of diarrhea because water, sanitation and healthcare services have been disrupted.
They're not imagining the sadists who run wild in a power vacuum, the unchecked sexual assaults, navigating black markets for basic supplies, shivering in the winter because gas and electricity systems have been bombed, losing access to their money because assets have been frozen
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11 Jul 20
I could spend all day on why The Old Guard on Netflix is hilariously bad, but I'll start with this: Charlize Theron plays an immortal warrior who is at least 2,000 years old who has grown disillusioned because the world "just keeps getting worse." Worse than ... 2000 years ago?
To her, the concept of "clean drinking water" on demand would still be an amazing novelty. The concept of women not dying in childbirth, of getting to sleep through surgery, of not dying of routine infections, all would still be relatively brand new in that time scale.
It's such a silly and insulting appeal to 2020 viewers. "Literally no one has ever had it harder than you, person who can afford all of the things required to watch streaming video on demand!" The real version of that person would marvel at the idea of "paved roads everywhere."
Read 4 tweets

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