It is not our job, nor responsibility to change other people. Any attempts to change others may come with a price to pay in the form of negative karma as those attempts are a violation of one's free will.
Instead of trying to change others, let's offer them an example of a different way of being. Let's show them alternatives and if they are intrigued, become interested, and start asking questions, assist with that. The drive to change must come from within their own being.
People will change on their own. Sometimes they won't change because they want to extract more experience from whatever state of consciousness they are currently at. When they have enough of that experience, they will become ready for more, ready for change.
Also, remember that things are relative. As we grow spiritually, we change ourselves. To those still stuck in 3D we change for worse. They will attempt to change you back to the old ways you used to be, to be like them.
To my friends and family, still stuck in 3D, not worrying about the future is a crazy thing. To them, I lost my mind... This is just one tiny example. It's important to keep things in perspective.

• • •

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17 Apr
Imagine being a spiritual master. Your baseline energy is love, peace, and acceptance. You have mastered your thoughts and emotions. You are a living and walking philosopher's stone that transmutes any lower energies coming at you with love.
You understand that anything that happens in your life is a reflection of your own consciousness, and as a result you take responsibility for anything that happens in your life. You blame no one.
You accept yourself unconditionally & you offer the same to others. You know that you are surrounded by souls exploring different states of consciousness, who through experience will extract wisdom from said experiences. U don't judge because U know that all experience is valid.
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17 Apr
The Universe doesn't judge. It only replicates your vibrational quality back to you. Anything that you carry in your energy bubble is mirrored back to you. Most people don't make the connection between their inner world and their outer world.
They tend to judge and blame others for their problems, difficulties, etc. not realizing that what happens to them is a reflection of their own focus on the very problems and difficulties. Those are their creations!
The first step towards spiritual maturity is to take responsibility for what is happening in one's life. When we do that, we take our power back. Why? Because when we admit that we created a given situation for ourselves, we can undo it and we can create something new.
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31 Mar
Manifestation is simple, yet it can be complicated. The Universe reflects our overall state of consciousness, so to manifest what we prefer, all aspects of ourselves must be aligned with that manifestation.
What the Universe reflects is not only our conscious mind, but also our subconscious mind, our soul plan & our karma. Many people sabotage their manifestation because of their deep subconscious beliefs that may be in opposition to what they want to manifest.
Here are some examples: "I don't deserve this. People like me don't get ahead. We need to work hard to achieve anything. There's not enough resources for everyone. I'm too old... and so on.
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19 Mar
Egos dwell & feed on fear, as it is fear that makes them stronger. Egos can't live in the present moment. They love to live in the past, replaying negative stories. They also live in the future, entertaining possible negative scenarios & worrying about things that aren't there.
Egos believe in limitation & scarcity. This is why they must compete with one another. Egos love to have everything under control. They hate uncertainty. This is why they need to categorize, compare, label, & judge.
Not knowing, feels like death to egos. They love to pretend to know & to understand everything. Of course their "understanding" is always based on limited perception & knowledge.
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24 Feb
Can God/Source experience him/herself without creation? Imagine being pure awareness. You have no body, and there is nothing else to interact with. There's only infinite, timeless you. The only thing you can experience is simply being.
Everything that you know about yourself is an effect of you having a body (an interface into this reality) that allows you to interact with surrounding environment.
It is this interaction that enables you to learn about yourself, about your preferences, capabilities, skills, strengths, weaknesses, etc. It is the environment and life experiences that fuel the expansion of your consciousness.
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20 Dec 20
There is no time. It doesn't exist as an independent thing. It is created by consciousness in order to experience its creation in chronological way. All possibilities already exist and are experienced in parallel worlds/timelines.
Imagine you have a movie on a roll of film. You don't roll it out and watch all movie frames all at once, even though they do exist all at once. You put it into projector and you watch frame by frame. Since the frames change faster than you can notice, you see seamless action,
The same is with consciousness. By interacting with probability waves chronologically it creates time. But time really doesn't exist. The double slit experiment with delayed observation (quantum eraser) proves scientifically that we can affect events in the past.
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