I dislike this defense closing. Dislike. He’s giving them, in legalese, a law lesson — instead of firing them up with the facts. He had a chance to sweep them off their feet. He threw it away.

And he’s still going with this. He could have done this later.crazy decision.
OMG he still hasn’t gone into the facts. They’re daydreaming already.
I can’t keep watching this disaster. I feel for that jury.

• • •

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11 Apr
Some Americans are still hesitant to come out and say the their leftist friends and neighbors HATE America. That’s a bold statement, after all. But make no mistake: the left is a collection of emotional Marxist puppets. They can and will do and feel whatever their party demands.
Leftists FEEL more loyalty to their party and FEEL more hate towards the right than they can THINK. It’s just the nature of the human beast. Irrespective of how illogical it might be to you fact-driven rightists, humans are creature of FEELINGS.
We marry for feeling not facts. Many didn’t vote for Trump because they “didn’t like him”. Humans are emotional slaves. Don’t let the catchy “facts don’t care about your feelings” line confuse you about human nature. Leftists succeed because they understand this about people.
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11 Apr
Amazing article. Must-read.

Did you know that Lenin hated capitalism so much that he ordered peasants selling produce to be shot.

Lenin believed in dominance control through sheer terror.

“... for Lenin maximal violence was the default position. He was constantly rebuking subordinates for not using enough force, for restraining mobs from lynchings, and for hesitating to shoot randomly chosen hostages.”
“the first biographer with access to the secret Lenin archives, concluded that for Lenin violence was a goal in itself. He quotes Lenin in 1908 recommending ‘real, nationwide terror, which invigorates the country and through which the Great French Revolution achieved glory.’”
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7 Apr
This is how Biden explains sending your tax dollars to known Palestinian terrorists.
Refresh your recollection.
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5 Apr
By age 23:

49% of black males have been arrested.

44% of Hispanic males have been arrested.

38% of white males have been arrested.
By the same age of 23 —

20% of white females have been arrested.

18% of Hispanic females have been arrested.

16 % of black females have been arrested.
What’s important to note is that arrests can be for felony or misdemeanor or even traffic offenses. The nature of the arrest and conviction matter.
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24 Mar
I just spoke to a liberal friend who votes for Democrats. She's complaining about our schools and cities. I told her she has no right to complain because her politics directly caused everything that she hates. She knows this, says I'm right, she has no other response.
I asked her why she continues voting for Democrats if she's smart enough to know they're causing all the troubles that she abhors. She says she doesn't have an answer, that she needs to do some soul searching.

I asked if she will continue voting for Dems. She doesn't know.
This is the stereotypical average Democrat voter problem. They know their politics cause shit cities. They know their politics cause shit schools. They know what they're doing when they vote Democrat. BUT THEY CONTINUE TO DO IT regardless. It's mind-boggling.
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31 Jan
Let’s play a game: Russia or Washington DC?
The left pic is Russia. The right is DC.
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