The darkest truths of the self-help industry That they will never tell you

Because if they do you'll stop buying their shit

Buckle up boys this one's gonna be deep

When you look around you see

A piece of information that worked for someone

It was fucking life-changing for that 1% of consumers but It did nothing to the rest 99%

What do you think the answer is ?
Why did it work for just 1%

Is it discipline

Is it waking up early in the morning

Is it guided meditation by Tonny Robbins

Or the biggest of them all

Is it making your bed the first thing in the morning?
Here comes the truth boys

Everything your life consists of

It eventually boils down to your INNER GAME

The little set of beliefs

that are tattooed to your soul

If you are good at changing your self it's because of those beliefs
If you are bad at it its because of them

Those beliefs are built over time

By the experiences, you had as a kid

By weird traumas

The way your parents talked to you when you were young

The social conditioning which you had
The biggest thing that those set of beliefs

did to you is they set the level of your congruency

For your whole life

"Congruency "

Everyone wants to make a million-dollar but how many people you know does that

You know why?

Because they are not fucking congruent
The self-help industry will never tell you this


They want you to keep running in circles

Otherwise, you'll stop buying their courses & shit
So here is the thing boys

I am working on something that ll take you to your closest self

It will change your social life

Your self esteem

& confidence you have with women forever

I need your inputs for that

So that I can give you the truest wisdom
Fill this form

Be absolutely Raw & honest with your problems…
If you liked this thread

Spread this truth by RT the first tweet

If you want more truths like this

Get your hands on my book

From philosophies greek gods to principles of marines

It contains 100 lines that ll unfuck you

• • •

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22 Apr
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A lens is created by your belief system & experiences

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You can lead the interaction in your favor
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How to have confidence like warlords?

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Almost every human

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Works on building the superficial level of confidence

A type of confidence that is fake

A confidence that is built on external references that are situational & don't survive at all

Here is some life-changing shit for you
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When you were young & sort of understanding this thing called life

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How to Kill your inner loser?

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Why you'll never get a Girlfriend?

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1) You don't take action

Finding a human being who appreciate you for who you are is hard

She will not fall into your lap boy

You have to go out & Socialize

Stop jerking off in your room like a maniac

Accept where you are & start working towards a better life
2. Your friends are a loser

If you are bad at life
It means you are around people who suck at it too


They have pulled you down from having a crazy ass personality

Now your confidence is gone &

You can't speak shit in front of others
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