A Redditor gives 12 examples of Barnes & Nobles failing to innovate or improve its business.

It’s scathing and none of the reasons are “blame Amazon”
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Lastly, The Hustle's @ImJacobCohen wrote on how B&N is trying to turn it around (by not competing with Amazon)

Barnes & Noble clearly doesn’t follow Bezos’ “It’s always Day 1” innovation philosophy

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25 Apr
You've definitely heard of "The Hero's Journey", the narrative structure found in countless stories dating back to Homer's Odyssey in ~7th century BC.

A great way to learn the framework: comparing scene-by-scene images from "The Matrix" and "Star Wars".

Check it out🧵
0/ The "Hero's Journey" was coined by Joseph Campbell, an American literary prof.

He studied ancient myths and found many shared a similar character arc (AKA the "monomyth").

It follows 12 stages, with a hero venturing from an "ordinary world" to a "special world" and back. Image
1/ Ordinary world

The hero's normal life before the adventure begins:

◻️ Luke Skywalker lives on a farm in Tatooine
◻️ Neo is a corporate slave in the real world ImageImage
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23 Apr
tax accountants finding new loopholes when the 39.6% capital gains tax hits
OR: Billionaires on their yachts living in non-national waters so they can never be taxed
For more tax advice (but NOT investment advice), check this out this non-podcast open.spotify.com/show/0Pogh5lcy…
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21 Apr
1/ Since the end of 2018, Apple's market cap has increased by $1.5 trillion.

While often mocked under the leadership of Tim Cook, Apple's product strategy over the past few years has delivered outrageous results.

Here's a breakdown 🧵
2/ First, let's ignore the memes and acknowledge Apple for the cash printing machine it is.

In the past 3yrs, Apple's *free cash flow* totalled $191B.

Apple has the world's most profitable:
• smartphone
• tablet
• laptop
• desktop
• smartwatch
• wireless headphones
3/ Apple analyst @neilcybart says *no one* has a more well thought out product line than $AAPL:

"Computers small and light enough to be worn on the body are sold next to comps so large that built-in handles are required. All products are designed to work seamlessly together."
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20 Apr
The CFA just pinged me for not paying dues.

So, instead of paying this year, I'm removing the designation from Linkedin and investing the $275 fee into Dogecoin.

Will make way more money from this than the designation.
Before After
The CFA Institute is f**king relentless.

No wonder they make $300M+ a year.

F it. Gonna create a new finance designation based around memes and movie quotes.
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18 Apr
Found a great Reddit thread putting historical dates into perspective.

Some gems 🧵

1/ "The moon landing was only 66yrs after the first manned aircraft flight (1903-1969). Within a lifetime, humans went from not having flight technology to travelling 239,000 miles from Earth."
2/ In fact, Orville Wright and Neil Armstrong overlapped, with Wright passing away when Armstrong was 17 years old.

On his 1969 mission to the moon, Armstrong brought fabric and propeller pieces from the Wright Brother's 1903 Kitty Hawk flight.
3/ On a related note...Cleopatra (b. 69 BC) lived closer in time to the moon landing (1969) than the construction of the pyramids (~2600 BC)
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15 Apr
Jeff Bezos’ laugh def changed as he got richer:

On a related note, here’s the story of how Amazon Prime was founded (when Bezos’s laugh wasn’t very menacing):
when Elon found out that Bezos’ laugh got more ominous as Bezos got richer
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