1/ A few points to clarify a few points...

These vaccines are really really good, but not perfect.

One dose of a vaccine provides excellent protection against #COVID19 infection, but of course 2 doses provide more protection.
2/ NACI outlines protection after 1 dose of a vaccine in their recent document:

"Most importantly, these studies show one dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech & AstraZeneca vaccines are
approximately 80% effective against hospitalization..."

Details: tinyurl.com/saby9kma
3/ Here is some of the data backing up NACI's statement above, but from a clinical trial.

This graph below is with Pfizer...look at how people start to gain protection ~12-14 days after their 1st dose (red line).

Pretty impressive.

Link: bit.ly/3aO00OR
4/ But going back to the 1st point, while 1 dose provides pretty decent protection from #COVID19, 2 doses are ideal.

Stretching out the interval between dose 1 & 2 i(in Canada) provides protection to more people over a shorter period of time.

This will end our pandemic faster.

So can you get #COVID19 even 2 weeks after your 1st dose?
Of course - but your risk is much lower.

Can you get really sick?
Sure - but your risk is also much lower.

6. So what do we do?

The same thing we've been doing all along...mask indoors, avoid close, confined, crowded settings. Ventilate rooms. Spend time outdoors. You know...the usual.

Also, we'll probably get 2nd doses before 4 month due to ⬆️supply. (Probably).
7. Also, while these vaccines are really really good, they are not perfect. People can still get sick even after 2 doses.

It's pretty uncommon, but it can happen.

The CDC discusses it here: bit.ly/2S2JWSK
8. With time, vaccines will help us return to normalcy.

Take home points:

-Vaccines work really really well
-2 doses better than 1, but 1 still really good
-Maintain precautions after 1 dose, you are not invincible

We'll get through this.

• • •

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23 Apr
1. Ontario administered >125000 vaccines today.
2. Todays ~125K is not the final count, there are still a couple of hours left.

Yesterday ON vaccinated ~134K (that's 0.91% of ON population in a day).

By comparison, yesterday the USA vaccinated ~3.1 million (0.94% of USA population in a day).

We are catching up.
3. The provinces are all pretty comparable in administering vaccines delivered to them, with a range between 71% to 86% in arms.

Ontario has administered 81% of vaccines delivered to the province. Very much aligned with the others.

Source: bit.ly/3sJCuZA
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23 Apr
1. Ontario has prioritized pregnant individuals for #COVID19 vaccination (see below).

Really glad to see this happen - it's the right move.

(Expecting to hear further sign-up details from other Public Health Units shortly)

@TaliBogler *I think they mean "highest risk" below.
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15 Apr
A few points to clarify vaccine distribution in Ontario.

1. We get ~400K doses of Pfizer weekly. It shows up like clockwork. It gets distributed throughout the province in ~1-2 days & there is very little at the end of the week. This is administered at mass vaccine clinics.
2. We get several hundred thousand doses of Moderna every 2 weeks. Also rapidly shipped to locations in the province. For various reasons, Moderna shipments are occasionally delayed. There is very little Moderna in freezers at the end of the 2 weeks.
3. We have infrequent large boluses of AstraZeneca. This is administered by primary care in 6 Public Health Units, and by ~1400 pharmacies throughout the province.

It is available to anyone 55 years of age and older.
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11 Apr
1/ Eventually we will see a decoupling of new #COVID19 cases from hospitalizations as population-level immunity grows (through vaccination & recovery from natural infection), especially among those at greatest risk for more severe infections.
2/ But with variants of concern driving more explosive outbreaks, causing more significant symptoms & impacting younger people, this decoupling of new cases from hospitalization will require more widespread population-level immunity.
3/ No fear mongering or 'sky-is-falling' rhetoric here, but a 4th wave is certainly possible if we rapidly & prematurely re-open as we exit wave 3, especially if we don't have a significant degree of population-level immunity at that time.
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7 Apr
ANYBODY in Ontario who lives in a high burden neighbourhood who is 18 years and older will be eligible for #COVID19 vaccination.

This will help essential workers, families, communities, etc.

A very smart move.
Mobile teams to help bring the vaccine to the people. This will happen in workplaces, congregate settings, dense urban areas, etc.

1. More access to vaccine.
2. Lower barriers to vaccination.
This is the part of the Phase 2 Vaccine roll out that prioritizes communities at greater risk.

Link: bit.ly/2R5Ffaj
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6 Apr
1/ Ontario's Phase 2 #COVID19 vaccine rollout prioritizes:

1. Those at risk of having a severe outcome from infection (e.g. age, medical comorbidity).

2. Those at risk of getting infected (e.g. essential workers, shelters).

3. Communities disproportionately impacted.
2/ That is a lot of people in Phase 2. While vaccines are pouring into the country & the province, it is still not enough to flip a switch and prioritize everyone at once in this Phase.

Still, it has started and will gear up substantially given the recent large shipment.
3/ I am hesitant to put in the slide with the tentative dates of each part of Phase 2, as there is an important caveat at the bottom that often gets missed:

"All timelines subject to supply availability"

We now have more availability so this will be moving faster.
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