In a written reply to @Stuart_McDonald yesterday, @pritipatel made a number of startling revelations, documented here by @maybulman: [1/12]…
As ever, there's more than one calamity to unpack here, so we'll limit ourselves to preliminary payments.

These are £10k awards that were rolled out in December to much self-congratulation as to how well @ukhomeoffice was listening to victims, how much it had achieved. [2/12]
Here comes the other shoe: when these payments were announced, @ukhomeoffice said - no equivocation - "We will ensure that [those with] pending applications will be considered for either a preliminary or final payment in the first 3 months of 2021." [3/12]…
Fast-forward to yesterday, and there seems to be a whole new step in the process: [4/12]…
This might seem trivial, even sensible - shouldn't the HO check people are actually eligible?

Consider: 1,996 applications had been received as of the March WCS dataset. 112 claims have been rejected for eligibility overall, which is less than 6%. [5/12]…
By its own stats then [receipts unavailable], there aren't exactly many ineligible claims.

Let's say we let that slide.

The bigger problem is that not one claimant we know of has heard of this 'eligibility check'. [6/12]
I.e. no claimant we know has been contacted by phone, email, letter, smoke signal, pigeon etc, at any time before a full decision, to confirm/deny eligibility.

Which of course makes it impossible to scrutinise whether the HO makes those £10k payments within 6 weeks. [7/12]
This "eligibility check" appears to us to be - and I'm going to use the technical term here - bullshit, confected ad-hoc by a panicked policy bod to give @ukhomeoffice cover when it fails to do what it says it will do - pay the preliminary award - quickly, in good faith. [8/12]
Why are we making a meal of this?

It is part of a pattern of gaslighting, false promises and unabashed piss-taking.

Every passing week counts. This is an aging cohort. Many applicants are *right now* crumbling under mountains of debt and living on the edge. [9/12]
Every time this disingenuous, unfit-for-purpose department says or does something like this, it's another punch to the gut for the already marginalised people that it put in this position. Every promise is broken - the question is only how spectacular the deceit will be. [10/12]
Make no mistake - this IS the hostile environment, still alive, very much kicking people it has already ruined once again in the teeth.

We've tried - we really have - to cut them slack for operational issues, turnover of personnel, misalignment of chakras. [11/12]
There's only one explanation left: @ukhomeoffice has utter contempt for the Windrush generation.

It can't be trusted with the Windrush Compensation Scheme.

The Scheme must be taken away urgently, and we hope @CommonsHomeAffs (@Stuart_McDonald) sees that. [12/12]

• • •

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18 Feb
In January, we wrote to @pritipatel on behalf of 31 claimants, several standing in for their deceased parents, calling for the Windrush Compensation Scheme to be taken away from the Home Office on account of its comprehensive failure: [1/35]…
It wasn’t just that the Scheme *wasn’t working*; claimants had begun to get the sense that @ukhomeoffice was deliberately setting them up to fail, and being deliberately dishonest in its promises as to reform and meaningful change. [2/35]
On 14 Dec, @ukhomeoffice had announced a package of reforms to the Scheme. These reforms were said to be the fruit of the sincere efforts of HO staff in listening to the complaints victims and stakeholders had been making for well over a year. [3/35]…
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We've been quiet for a while b/c there is a lot going on BTS; in particular, we've had an influx of enquiries from extant and new claimants who need legal assistance with their Windrush Compensation Scheme applications.

Precious little has changed. [1/4] #HOPayUp
We continue to refer claimants for legal assistance and do everything we can to support them through this utter shitshow, so get in touch if you or someone you know need(s) help with your/their application or appeal.

But that's not all. [2/4] #HOPayUp
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THREAD: An open letter to @pritipatel
A group of claimants has written to the Home Sec today expressing no confidence in her or @ukhomeoffice to administer the Windrush Compensation Scheme or dismantle the hostile environment. [1/19]…
The full text of the letter is here. 👇🏾

Tl;dr thread: [2/19]…
In the 3 years since the Windrush Scandal broke, it has become clear that the constituency of victims is substantial. @ukhomeoffice has admitted to stakeholders that a further assessment exercise is required to get a handle on the number of claimants. [3/19]
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28 Nov 20
Yesterday, we got hold of this Deportation and Charter Flights Factsheet, dated Thursday. It concerns the planned removals of the #Jamaica50 scheduled for next Wednesday, 2 Dec. It’s not on the @ukhomeoffice website. [1/30]…
We contacted them to establish if it was legitimate. They said the doc “did come from the Home Office”, but “hasn’t been uploaded to yet”, and was “provided to a number of stakeholders” following requests for information on the planned deportations. [2/30]
It struck us as odd that a doc of clear public interest, setting out the HO’s position on a wildly controversial matter, and providing a few mildly exonerating tidbits at that, wouldn’t be made publicly available. (There are now 2 working days left to the deadline.) [3/30]
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27 Nov 20
This is @ukhomeoffice's factsheet in response to the planned removals on 2 December. Not entirely clear why it hasn't been published on, but it is genuine and its provenance has been confirmed. Some thoughts: [1/10] #Jamaica50…
Firstly, it's sneaky, not to mention suspicious, to not make a document like this publicly available asap, when it's clearly a matter of public interest, and the event in question is fewer than 3 working days away. Just a gripe, but. [2/10]
S 32(5) of the UK Borders Act 2007 does compel the Secretary of State to make a deportation order when a person meets the conditions in either of s 32(2) or (3); in (very) short, if they've had a sentence of at least 12 months, or it's a serious crime. [3/10]
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25 Nov 20
In the past 10 days, the @ukhomeoffice has:
(i) arranged deportations to Jamaica (cf Feb 2020) in the middle of a pandemic, where some detainees will not have had any family contact before deportation, on unknown legal grounds (yes, b/c really, can they be trusted?) [1/6]
(ii) had a whistleblower - senior ex-official @cheamfields (Alex Ankrah) expose jaw-dropping racism within its ranks that conclusively disqualifies it from having control of ANYTHING intended to “right the wrongs” committed upon Windrushers; [2/6]…
(iii) had its head, @pritipatel, pretty deafeningly un-exonerated of a campaign of bullying so toxic a mandarin on a £190k salary is pursuing an ET action that won’t net anywhere *near* that instead of taking a settlement out of rage/spite; [3/6]…
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