There’s a narrative out there that Rudy Giuliani is going to “get away with it all” because of the “damage” that Bill Barr did to the case by giving Rudy time to destroy all the evidence before this week’s raid. But in reality nothing works that way.
As expected, it turns out the Feds got Rudy’s electronic communications from his service providers long before the raid. If Rudy tried to destroy anything because he knew the raid was coming, it’ll just mean obstruction of justice charges can be tacked on.
Obviously, Rudy should have been arrested in 2019. But the minute Trump was declared the loser of the election, Rudy was always going to go down. There was no scenario where he magically just got away with it.
In general, when you see pundits lamenting about “damage” and talking about how the bad guys are going to magically get away with it all, you can safely ignore that pundit entirely. Their brand is built around using defeatist doom and gloom to get your attention. It’s crap.
It’s also hilarious that anyone could look at how ineptly Rudy is floundering, and then try to paint him as some kind of secret evil genius who’s outsmarting the Feds as we speak. This kind of punditry isn’t just dishonest, it wears down the would-be activists who win for us.
Trump’s inept goons wouldn’t have lasted five minutes if he hadn’t been there to keep the DOJ from doing its job. But Trump can’t protect them anymore. And the DOJ is eating them alive.

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1 May
This past week (raids, grand juries, confession letters) has made it more clear than ever that Trump and his goons are going down. Yet the defeatists within the Resistance are yelling “we’re gonna lose” more fanatically than ever. It proves these types are psychologically broken.
Not only that, the “we’re gonna lose no matter what” defeatists within the Resistance are harassing Palmer Report more aggressively than ever in our replies. They can’t process good news, so they’re clinically compelled to attack anyone who’s delivering it.
These people are NOT Trump trolls. They’re NOT bots. They are real members of the Resistance who are simply suffering from a psychological condition that makes fanatically want to believe their side is losing. They’re large in number and they do real harm to their own side.
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1 May
Excuse you? Trump’s people are having their houses raided by the FBI, they’re flipping on each other, and they’re in the process of being indicted by grand juries, so yeah, they’re going to prison. Stop attacking us for stating facts.
If you simply thought our analysis was incorrect, you’d unfollow us and move on. Instead you lash out at us in histrionic fashion, because you know we’re right, and your broken defeatist brain can’t accept that. You sound like you need psychological help. Please seek it out.
Instead of getting the professional help you need, you spend all day trying to demotivate everyone on your own side who’s fighting and winning your battles. Your untreated psychological disorder is doing real harm to your own side of the political fence.
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28 Apr
Turns out the Feds raided Rudy Giuliani and Victoria Toensing today – two Trump “lawyers” who helped craft the phony Biden-Ukraine scandal. Feds also pursuing John Solomon, who wrote the phony op-ed hyping the scandal. They’re all going down – and it leads right to Donald Trump.
Keep in mind the Feds have typically already obtained a person’s electronic communications from service providers before even carrying out a raid like this. The raid is to see if they can get them on obstruction, see if there’s bonus evidence, and let them know they’re screwed.
So now it’s a race to see if Rudy or Toensing (or anyone else who realizes they’re about to get raided) cuts a plea deal first against the others. First cooperator gets a lenient deal. Everyone else gets long prison sentences.
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28 Apr
Even with today's Rudy Giuliani raid, the doomsday pundits are still insisting too much "damage" has been done and he's going to "get away with it all." But that's gibberish. To obtain this kind of warrant, the Feds would need to already have enough evidence to put Rudy away.
Rudy's indictment and arrest is now a given. But even when that happens, the doomsday pundits will move onto their next round of scare tactics by insisting that no jury will ever convict a Trump henchman – even though multiple juries have already convicted Trump henchmen.
If Rudy cuts a plea deal, the doomsday pundits will insist it means he got away with it all. If Rudy is convicted, the doomsday pundits will insist he'll somehow never serve time. And if Rudy dies while awaiting trial, the doomsday pundits will definitely insist he won by dying.
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28 Apr
Why has Ted Cruz grown even more frazzled and shrill than usual? Because he knows that all republican bullshitters like him reach a peak and then end up on the downslide for the rest of their career, and he knows he's on that downslide, and knows he can't stop it.
Republican bullshitters go always through the same career arc. You start off with nonstop lies carefully crafted to appeal to conservative bottom feeders, who quickly build you up, until you reach a point where you're in mainstream America's face for awhile, and they hate you.
If you're a republican bullshitter, the key is to pull off your big career accomplishment – the presidency, corrupt legislation, whatever it is – before the mainstream decides you're a menace to the country starts aggressively pushing back against you.
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27 Apr
Trump’s favorability rating is down to 32%. It means he’s completely non-viable. You can’t win a national election with just your base; they’re always too small. Trump has little left but his base. It’s why lost badly in 2020, and why he isn’t a serious consideration for 2024.
A lot of moderates and conservatives gave Trump a chance in 2016, but once they saw his ineptness in office, they were done with him by 2020. Those same folks are done with him forever. And his base simply isn’t large enough to be relevant. His base was never remotely relevant.
The big concern for 2024 isn’t Trump. It’s the next right wing bullshitter who has a Trump-like message but not the baggage of proven ineptitude.

And no it won’t be DeSantis. His baggage of ineptitude in office in Florida is already on full national display.
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