Yes, Rudy was warned he was the target of a disinformation campaign by a Ukrainian oligarch & George Soros’s friends in Ukraine. That oligarch Trump warned Zelensky about, the one who was framing Biden...
@fan_science reminded me of this quote from Rudy about his defensive briefing.
Wait until everyone realizes that the Dems fell for a trap to impeach Trump, because he tried to get Zelensky to protect Biden from a Ukrainian oligarch interfering in the 2020 election. Trump was never asking Ukraine to investigate Biden, but that was highly classifie!
As @justforfun1328 like to remind everyone, that’s why the Trump-Zelensky call transcript was placed on a highly classified server reserved for covert national security operations. The call was to find out if Zelensky was going to let his oligarch frame Biden.
The phone call wasn’t embarrassing to Trump, he was doing what he’s done since the 1970s, running stings for the US government against mobsters, oligarchs, banksters, spies & dirty politicians. With the bonus of rooting out disloyal people on the National Security Council.
The oligarch @RudyGiuliani was warned about was Ihor Kolomoyskyi, who owned Privatbank & looted it with the help of Swamp creatures from around the world.…
Kolomoyski was the oligarch who funded Zelensky’s election campaign to put an actor in the presidency who wasn’t already implicated in the corruption nightmare that is Ukraine. So I guess Zelensky didn’t stop him.
There were some signs Zelensky did abandon Kolomoisky & even passed a law designed to target him after Trump was acquitted in the impeachment & Biden won the Democratic Party nomination.
As @actualchaos3 @RealestAhole & I discussed a long time ago, it was obvious Rudy was working undercover against Kolomoisky & his surrogates in the US, Ukraine, Russia & other places.
While the Dems keep predicting Rudy’s ‘imminent’ indictment, it is Parma’s, Furman & Kolomoisky that the DOJ are targeting.
DOJ has multiple cases seizing real estate bought by Kolomoisky using money looted from Ukraine. Money from US, IMF & World Bank!

• • •

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3 May
What have I been telling you all for more than a year. Burr & Barr confirming, don’t believe any evidence coming out of Ukraine because it is Russian propaganda!

#ButNothingsHappening… Image
Chairman Nadler was very upset that DOJ created a special process for Giuliani to give Ukrainian evidence to DOJ to have it verified, or not verified as the case may be. Image
DOJ told Nadler to pound sand, they had set up a process for Rudy & any other citizen, to hand over evidence to US Attorney Scott Brady in Pittsburgh. ImageImage
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3 May
New York Times exposes Swiss billionaire Hansjörg Wyss for donating dark money to Democrat voter registration & get out the vote efforts, is this a defensive leak or part of the civil war within the Democratic Party between the Obama & Clinton wings? #ButNothingsHappening!
Last month, Vogel hit Wyss over his effort to buy the Chicago Tribune & other papers. Because they believed Wyss was going to make them even more partisan than most news organizations. That they would become an arm of the Swamp & the Clintons...
Wyss (a Swiss citizen) has spent more than $200M to finance Democratic Party operatives. First to help Hillary win in 2016 & to defeat Trump in 2020.

Have I mentioned he is a Clinton Foundation donor? Of course he is... ImageImage
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29 Apr
Chicago Alderman Patrick Daley Thompson indicted on bank fraud & corruption charges. Grand son & nephew of corrupt Chicago Mayors Daley! #ButNothingsHappening…
The Daley’s have got away with corruption in Chicago for many decades. I think we are getting closer to RICO indictments of the City of Chicago, Cook County & the STate of Illinois!…
This looks like another example of a insider bank robbery by the executives. Loan all the money out to your political & corrupt friends. Have the bank go insolvent & expect the FDIC to bail out the customers. But FDIC stopped looking the other way a few years ago...
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29 Apr
New Securities & Exchange Commission enforcement chief steps down after 5 days due to conflicts of interests with one of her former law firm clients.
You'd think if it were just one client you could recuse from that specific case?
The client? Exxon-Mobil!…
As many of us have mentioned, some of the Biden Admin hires have been a trap to lure in Swamp creatures who have to go through ethics processes put in place by Trump & new background checks...
So it was leaked in January that SEC was after Exxon-Mobil and she still took the job? Then got to SEC to learn she had a conflict...
So she served as head of a swampy law firms 'anti-corruption' unit that kept the Feds off of corrupt multi-national corporations.
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26 Apr
Germany's Finance Minister says it wasnt' his fault his agency spent more time investigating the reporters who exposed Wirecard's multibillion fraud, than the fraudsters.
Merkel says she did nothing wrong when she pimped Wirecard to Chinese officials either!
So after jounalists at Financial Times had published stories showing that Wirecard's books were being cooked, Merkel was promoting the company on a trip to China. Image
German financial regulators were more interested in punishing reporters who told the truth, than Wirecard which was a vendor for electronic banking in EU, Asia & the Middle East & made billions disappear from accounts that auditors overlooked... Image
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23 Apr
This is a step that I have pointed out as coming next!

Next is NOW!

VW admitted to fraud under former execs & paid huge fines. Now VW is demanding that former board members pay them back for the losses!
Screenshots from a translated version of the article!
Former CEO who resigned in 2015 over the scandal has recieved a demand to pay over one billion Euro to compensate VW for his misconduct!
4 other former execs are also in the crosshairs for smaller amounts. But VW is expecting insurance companies who provided executive liability insurance to pay up a 1/2 of that billion Euro. Which obviously will be a huge hit to the insurance companies.
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