Man, I love how much they give Scorpion the BDH moment in Mortal Kombat (2021). He was my first main, and when the kunai started glowing it was like the portal scene in Endgame all over again for me.
I'm not sure if Cole understands Japanese or if he's just really good at contextual clues.
Kind of bummed that in a movie full of people Saying The Thing, Cole didn't Say The Thing when they had their opponent down in the final fight scene and his fighting partner requested the honor of the kill.

But you can't have everything.
But that aside, this was not a movie that was shy about Saying The Thing.
Lord Raiden: You know this is cheating, right?

Shang Tsung: So what? Who's going to stop me, the gods? The gods are bored and lazy. Literally nobody is enforcing any rules right now, old man. It's anarchy.

Lord Raiden: Hmm. Interesting. Interesting.

Shang Tsung: Oh. Oh, no.
I liked the Mortal Kombat. It was basically everything I needed in a Mortal Kombat movie, especially for a first movie in a franchise. They crammed a *lot* of lore in and the new stuff they added to streamline the phlebotinum and whatnot made good movie sense.
I could make minor fannish nitpicks. Goro was underused. And I liked how the previous film series interpreted Tsung's soul collection as pokemoning warriors from across time and space, and was a little disappointed we didn't really see what the soul-stealing gets him in this one.
The fact that the whole plot was about avoiding or short-circuiting a tournament known as Mortal Kombat could have taken on shades of "When will they get to the fireworks factory?" but the filmmakers took pains to give us the requisite pyrotechnics anyway.
And I appreciate how cleanly and clearly Team Outworld's downfall came about as a result of their villainy.

It's like...

Coach Who Has Won Nine Superbowls In A Row And Will Win Football Forever If He Wins This Year: Let's just... cancel the super bowl.
Yeah, the amount of clear video game references they managed to shoehorn in without it turning into Scott Pilgrim vs. Ready Player One Breaks The Internet was impressive.

• • •

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3 May
So the thing that these right-wing cosplay economists like Burger King Is Full Communism Lady keep missing about the "employment crisis" is that the reason businesses are foundering isn't that they can't compete with an imaginary UBI, it's that they don't want to compete, period.
An employer who says things like "If you have time to lean you have time to clean" but can't find any Standing Up Straight Money to pay their employees... that person isn't suited to compete for employees' time because they think it is beneath them.
The right-wing cosplay economists are pretending that slightly enhanced unemployment insurance *that you specifically cannot collect if you voluntarily quit your job* is close enough to a UBI to get people to quit their jobs because the alternative to believing that is reality.
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2 May
We're digging The Mitchells vs. The Machines for the most part but it suffers a lot from Sitcom Dad Syndrome, where the writers are willing to give so much slack to a white male patriarch that they don't appear to understand they made an actual awful person.
It's like "oh, everybody in this family has their quirks and foibles" but the rest of the family... likes stuff? And part of his deal is that he doesn't like that they like stuff.
I also have... questions... about the geography and the routes the two families took on their road trips between the east coast and Kansas, and I have concerns about the college students setting up a slip-n-slide indoors, but the dad is just awful.
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2 May
What if... and I'm just spitballing here... but what if we brought trains forward in time with improvements and investments in technology, the way we did with planes?
I am taking Amtrak at the end of this month and I am looking forward to it. Private room? You can't get that on a commercial plane outside of very select class of international flights. I can retire to my compartment. Who wouldn't want to go back in time to be able to do that?
When I go to the Amtrak station, I will be traveling backwards in time to an era when commercial travel didn't require me to have my body electronically imaged or my groin patted down while I stand bare foot on a novelty welcome mat.
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2 May
Holmes: So we agree, my dear doctor, that the world must know nothing of the events aboard the Matilda Briggs at this time.

Watson: Yes. Quite. This is why I wrote the paper and told them that you said the world is not ready to hear about the giant rat of Sumatra.

Holmes: WTF.
Sometimes I see there's a reply that I can't see, so I open a tweet of mine up in an incognito window to see what the person I muted was saying, and every single time I do that, I immediately think, "Oh, that's why." and am annoyed with myself for having gone around the mute.
I swear that I, the person making the giant rat of Sumatra reference, understand Watsonian canon meta. You don't actually have to fact check the joke I made about Watson spreading Holmes's private business.

In fact, you don't have to fact check any jokes. Jokes are not facts.
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2 May
Googling how to say "Duo, are you okay?" in French. A screenshot from language learning site Duolingo showing pa
Five minutes into Duolingo and chill and the second vaccine dose hits. An image from the language learning website Duolingo showing
It told me the correct solution was "Je suis professeur" but then immediately glitched again and gave me the solution of "I am a teacher", which is that translated back into English.
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2 May
Come with me and you'll be
in a world of cut-rate animation.

Take a look and you'll see
your own eventual damnation.

You'll comply with a sigh,
submerging in the swamp of art stagnation.

What you'll see will defy... explanation. A movie poster image for the animated film "Tom and Jer
If you would eschew paradise
simply find this film, it's for rent!
You might even find it... pleasant.
Want to rebuke God?
He is not present.

There is no film I know
To compare with this abomination.
Watching this, you will know
how deep truly you can go.
Image of cartoon mouse Jerry and cartoon cat Tom sitting in
One assumes that the rights to the Oompa Loompa aesthetic came with the rights to the movie.

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