🚨 This is an absolute bombshell 🚨

We all knew teachers unions were influencing CDC guidance on school openings, now we know CDC literally gave teachers unions approval authority over school reporting guidance.

Huge from @LevineJonathan

Teachers union leaders thanking the HEAD OF THE CDC for her “genuine desire to earn our confidence.”

Hope it was worth it @CDCDirector because it came at the expense of the confidence of EVERYONE ELSE IN THE COUNTRY.
If you ever wrote one of those “Biden will lead with science” stories I hope you’ll take notice of this

Letting non-scientist political hacks OVERRULE the scientists at CDC in writing guidance to get struggling kids back in school is an outrageous scandal that can’t be ignored
THIS LADY has veto power over the career scientists at CDC in establishing guidance of when it’s safe for schools to reopen.

Think about that.

• • •

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23 Apr
The op-ed Dale and others cite defending Abrams was heavily edited from its original version AFTER the MLB decided to move the All Star game.

Paragraph on the left is before, paragraph on the right is AFTER. Clear attempt to cover tracks.

Archived here web.archive.org/web/2021033121… ImageImage
She removed "I can't argue with an individuals choice to opt out" (referring to boycotts -- see previous tweet)

And followed with major changes to her paragraph about the pain boycotts cause, adding in the updated version "Boycotts invariably also cost jobs."

Interesting. ImageImage
To be clear here -- @ddale8 is quoting lines that did NOT change between drafts.

But it's VERY interesting that she went back in to her op-ed that starts with "boycotts work" and HEAVILY edited it after the fact to be MORE anti-boycott.
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21 Apr
Plenty of reasons to oppose Gupta --

✅ Called for defunding the police before the Senate -- then lied about it
✅ Called for legalizing all drugs, then lied about it
✅ Has tried to hide deep financial ties to company tied to drug cartel heroin production
✅ Ethics problems
What ethics problems, you ask?

As @JerryDunleavy reported, Biden has an ethics pledge that appointees don't work on issues they lobbied on recently.

Gupta has lobbied on EVERY issue she'll be working on for dark money groups in just the last year.

"Defund the police, you say?"

Yes. In sworn Senate testimony last June Gupta called for reducing police budgets and the scope of police work. She SPECIFICALLY called for the Senate to "heed the calls of Black Lives Matter."

Now she'll be #3 at DOJ.

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6 Apr
Colorado requires voter ID to vote in person — either a driver’s license, an IRS issued ID card, a valid passport, or a valid employee card with a photo.

@MLB better be ready to explain why this is more acceptable than Georgia after that absurd political statement.
Like GA, Colorado specifically outlaws electioneering/ campaign workers in campaign gear from handing out food and water to waiting voters.

In GA, anyone can give water/snacks to poll workers to distribute.

(Fixed previous tweet that had this wrong)

Read 4 tweets
31 Mar
🚨 Dems in disarray alert 🚨

Great breakdown from @npfandos and @miwine about Democrats growing discord about their disastrous election takeover bill.

Great nugget — Manchin isn’t the only Democrat with serious concerns about the bill... he’s just the only one willing to say it out loud and risk “incurring the wrath of the legion of liberal advocacy groups.” Image
LOVE this piece — Democrats can basically print money with Act Blue, and wrote their bill specifically to maximize their online fundraising advantage.

Now they’re worried about other Democrats using it against them.

Phenomenal stuff. Image
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24 Mar
🚨 Required reading on HR. 1 🚨

Dem election officials are furious with Senate Dems' bill

✅Written with NO consultation with election administrators
✅Administrators were ignored to appease "activist bases"
✅Requires machines.. that don't exist yet

It mandates a totally nonsecure "telephone based automatic voter registration system" that .. doesn't currently exist, that states would be required to create.

Election officials are "baffled."
It gives INCREDIBLE power to the Election Assistance Commission.

Ironically, Democrats championing this bill were the same people who harshly criticized the commission just last election cycle for horrific mismanagement.
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28 Oct 20
Wow. Miles Taylor wasn't even listed on DHS's senior leadership page when NYT published his op-ed because he was just a policy advisor, not even chief of staff.

Here's a snapshot of top leadership at DHS a few weeks after the op-ed was published. (October 2018) Image
The NYT answered a bunch of written questions about why they decided to publish the op-ed, and defended the use of "senior administration official."

They used the phrase "upper echelons of an administration." But Taylor wasn't even upper echelons of DHS.

nytimes.com/2018/09/08/rea… Image
The first time Miles appears on the senior leadership page at DHS as Chief of Staff was in February 2019. Several months AFTER the New York Times published his op-ed.

He would stay at DHS until June. So he was Chief of Staff for a total of 4 months.

What a town. Image
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