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2 May, 11 tweets, 2 min read
Once technology developed enough to allow globalisation the working class were no longer needed to produce the goods consumed by everyone else - they were banished to the low wage and low status service sector and largely forgotten about by the emergent liberal clerisy

The left wing parties which had been setup to promote their needs walked away - they gave up on the economic argument and focused on identity politics in an effort to maintain support - whilst the unions withdrew into the public sector where their structures ensured support

Even culturally they were written out of the national story - they were seen by many as a reactionary embarrassment that perhaps would simply evaporate away with more and more going to university - this was a global trend - all countries did the same

So it slightly amusing that so many were shocked when Trump and Brexit happened - that the working class when given a chance would spit firmly in the eye of those who had done nothing for them and had roundly mocked them - it was glorious

The liberal clerisy's response was very telling - denial, anger and then a concerted effort to delegitimise the results - just another example of the contempt that they hold for the working class and their sense of entitlement

Many argue that Brexit and Trump will do nothing for the working class - this is nonsense - in the USA and the UK their support in the provincial towns and cities is now key to winning elections - and they have shown they can change the direction of nations

All parties need them and so will court them - and with political power is coming respect and economic power - this is made even more true by the fall out from Covid - because at its first crisis globalisation has been shown to be fragile and so reshoring is in

Those factories and jobs won't go to the centre - the London's or New York's of the world - no they are going where the land is cheap - back to the forgotten places - and with it jobs and recognition - and just as globalisation is reversing so will the inward migration routes

Which have brought more and more to the global cities - from that more balanced growth for all - these are global trends - that's why it has amused me watching much of Europe look down at the UK USA "Look at them we're better than that" they cried" - no you're not

You're just a decade behind because of political systems which are even more broken and in many cases even more restricted due to euro membership - your left behind are even now struggling to be heard - even now boiling with rage just looking for the outlet to express it

So the liberal clerisy had better get used to being told no - their views are on the way out - 30 years of failure coming back to bite - people are fed up and they will be heard - one way or other

Buckle up - this is going bumpy - I can't wait


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27 Apr
Things I have always known about Boris Johnson - he likes the ladies, he runs his mouth off, he stretches the truth to breaking point and he gets shit done when he wants to - things I have learnt in the last few days - all of the above

I didn't vote for Johnson because I thought he was the Pope - in fact to a certain extent quite the reverse - I actually thought that I understood him because he did all those things - he wasn't some fake PR generated cardboard cutout of a politician

But more broadly I voted for him because he promised to deliver Brexit and leveling up - he said he loved this country and would fight for it - that is more than most of the others said or did

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25 Apr
Do people really want to smash the system or do they just want to be heard?

Do people really enjoy total freedom or is too much choice the antithesis of genuine happiness?

Can we ever have a world without a hierarchies or is that simply chaos by another name?

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3 Apr
There are many in the UK who think that the UK is on a glide path to rejoin the EU via a series of deals which will move us closer to the block - let's talk about the reality of the situation in a simple thread

One of the big "losers" from Brexit was going to be the city of London - this was never going to happen but has now been proven to be nonsense - the city is moving on and now has a taste of life without EU regulation

They won't want to go back now or in the future

Trade is already moving - making membership far less valuable than before - whereas much of business campaigned to stay - they will within a few years hate to rejoin even more - more uncertainty and disruptions to work through

No chance

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31 Mar
Many will disagree but if you want to talk about inequality - then yes you should talk about race - but also about class - location - education - culture - even time in the country - these are all drivers of inequality

And we do need to talk about them - I don't know anyone who wants to live in a country where people don't get a fair crack at the whip - therefore we need to work to resolve them - and we can - there is nothing which is unsolvable with time and effort

But the importation of American style culture wars, post modernism via the universities and critical race theory is making it impossible - because it's unravelling the many advances we have made towards better relations between all groups

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31 Mar
The race report has the usual crowd of anti British commentators and academics out in force - what's interesting is how little anyone cares - there appears to have been a structural change within the general public - people are no longer interested in their views or care

It feels like they over reached last year when accusing 85% of the population of being racist fascists - I know what a shock - this is taking time to feed into the political and cultural systems but it's being noticed

From politicians like Starmer through to charities like the National Trust our elites are seeing a wall of hostility - they are getting hurt in the voting booth or wallet etc - when they attempt to push their anti British identitarian agendas

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