A child isn't a career. If you sleep with a married man knowingly & end up siring his kids, you have abused the clean hands doctrine & cannot claim injustice. Do that which you would do if the man was dead. Since men don't carry pregnancy, primary vigilance is with the carrier.
This is not a sanitization of irresponsibility or promiscuity. Men would be more responsible if they carried kids, they don't. Their sensitivity ends where their manhoods end. Whether it is right is not the question, IT JUST IS! You can live an alarmist or a happy woman.
Pregnancy is not a disability. After your term, get back to grinding. There are millions of single mothers who have made it without the man. You cannot lament enough to have a man care for his child. It will always be a push & pull affair to the detriment of the child.
There is a reason men abandoned by their wives do not institute pursuit. They simply shift their focus to their businesses & fatherhood. They know they can't change the woman, so they change themselves. You'll seldom hear of men seeking alimony. Never, in fact. Accept & move on!
Unfortunately, this is the era of entrenched hypergamy & sexual liberation. This will fall on deaf ears & many will continue to weep. I wish you stoicism on your journey. You will experience depression, nightmares & diarrhea. Everybody loves a fool but none wants him for a son.

• • •

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17 Mar
The loudest critics of apoliticism confound noise with impact. They say, "Hey, look at me, I am tweeting against the state every little chance I get, this makes me more of a patriot than you are." If religion is man's opium, politics is his cocaine.
Not only does it breed inertia but it also triggers a false sense of importance. I remember when Lil Wayne was attacked for perceived indifference to the BLM quest, he said "if you are not willing to go all the way, don't even start". Apoliticism recognizes the powers at play...
Apoliticism is rooted in knowledge & passion. It is very intentional about its pursuits & refuses to partake in a circus of lamentation for propriety's sake. Apoliticism makes do with little, it recognizes its agency above all else. It is not true that apoliticism is indifferent.
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13 Mar
Likes or retweets have different meanings on Twitter. Like can mean "sorry". It can be laughter. It can mean, "let me save this, I will find it later". It can mean, I don't understand but it sounds smart so I'll like it. It can mean I like you, I hope you see me & get into the DM
It can mean, "he/she is my enemy too. Get him!". It can mean, "I think you are amazing/accomplished, so I am showing you loyalty". It can mean "I am too busy to tweet a response but I saw it". It can mean, "I don't know how to write my thoughts as well but I can relate".
Retweets can mean, "look at this fool". Sometimes, retweets are endorsements. Occasionally, they are a declaration of identity (This is who I am). Retweets can mean "very interesting line of thought". Retweets are sometimes, "everyone is retweeting, I don't want to seem odd"
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12 Mar
Men need to lose the idea that they need to spend money to find good women, & having that as their only selling point. That's how you miss out on good women because you disqualify yourselves before even starting. You make a benchmark of a few infantile women.
It is not easy for you because you're all squeezed in the same dingy clubs, chasing the same circle of women, then wonder why you won't find different. I mean, if parties are the only place you fetch women, you will spend. It is a function of the setting than it is the women.
I, too, stumble upon the avaricious woman. But they are far in between, & I discard them promptly. Not because I can't afford it but because that is not my fishing net. If a woman asks you for money 2 days after meeting you & you send the money, who's the fool?
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11 Mar
Life comes at you fast. I remember when we were still kids, the commitments we made. I said I'd marry a white woman, & end up in America. It was logical then - so palpable. You promised to play soccer in Europe and I believed you. You were that good. It was not hard to imagine it
But one day, papa woke you up at 4:00 am. You were only a child in your teens: Form 1, in a boarding school. You said goodbye, & promised to come back. A short while later, I too would go to boarding school. I'd see you once a year. You became a stranger.
You still played soccer - had gotten better over the years. You had a fleet of girlfriends occupying your days. I tried to play with you but you preferred their company. Your interests were no longer mine & I stopped talking to you. I didn't know what to say. You felt foreign.
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9 Mar
Gents, ease your burden in campus:

1) Learn to walk alone. Groups are expensive. Since none is producing, you leech on each other. Ego tussles will also have you spending more to reinforce superiority, & reinforce loyalty, yet you all receive cash from mummy. Walk alone!
2) Say little, be scarce. Scarcity breeds mystery. Since money is limited, many will seek recognition through noise. Rendering it commonplace. Be scarce. Men respect mystery, women seek to unravel it. Men will give you a wide berth, women will give you free sex. Mystery is king!
3) Sell something. T-shirts. Shoes. A rock. Ice cubes. Oxygen - just sell. Among men it speaks enterprise, among women it speaks potential. You will earn money, influence, & admiration of hypergamous women - who litter campuses. Focus on the money! The rest comes second.
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7 Mar
You might ask, why is genius mentally challenged? Van Gogh, Camille Claudel, Pythagoras, Paul Gauguin, Kurt Cobain & even Charles Bukowski: What breeds madness in the painter's world? Why does the writer speak to his shadow? The consummate artist has only one fate. It is madness.
The artist is born highly perceptive. He sees more than he should but soon learns that perception is only revered in the old. In the young, it will be termed effrontery. He recoils back into himself - into the safety of his head. He rejects the world, just as it has rejected him.
He conjures a dream so wild, he'll forever see nothing of the prosaic world. Women will love him, men will offer him friendship. It will be all for naught as his heart will be possessed by his vision. He'll ingest copious amounts of liquor & sex. These won't drown out the noise.
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