Why I own more than 100 stocks.

(5 reasons)

Q: Is 100+ stocks, ETFs, and cryptos the right answer for everyone?

A: Heck no! Know thyself.

Here's the rationale for why I do.

Like shirts in my closet, I always think I should have fewer stocks than I do...

But every time I look to clean house, I find too much joy to keep fewer than I do.

Shhhh...don't tell @MarieKondo.

Reason 1: Ego is my biggest risk.

For 2+ decades, I've had a job, kept spending in check, and saved.

Barring some catastrophe, I should continue to reach my financial goals...

UNLESS I get cocky and do something like go all-in on 10 "can't-lose" stocks that do.

Reason 2: Keeps FOMO at bay.

Having a little bit spread out into interesting industries and companies helps inoculate me against chasing those returns AFTER the fact.

Reason 3: Learning feedback loop.

Having skin in the game on a bunch of stocks forces me to pay more attention to them and learn more.

That knowledge across industries helps me analyze individual stocks with better context/less myopia.

Reason 4: 💎🙌

Large holdings: Still a fairly small percentage of my portfolio so I don't lose as much sleep when they fluctuate.

Small holdings: Often easier to just leave them be to give them the chance to earn a larger share. Happened this year with many SaaS stocks.

Reason 5: I have the time and I enjoy it!

Having fewer positions would be less interesting (partly b/c I'm wired to prefer more breadth/stimulus).

I'm someone who gravitated to do this for a living, after all...when your work and your hobby align...

Thanks for reading...good luck on aligning your portfolio with your personality!

Here are the other ways I think you can diversify (without owning 100+ stocks)...


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