My older sister almost got raped twice
Once by a man in his forties while we were teenagers
The man taught me and my younger brother how to play chess
He was a journalist too
Quiet and very religious
My sister was fourteen at the time and I was twelve
My sister wanted to learn
how to play chess
She didn't like that fact that I and my younger brother had a game we were playing that she didn't know how to play
She went to knock on the door of this man's flat
She asked if he could teach her
He invited her in and almost raped her
She escaped by sheer luck
my mother was livid when she heard
The man denied it
Of course, nobody believed my sister
The man was too respectable in the community to be accused of such
Everybody said he should get a wife
Me and my sister decided to punish him in our own way
I smashed his windows and my
sister started calling him "Mr Otolo"
The nickname spread like wildfire
His real name was Anthony
We shouted "Otolo" whenever he was within earshot and mocked him
The man eventually reported us for harassing embarrassing him
My father had a meeting with us and told us he will
handle the matter
My father spoke with this man in German language (so that we cannot hear their conversation) but my mother heard and later explained to us that my father said he would arrest the man and lock him up if he ever heard that he did anything close to that ever again
in that community
My Father then had a meeting with us and told us to be vigilant but not to call the name "Mr. Otolo" again
We lived in that house for another six years
The man behaved himself throughout
He kept his distance from both male and female children in the community
until we left
I met him a few years ago when I went to Ibadan
He was married with children
He had also become a believer and he apologized to me (My sister had gotten married relocated abroad by that time)
He said it was after he met Christ that he realized that what he did was
Meaning all that time when he never did it again, he was only kept at bay by my father's threat
We cannot change society without the gospel
Jesus is the way
If you're reading this, and you're struggling with ungodly desires
Come to Jesus today
Tomorrow is always too late

• • •

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His first words were "I don't want to end up like my father"
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The way someone who had given an issue a lot of thought would normally speak
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He went on the describe his father as a very violent and abusive man
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An ex-military man who fathered many children with many women but never stayed with any of the women for more than two years at a stretch
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He discovered as a teenager why the walls of his uncle's room was covered by pictures of naked women
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The woman of God had so much to say that morning, she was the pastor of a thriving parish of a pentecostal church
Her husband was a big shot, an Army General
They were as rich as the sea
The church she was heading was in the middle of a crisis
The usual church member's unrest
People are difficult to lead
Sometimes they act as if they know what they want even when they had no clue
The church had been under the leadership of another pastor before she was transferred to the church
The church members were used to the way the previous pastor handled the
She understood that but she was not going to handle the church the same way
The church members wanted to pray! Pray about everything, even the things that needed the application of common sense
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Growing up in the church, he used to wonder why "Thus says the Lord" was conspicuously absent during worship services
The term "Thus says the Lord!" was how his mother, who was born a Muslim but converted to Christianity in 1979 at CAC Agbala Itura used to describe the prophetic!
His father was a fourth-generation churchgoer whose gospel wasn't powerful enough to bring his mother to Christ
His mother came to Christ because she was at home one afternoon when a street preacher said "Thus says the Lord, there is a woman in this neighborhood, a Muslim
from Ogun State. You have three daughters and you are trusting God for a son. The doctors have told you to give up on having children because of the complications that you experienced when having your last child. The Holy Spirit says to tell you that He will heal your womb and
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27 Apr
I have seen some videos online consistently in the past few weeks
Video recording of young men having demonic baths on the streets, in market places, in graveyards, and doing all sorts in order to become suddenly wealthy in life.
While we all know that some of the boys were being
scammed by some spiritualists who are ripping them off for their desperation to become rich, there are some of them who actually invoke real demonic powers and come into money through this means. Of course, it is only after they had made the money that they will realize it was
not worth it in any way
There is a deeper consequence which many of us are not paying attention to, the devil does not stop at baths in graveyards and eating on graves
It is always a slippery slope and before long we will be retweeting pictures of missing persons and praying for
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26 Apr
If you are a Christian brother, courting a Christian sister and the two of you have agreed to get married but somewhere along the line you changed your mind for one reason or the other, please do the honourable thing, sit with her face to face and tell her the truth
Just as you
sat with her and told her you wanted to marry her, do the same as you call it off
Dont hide behind a dream, a prophecy, a vision, or a word of knowledge even of that was truly the reason you were calling it off
Don't lay the blame at the feet of the Holy Spirit or other ministers
of God
Don't act as if you wanted to go along with the plans but "God" is the one breaking her heart on your behalf. Be honourable, be sorry, explain your reasons in the natural (However unreasonable they might be) and be very kind. Assure her that you know God has better plans
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