The degree to which someone’s concerns are “uneducated” is the degree to which one should try to do someone a solid and map out these issues and move them past the base, “object level”—mocking them and calling them ret*rded for feeling something is amiss is silly, doesn’t help.
If you’re gonna come into that tweet’s replies & say, “lmao nobody is gonna hurt you bro”, I’m sorry but you’re also spouting a braindead object level opinion. If you wanna articulate the benefits of living in a more sterilized society go ahead, have that worthwhile discussion.
But if you can’t do that, calling people stupid for having concerns about a changing world is naive and snobbish, especially when there’s a real argument that disease circulation can be beneficial for maintaining the weakness of some pathogens.
The point about vaxx decreasing immunity is obviously wrong, but the notion that there’s a new, radical stance “against disease” is completely true, and cautioning people against buying into that is entirely fair—maybe examine why you choose to mock instead of substantiate.
“Haha ur stoopid” is the most object level opinion in the game. Not gonna let ppl deliver that BS without pushback, sorry

• • •

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1 May
“Pseudoscience” is noticing undersocialized children pulling back from socialization, but Real Science is Lockdowns Worked, which is why we Should Do Them Again and Right This Time.

This shit is just ghoulish.
The notion that Covid sniped a bunch of children’s parents is complete mythology and impossible to back up, but technocrats are going to assert it anyway because they have a Study, which as we know is better than field data, of course.
Yeah I’m sure the 8x increased high school dropout rate in WI is because all these kids are mentally well. Absolutely, makes perfect sense, nothing to see here.
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30 Apr
The best part about quotes like these is not their truth value, but how they're weaponized against those in our community--overwhelmingly men--who find it difficult to get laid. "What your virginity says about you is that you lack empathy, you're probably an awful person."
It's obviously true that sex is, in part, a sort of "empathy" in the sense that you & someone else share each other's feelings & act in unison to pique them. It's cliche, but it truly is hard to comprehend what this entails if you've never done it. But that's not why it's said.
It’s said b/c it responsibilizes the individual for the systemic social problem.

Guy: "Why is it so hard for me to find an SO?"
Classy Sexpert: "Clearly no one wants to have sex w/ you b/c they can sense your lack of empathy."

See? It’s all your fault. Now stay out of our way.
Read 10 tweets
12 Apr
Radical feminism and liberal feminism are two sides of the same coin--the fundamental question of both of these iterations of feminism is how to separate the man and the woman in society. The Radfem analysis is merely the logical conclusion of the Libfem--incel-like hostility.
"Liberal feminism exerts effort to malign" radical feminism because even that ideology sees desire for men (not just sexually) as something with upside. Radfems believe the "feminine attachment" to men is a curse and a burden even though that couldn't be less true.
Radical feminism is a total self-abasement of ordered desire. It is "worse" in the sense that inceldom is "worse" than MGTOW, but they're really the same ideas with different methodology.
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12 Apr
If you aren't willing to examine how liberal feminism damages women you'll never be able to accurately assess its effect on men. We do have a crisis of femininity on our hands--it's why young women are so discontented--they've just not been given the proper education to grasp it.
I assure you what you are not seeing is a young female takeover of the world. Rather, you are seeing their emotions and practical struggles weaponized against their own society and themselves under the guise of "empowering individualism".
Men & women are supposed to be companions, yet the past 10 yrs have made them anything but. We've spent decades convincing young women their male counterparts are threats both ontologically & willfully. Now we've a generation of women who've resented masculinity since adolescence
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11 Apr
“Noooooo the anti-weed man can’t ever be right about anything noooooo!!!!!”

The ppl that destroyed confidence in any remedy to Covid is *you*, Ari. Ppl like you forced others to undergo useless traumatic sacrifice and promptly gaslit them into thinking it was good.
I’m not a Berenson stan but it’s clear and obvious that A) more people think like Joy Reid than Alex, and B) if more people thought like Alex, Covid would be over tomorrow.

I’d ask if you cared to explain how Berenson is wrong but I have a feeling you don’t know.
“They acclimated to being vigilant”—yes, this is really really bad when you examine what ‘vigilant’ actually means.
Read 4 tweets
10 Apr
Your brain on the neoliberal worship of data analytics operates under the notion that "once a nazi, always a nazi"--your data is corrupted by one's friendships with other ex-nazis that have often bonded over the deprogramming, conflating it w/ "lingering far-right ties."
15 yr olds in AP stats would laugh at you. Needless to say, this type of perspective is the one you take often when you don't have a lot of friends, and you're trying to optimize yourself and subsequently everyone around you to create those *perfect* conditions for camaraderie.
You let your "data" on a "spreadsheet" direct your life instead of your relationships w/ people, your emotional intelligence, & your love & respect--all things that are both emotional AND rational states. In short, you've shed the human condition while calling ex-nazis subhuman.
Read 4 tweets

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