The best thing about having a YT channel is people watch other content FOR me and send me the salient points. This section of @BretWeinstein and Jamie Wheal was interesting
Bret is anxious about "our" future. With all of the catastrophes that face us what is to keep us from curling up in the fetal position and sucking our thumb into oblivion? Good question.
Jamie Wheal rehearses a list of near misses and names of those we might consider heroes of goodness or progress. He intimates that all of this could be summed up into a force of sorts that could be distilled into a word "Grace"
So in order to combat the terrors of seemingly inevitable catastrophes that threaten "our" future he consciously moves himself to trust that this "Grace" will lead us through.
He's not advocating any sort of "religion" of course. THAT would be unreasonable or unseemly especially in public...
He's already given this force a name "Grace". He clearly pursues it relationally. He's now advocating for his posture publicly. One might assume he'd like others to join him in this.
If that might happen they might decide to hold a few meetings to encourage one another in leaning into this "Grace". What would you do at these meetings? Someone might stand up and give a speech, there might be refreshments afterwards.
Someone might write down some of their experiences with this "Grace" and share them in a book. They might get tired of renting space for their meetings and buy property to put up a building. They might hire someone to be responsible for these efforts.
They might decorate this building with symbols that seem to encourage the people suffering from anxiety about the future and needing reinforcement to lean into this "Grace" and to in fact believe that it not only holds for the big picture but for their individual lives.
As they compare notes about this "Grace" there might be some disagreements. Someone might keep these notes and record these disagreements to see if they can find some patterns and write them down so they can be studied and remembered.
Different schools and traditions regarding the debates over these patterns might develop over time. Hero stories would emerge. Competition between these schools would develop.
It's a good thing religion is yielding to rationality so that maybe we'll have more time to study this "Grace", find ways to encourage it so that more people can believe in it.

• • •

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