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Th 20th of #Ramadan marks the conquest of Makkah: A thread
Before the Conquest:

The Treaty of Ḥudaybiyyah was written. It was a peace agreement between the Muslims in Madīnah and the Quraysh in Makkah.

The treaty would provide peace between each other for a period of 10 years.
The treaty allowed other tribes of Arabia to choose to be allies with either the Quraysh or the Muslims.

This meant that if there were any attacks or fighting, the allies would have the right to help and fight for the group they gave their support to.
A tribe called Banū Khuzāʿah joined the Muslims, whilst another tribe called Banū Bakr joined the Quraysh. Both of these tribes were enemies with each other.

There was peace for a period of time, till Banū Bakr decided to attack Banū Khuzāʿah.
The Quraysh helped Banū Bakr with weapons and men, which meant that they had violated the treaty.

Knowing that they were at fault, the Quraysh sent Abū Sufyān to Madīnah in the hope the Muslims would agree to another treaty. After being ignored, Abū Sufyān went back to Makkah.
The Prophet ﷺ ordered the Muslims to prepare for a march to Makkah. They were told to keep it a secret so they could catch the Quraysh by surprise.

10,000 soldiers marched to Makkah, and they camped outside the city.
The Quraysh realised they were surrounded and had lost all power.

They feared that the Prophet ﷺ would take revenge for all the suffering they had caused the Muslims.
So Abū Sufyān headed towards the camp to seek information. When he realised there was no hope, he went to Prophet ﷺ seeking safety.

After a short discussion with the Prophet ﷺ, Abū Sufyān became a Muslim.
The Prophet ﷺ then announced that Abū Sufyān would have safety and anyone who stays indoors or enters the masjid would be safe.
Entering Makkah:

On the 20th of #Ramadan the Prophet ﷺ rode in to Makkah. He remained humble and did not show off his power or strength.

He thanked Allāh, performed ṣalāh and then performed ṭawāf around the Kaʿbah.
Inside and around the Kaʿbah, there were 360 idols. The Prophet ﷺ started destroying all of them while reciting from the Qurʾān:

And declare, “The truth has come and falsehood has vanished. Indeed, falsehood is bound to vanish.”

#Quran 17:81
The Prophet ﷺ showed mercy to those who persecuted the Muslims and forgave them.

The Muslims were victorious, and had conquered Makkah without any bloodshed.

This was the last military expedition of the Prophet ﷺ.

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29 Apr
The Battle of Badr: A thread
The 17th of Ramaḍān marks the date of the Battle of Badr.

It was the first time Allāh allowed the Muslims to defend themselves against the persecutors of Makkah.
After 13 years of persecution from the Quraysh, the Prophet ﷺ and the Muslims migrated from Makkah to Madīnah.

When the muslims left their homes, the Quraysh took all of the wealth that was left behind.
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